WWE NXT RESULTS: Only One Can Face the Skilled Athlete and Takeover (May, 25th 2016)

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The Road to the Next NXT Takeover Special, Weirdly Titled The End (What Exactly does Triple H Mean by THAT?) is indeed narrowing, and the week before the Go Home Show was all fire as William Regal, General Manager of NXT, went out of his way to establish a new challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship. With Asuka waiting and watching with interest, Regal booked for three women recently establishing winning streaks in the promotion, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and Carmella to go at it in a Triple Threat in which the victor will challenge Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship at Takeover on June 8th.

Regal opens the show, announcing in an exclusive backstage segment that due to the previous battle between Nia Jax and Bayley, Bayley is suffering the after effects as to not be 100% to compete against Asuka in a future rematch. With this in mind, he announces, as mentioned, that Carmella, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss will go at it on the show to determine a Number One Contender to the NXT Women’s Championship.

Speaking of Bayley, the former champion sitting out on a potential match for reasons already mentioned, instead gives her thoughts on the situation backstage, and is expectedly disappointed over this. Before she can say much more, Nia steps in, boasting over beating (and breaking) the Huggable One last week, and because of this, Bayley will never (no Chris Jericho imitation here) be the same again. Carmella comes in to defend the real life bestie, warning Nia to leave Bayley alone, but Nia stands her ground as Alexa also comes in to try and get a say, though the Small but Fierce One is dismissed instantly by Nia, and the predicted contender walks off. Alexa throws some low key attitude at Nia before turning her attention to Carmella. Alexa declares tonight as being her moment, but Carmella sees otherwise, stating to Alexa that she will remember that after she makes Alexa tap out. Alexa walks off and Bayley is left to calm Carmella down.

The Hopeful Contenders aren’t the only one getting a say on the matter of the main event as Asuka stands by in the back with Cathy Kelley. Asuka gives one simplistic message, that no matter who wins she will defeat them.

And Moving Onwards, we finally get the main event as Carmella, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss enter for the number one contendership main event. The Women debate on who to target at first, Nia being the obvious choice but before any offense can be unleashed, Alexa exits the ring, as to rather watch Carmella be destroyed by Nia in the ring. Carmella locks up with Nia, caught in a choke instantly and being rammed into the corner turnbuckles. Nia consistently pushes Carmella, but she stays put on the top turnbuckle, showing little fear against the much bigger opponent. Carmella boots Nia away, leaping into her arms but before Nia can squash Carmella, the Princess of Staten Island breaks free, attempting to roll up Nia from underneath. Nia is caught in the side headlock from Carmella, and breaks free by sending Carmella to another side of the ring, though Carmella makes a perfect landing on her feet rather than crash. Carmella attempts to target the left arm of Nia but is driven to the mat. Nia knees Carmella in the face then notices Alexa readying for a Sparkle Splash or possible crossbody but bails as soon as she makes eye contact with Nia. Alexa returns to warming up on the outside, watching instead as Nia continues targeting Carmella.

We Return from the commercial break to see Nia continuing to work on Carmella, while Alexa is still on the outside. Carmella looks to make a comeback as she dodges the clothesline attempt by Nia, being lifted onto the imposing opponents shoulders and using that to attempt a hold that is almost countered into a powerbomb until Carmella throws elbows. Carmella nails a hurricanrana that sends Nia crashing between the nearest corner turnbuckles. Seeing Nia out, even if temporary, Alexa swoops back into the ring and attacks Carmella. Alexa goes into a cover quickly and gets a near fall on Carmella. Alexa chops at the back of Carmella, also sending her face first to the mat before choking her by the ropes. Alexa tries to cover again and gets another near fall. Alexa notices Nia recovering and kicks her away, causing Nia to stumble to the mat, and Carmella takes advantage by rolling up Alexa, scoring a near fall also.

Before Carmella can be back on the rebound, Alexa scores a knee to the Princess of Staten Island’s Midsection. Alexa slams Carmella against the mat and splashes her off the ropes for another near fall. An infuriated Alexa takes forearms from Carmella, and she only strikes back as she takes the fellow competitor by the throat and sends her angrily to the mat. Alexa Glitz Flips Carmella, going right into the cover which is broken up after the count of two by the returning Nia Jax. Bliss forearms Nia and hits double knees to her, attempting to keep her down as much as she can. Alexa scales the turnbuckles and successfully executes the Sparkle Splash to Nia. Alexa hooks the leg of Nia for the hopeful winning pin but its broken up by Carmella. Carmella and Alexa now go at it with Carmella sending the head of Alexa into her boot, placed against the corner top turnbuckle. Carmella turns in quick time to avoid the corner splash from Nia. Carmella and Alexa work together for a short time to nail kicks to Nia, attempting to suplex her right after but Nia counters, laying both out with a double suplex.

