TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Mayhem Ends May As The “Boss” Unleashes Ferocity (May, 24th 2016)

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Greetings All and welcome to this weeks IMPACT report, and i warn you that this weeks report will be Knockouts-A-Plenty! That is a Good thing folks. This week, even with the Knockouts Champion having no presence at all (*Triple Huff*) the Maria/Gail Kim feud intensifies, the newest Knockouts Trio on the block are out to make the Knockouts feel as dismal as possible and Raquel is back on the scene!

Maria looks to end May with Mayhem, emerging upon being greeted by the newest Knockout on the roster, Allie aka Cherry Bomb who, as we have learned over the weeks, was Officially assigned as the Apprentice of the Knockouts Head. Striding to the ring with much in her thoughts, Maria indeed declares Mayhem by declaring the recent actions towards Velvet Sky was in order to remove that of which represents the Knockouts Past, not the future to be built, words that are sure to anger Knockouts Veteran and rival Gail Kim. Gail is visibly frustrated, and has become sick of the clause that has stopped her from getting her hands on the Knockouts Pres, trying to get a match with her. Maria seems to only urge Gail into attacking, warning her of the same repercussions that lead to the firing of Velvet. Gail tries to coax Maria into a match, so Maria hits back by returning the stipulation from last week and using it for Gail’s upcoming match, against a strong powerhouse as of late, Sienna. Speaking of Sienna, as Maria steps away, the other Knockouts Addition unleashes a chaotic assault on Gail from behind before joining the allies.

Cameras catch up with Gail storming around the back, and the cameraman tries to get some comments from the former Knockouts Champion on the huge match tonight with Sienna. Gail is clearly aware of facing Sienna with her career hanging in the balance, and visibly angry. To add to Gail’s anger is the fact that Maria has strolled into TNA and managed to gain leadership over the division she has fought for. Gail promises she wont go out like Velvet last week this week.

After a recap of the upsetting moment for Velvet that saw her lose out on another TNA run at the hands of the Devilish Sienna, the recently unstoppable Knockout heads to the ring with the Ditzy Allie and the Cruel and Cold Knockouts Head Maria by her side. Entering Courageously Alone is Gail Kim for the possible career ending match. The Knockouts Veteran gets in the face of Maria before the bell can be rang, being grabbed by the Enforcer that is Sienna from behind. Gail is quick to fend her off as she aims forearms as the bell is rung. Sienna is unphased and looks to return offense, only for Gail to block it. After an attack to the leg, Gail fires a clothesline at Sienna, followed with a pin attempt, her first of the match. Gail gets a near fall on Sienna.

Gail forearms Sienna into one corner, only to have a whip reversed, leading to Gail being whipped to the opposite. The Former Champ places her foot against the second turnbuckle to avoid crashing, additionally scaling the turnbuckle and fending off Sienna in the process. A Swift diving crossbody by Gail gets her the second near fall. Gail continues her fiery offense as she hammers away with forearms but its not long before a running boot leads to Gail’s momentum being knocked. Sienna looks to attack the weakened Gail Kim, but Gail hasn’t been fully weakened as she raises a boot to block Sienna’s oncoming assault. Gail uses both legs to hurl Sienna out of the ring and then to the floor. Gail continues to attack Sienna from the outside, then stalks Maria. Maria expectedly retreats and Sienna makes a quick rebound, attacking Gail from behind and saving Maria from a potential beating. This allows Sienna to gain control as she sends Gail jaw first into the guardrail.

Sienna returns to the ring after Gail, and only continues the offense there as she scores a kick to Gail who is against the ropes. Sienna uses a throat choke to knock Gail down a notch, and Gail is dwindled down to the bottom turnbuckle, additionally choked by the foot of Sienna. Sienna nails a Samoan Drop, but to her dismay she only gets a near fall on the former champ. Sienna’s momentum hasn’t ended there though as she strongly whips Gail into another corner post. Sienna enjoys inflicting the damage as she repeats the same process again, but she is soon taken down by the sudden reverse DDT counter from Gail. Gail begins to head up the turnbuckles and a rather worried Maria cant take anymore chances and tries to stall Gail’s counter-strike. Maria grabs the feet of Gail and sends her to the floor, this being while the referee has his attention turned away from the cruel situation. Maria rolls Gail back to the ring, screeching at her powerful enforcer to finish her and Sienna looks to have the devastating finishing move set up, only for Gail to counter into a sunset flip that scores her the massive pinfall victory over Sienna. Gail wins the match, keeping her contract with TNA per the result.

Gail doesn’t get long to celebrate this moment as an extremely annoyed Maria hits the ring. Gail tries to go for the longtime nemesis but is attacked by Sienna. Sienna and Allie only urge Maria to unleash a ferocious assault on a defenseless Gail in the ring. The Longtime veteran is just left laid out in the ring after Maria’s attack and the Knockouts Head leaves with a happy and smiling Allie and Sienna at her side.

Reby Sky returns to the scene also this week as she confronts the creepy and recently transformed Matt Hardy in the backstage area. Despite all recent ongoings, she just urges Matt to forget the constantly victorious Hardy Brother aka Jeff but it does little and doesn’t reach through to the evil Hardys senses as his quest to remove Jeff Hardy from the equation continues on.

From One Valet to another, Raquel also makes a return as she forgets her affiliation to Lashley that has now been long forgotten to become the new manager of the babyface BroMans, introduced as the comedic duos Guru, looking to motivate them in their path towards becoming the next TNA Tag Team Champions through workouts that even Robbie E cant get through despite awesome physique.

(Allie, Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Gail Kim and Sienna Segment)

(Gail Kim vs Sienna w/ Allie and Maria Kanellis-Bennett)

(Matt Hardy and Reby Sky Backstage Segment)

(Jessie Godderz, Robbie E and Raquel Segment)

Thoughts On:
Sienna/Gail: Positives First. First of all this Match got pretty good time, not exactly ten minutes or more and even though we could have seen more of Sienna in ring wise from this match, it was again, a solid encounter. Maria also has excelled recently in her role as Knockouts Leader and unleashed an expectedly relentless side this week, and even though the particular catty assault did no favors in teasing what we can expect from her in a should-be-exciting singles bout, we do have a few short weeks left. The Negatives for me had to be the ending result. Surely TNA could have booked the match to end a different way. Of course Gail is forever an asset to the company, the one to help put over the ones making a stride, so of course a match with her career on the line isn’t going to end with her losing considering it would be sudden and the Lady has clearly a lot of matches and feuds left in her, but surely this could have gone to DQ or even Gail losing and Dixie and EC3 (to be in charge next week i believe?) using their double authority to overpower Maria’s and “hire” her back? Considering how Sienna’s been built, unless she uses the angle with Jade to regain retribution, i don’t think a loss this early on was a necessary move in my opinion.

Raquel/BroMans: Im not entirely sure what happened with the Raquel/Lashley alignment to the point where i wonder whether they even pitched for her to even do anything in the following weeks but im glad to see Raquel back, plus its an added boost seeing her in ring improvements being exploited on social media and eventually on Television. I Think she may turn into another Cookie should she go heel on the BroMans, but even more bitchy and sassy, which i think Raquel could play well but its interesting seeing a female on the BroMans side considering their current targets, the Decay, have a female on their side also. Could this turn into Lana/Summer 2.0 without the fight over a boy drama? We’ll find out soon.

– Catherine

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