TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY JOKERS WILD RESULTS: The Ninja and The Destroyer Join Forces (March, 4th 2016)

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Welcome All to This Years TNA One Night Only Jokers Wild Report. Okay So I Did Leave This Pretty Late, but anyway, whether you are new to the rules of this rather peculiar PPV or not, its basically where odd partnerships are formed as names are drawn for booked matches, where qualifiers/victors go on to an ending battle royal.

Jeremy Borash stands by to draw names for the next match of the show, the only to feature Knockouts. First Drawn is the former Bodyguard of former TNA Champion EC3, Tyrus, whose partner is picked out as Current (but not back then) Knockouts Champion Jade. Jeremy then proceeds to draw out names for the babyface side, picking out the Then Knockouts Champion Gail Kim and then Babyface now turned heel Lashley. Lashley is picked to open the match on the babyface teams side and Jade on the other amusingly, with Tyrus clearly having her back. Jade gets shoved as she tries to flaunt her physique to Lashley, only to be shoved out of the way. Lashley demands Tyrus into the ring but gets kicks from Jade instead, but Lashley no sells. Jade fires forearms after getting shoved again by Lashley, then gets lifted to a corner, placed on the top turnbuckle by Lashley who hilariously taps her face before proceeding to call Tyrus into the ring again. Tyrus just taunts, attempting to distract for Jade to ready a crossbody, and upon execution, is quickly caught in Lashleys arms. Carrying Jade in one arm, Lashley extends the other hand to tag in Gail Kim.

Gail forearms Jade against a corner, taking the offense to the ring center. Gail hits with kicks, flooring Jade with a big clothesline. Gail goes for her first pin attempt, getting a near fall on Jade. Jade looks to make the sudden comeback with knees to Gail, one of which sends Gail to the mat. Jade taunts then charges over to the corner, to Gail, only to take a forearm. Gail looks to ground Jade with the Tilt-a-whirl headscissor into her octopus hold. She does not however and instead rolls Jade into a pin attempt, getting a near fall. Jade reverses into her own, also getting a near fall on the Knockout veteran. Gail and Jade grapple on the mat with Tyrus and Lashley getting into a comedic altercation while watching their partners. The Knockouts aren’t very amused, demanding both of their partners back into their selected corners.

Jade and Gail go back and forth with forearms, with Jade eventually taking over as she nails a kick to Gail, followed with the two crashing to the mat via a double bulldog. Gail and Jade make it over to their partners, and Lashley and Tyrus tag in. The Men work the match for a while until Jade and Gail eventually tag back in. Gail rolls under a big boot from Jade to avoid, taken down by forearms and splashed in the corner by Gail afterward. Gail misses the second attack in the corner, but scales the turnbuckles instead, perfecting a diving crossbody to Jade for a near fall. Gail looks to use the ropes for the next offense, but Tyrus pulls at the ropes, leading to Gail getting caught and eventually spilling to the floor. Gail returns to the ring eventually and is face to face with Tyrus. Despite having a first attack blocked, Gail retaliates as quick with Eat Defeat. Gail forearms at Tyrus angrily by a corner and doesn’t notice Jade sneaking over. Jade rolls up Gail, winning the match for her team. However the babyfaces get equal revenge, hitting finishers to their opposers.

Per that win, Jade and Tyrus advance to the final match of the night, the Gauntlet, though some sneaky work from Maria intervened in Jades chances of victory.

(Lashley and Gail Kim vs Tyrus and Jade)

(Jokers Wild Gauntlet feat Jade and Maria Kanellis)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Dont normally expect Jade nor Gail to be caught up in comedy spots or comedic matches, though i thought this match was particularly fun. For Me, the fact it separates from what they had or have going on TV means the comedy is no bad matter, though it would be logical to book the Knockouts to see the main event spot as a huge matter to them as to be a little more competitive. Regardless it was a fun affair and pitted some odd teams as per the stipulation of Jokers Wild. Who Bets on Gail and Mike Bennett teaming next year?

– Catherine


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