WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Natalyas Road to Retribution Cut Short By The New Alliance (May, 26th 2016)



sd char attack nattie

Welcome All you Wrestling Fans to this weeks Smackdown Write Up, aka the first Smackdown Report since this past weeks Extreme Rules Pay Per View. Sometime clear of her antagonistic actions towards Ric Flair that lead to an unexpected family divide, now solo Women’s Champion Charlotte graces the WWE Universe with her presence this week to watch the former contender to her Championship Title, Natalya battle the one and only Dana Brooke, who seems to have forged an alliance with Charlotte as of late.

Following a Video Package of which highlights Charlotte’s Shocking actions towards her supportive Hall of Famer Father Ric Flair from this past Monday, the Women’s Champion emerges on the stage, joining commentary as she witnesses a scheduled match between the former contender to the Women’s Title Natalya and Charlotte’s New BFF(L?) Dana Brooke. This Also Marks as Natalya’s First Match (on a main show) since the controversial Extreme Rules loss, and its clear that the Queen of Harts is far from happy about that.

A Lock up leads to Natalya soon taking Dana into a corner, hammering at her with a load of forearms. Dana manages to slip out of the corner to avoid an extra beating from Natalya, tripping the babyface into the same corner. Dana floors Natalya with a sudden clothesline but misses the knee strike when Natalya rolls out in time. Natalya takes advantage of Dana’s position to prize Dana in the Sharpshooter, eyeing the Champ before doing so. Having none of it, Charlotte interrupts the match, storming to the ring and attacking the former contender from behind with an assist from Dana. The Two Heels are left standing when all is said and done.

On top of that, Lana was on hand for managerial duty as Rusev went out to defend his newly won United States Championship against the former champion Kalisto. After managing to do so, Rusev is confronted by a surprising face, the recently returned Titus O Neil and the Bulgarian Brute soon leaves the ring with a displeased Lana, eyeing the possible future contender.

(Kalisto vs Rusev w/ Lana; United States Championship Match feat Titus O Neil)

(Natalya vs Dana Brooke; Charlotte on Commentary)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Indeed agree with many that this was criminally short, though it indeed did the job as to protect Dana from defeat in possible Sasha Banks style by having Charlotte storm the ring and allow her actions to call for the DQ. The Alignment between Dana and Charlotte has indeed been solidified, but the short showcase leaves open many questions. Why is Dana aligned with Charlotte? Why was this not explored more on RAW? Is Natalya open to a rematch? Is there a tag match looming with Nattie and Becky facing Charlotte and Dana? What does this mean in terms of a Championship Defense at Money in the Bank? Those haven’t been answered yet but hopefully WWE can give us the needed answers sooner rather than later.

– Catherine


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