LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Taya’s Plan for Perfection Has Arrived in Lucha Underground (May, 25th 2016)

lu road for cage

lu road for cage 1

lu road for cage 2

Welcome All to this weeks Report on another action packed Lucha Underground episode. Though we got no women’s action on this weeks show, Taya was very much a heavy influence in the stories to come, as she played into Johnny Mundo’s Sneaky Plan to re-insert himself into the Trios Championship Picture.

But before that, Beautiful Brenda and Famous B are left disappointed as to watch Mascarita Sagrada lose to Joey Ryan early in the night.

Sometime following an awesome cinematic, Taya lures Jack Evans and PJ Black into the back, stating that Mundo has a surprise for the duo. As the pair enter with Mundo’s Valet, they notice their previous tag partner Fenix lying against the floor, and before they can completely take in the shock, Mundo unveils himself, addressing PJ and Jack as the duos new tag team partner for tonight, a match which will possibly lead to the crowning of new Lucha Underground Trios Champions. PJ and Evans aren’t even bothered all of a sudden, and accept Mundo into their clique, making their alignment for tonight confirmed.

And indeed their alignment did confirm to be a smart business decision, as Mundo, PJ and Evans went to become the New Lucha Underground Trios Champions in the shows Main Event, with Taya confirming to Melissa Santos that Fenix would be unable to compete alongside Evans and PJ only to be replaced by Mundo. With Even Taya’s help in parts, the trio defeated El Dragon Azteca, Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma to obtain the Trios Gold.

Thoughts On:
Taya: Though the Alignment of Taya and Mundo hasn’t been explained in depth, Taya is again proving a great and effective manager, working alongside Mundos Maniacal Ways to ensure the top goals are completed, the desire to hold Lucha Underground Championship Gold. Theres no doubt this brings a story waiting in the wings for The Newest Champions and Ivelisse, Havoc and Angelico as Mundo and Tayas Affiliation and the fact Mundo now holds gold makes him a target on the former champions back, and in turn, is expected to further the story between Taya and Ivelisse. If what i believe comes to fruition, then i cannot wait.

– Catherine


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