Alexa and Carmella engage in a shoving match by the ropes, turning attention to Nia in quick time to use the ropes to send the charging powerhouse out of the ring. With the teamwork done and over, Carmella breaks off from Alexa and superkicks her. Alexa slips to the outside and Carmella’s focus turns to Nia, attempting a suicide dive which falls flat when Nia catches her outside the ring. Before Nia can do much else, Alexa kicks her from behind the ropes, allowing Carmella to freely roll back to the ring. Alexa shouts smack to Nia, and ends up being chopped by Carmella, leading to Alexa crashing to the floor. With Both Ladies out, Carmella remains in the ring and she attempts to redo her earlier Suicide Dive, this time taking Nia down completely. Carmella celebrates reversing momentum before being cheapshotted from behind by Alexa. Alexa rolls Carmella back to the ring but before she can execute any offense, Carmella fires back and nails multiple clotheslines. Carmella rolls Alexa out of a wheelbarrow, then hits the bronco buster to Alexa in the corner. Carmella drives Alexa to the mat then sets up her finishing submission, and just before it may look like Alexa will tap, Nia pulls Alexa out of the painful submission.

Nia takes Alexa out of the ring, sending her to the floor. She then scales the apron and headbutts Carmella, but the shot doesn’t dizzy up Carmella completely as she still manages to lock in a sleeper on the shoulders of Nia. Nia uses the near corner top turnbuckle to break Carmella off, sending her back first into it. However Carmella hasn’t faded, and begins to climb upward. She Lou Thesz Press’s Nia off the top turnbuckle for a near fall. Carmella looks for a possible bronco buster to Nia against another corner, but Nia diverts her, and Nia slams Carmella to the mat before performing one last leg drop. Nia pins Carmella and becomes the Number One Contender to the NXT Women’s Championship.

And Indeed the Women’s Champ was watching. Emerging on the Stage is the Fearless Asuka with the Championship in hand. Asuka gives Nia her intimidating stare then strides down to and into the ring, face to face with Jax who threatens her. The Two engage in a stare-down to close things off.

(Bayley, Carmella, Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss Backstage Segment)

(Asuka Backstage Segment)

(Carmella vs Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss; Number One Contenders Triple Threat Match feat Asuka)

Thoughts On This Match:
Easily a Takeover Quality Match featuring Three of the Most Improved Performers in the Women’s Division, even if Nia isn’t to the level of the two others. Regardless, Nia really impressed to me with her counters and overall work and Carmella’s work and overall performance in this match, especially against Nia Jax as the competitive, never give up type underdog gave me a feeling like Bayley back in the day, continuously trying to set a path towards championship glory but never making it there until late but again not giving up whatsoever, almost as if shes a top babyface in waiting, which, with her decision to remain in NXT, would be a good idea as Bayley leaving will eventually lead to creative finding other babyfaces to work on outside of the current champ Asuka. This was also Alexa’s best match to date, picking up where she left off with Carmella from a feud long gone and should have been continued (with Enzo and Cass vs Blake and Murphy) and in turn, the two put on another impressive performance full of chemistry. Nothing but praise for this match. Though NXT has proven that Women’s Matches can go either way (the continuous speculation of when Charlotte was going to drop the title and Asuka beating Bayley right away rather than in a rematch) it does feel like Nia is just going to be a warm up for Asuka before Bayleys eventual return. Personally i do feel Asuka dropping to Bayley, leading to Bayley making history as a 2x Champion, shouldn’t happen as NXT Creative should show some effort by developing new babyfaces or even working on Carmella rather than just having her “there”. Plus it will put into question Bayley dropping the title in the first place, as it could just recognize Asuka as a (Excellent) Placeholder which Asuka shouldn’t be recognized as considering her high level performances, holding the title just to allow Nia short term build before Bayley takes others chances upon returning, because lets face it, whether shes on TV or not Bayley sells massive amounts of Merch anyway. Asuka needs more stories during her run after potentially going over Jax, and Creative will have to again rebuild Jax after. With Dana Out, Carmella and Jax can easily be pushed after Takeover as the ones possibly dethroning Asuka in the near future, even Bliss. So With all this praise i also ask NXT this, will they develop new or continuous babyfaces as challengers rather than rely on indy signings to take centre stage and take away what the current women waiting for championship glory, a push or whatever, have been working so long for?

– Catherine


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