WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Double Duty Doesnt End Well for One Blonde Womens Superstar (May, 27th 2016)

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Welcome All to My Last WWE Related Report of the Post Extreme Rules Week and this time the focus is on this weeks Superstars Show, which has been sparse with women’s in ring action as of late. As mentioned in the Main Event report, a recently healed Summer Rae has been pulling double duty this week by working two matches in the space of 48 hours, and in this particular effort, also faces an opponent she is much familiar with in the ring, someone vying a chance at revenge after an upsetting loss at Extreme Rules to Your Still WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, the Queen of Harts Natalya.

Entering first is Summer Rae for this bout, followed by the former contender to the Women’s Championship and Summers once Total Divas Rival, Natalya. Speaking of Nattie, she gets a nice pop from the audience, which Summer looks unimpressed by. Due to the timing of the taping, this would be Natalya’s first match since losing to Charlotte at this past weeks Extreme Rules showdown. Natalya begins the match by locking up with Rae who looks to takeover easy as she reverses into a headscissor. Natalya kips up to no surprise, but finds herself toe to toe with Summer who tries to match things up. Natalya exchanges a warm smile before returning to action as she tries to roll up Summer, who kicks out of Nattie’s first pin attempt.

Natalya counters Summers next chance to attack, taking her to the mat. This time Summers long legs cannot assist in a reversal and instead Summer tries throwing Natalya to the ropes, taken down by an elbow before she can even bring offense. Summer shows visible frustration at Nattie gathering momentum and seeks solace in the ropes, demanding a referee to get involved as the Queen of Harts stomps over to her. Next comes the hilarious sequence of Summer pleading for mercy from the Total Diva after her kick falls flat. Nattie sees right through this and sends Summer down to the mat head first. Summer doesn’t even get the chance to recover as Natalya executes a basement dropkick, but rather than go to pin Natalya tries to seize Summer in the sharpshooter but Summer pushes herself to the nearest ropes before she can do so. Summer retreats outside but like before, doesn’t even get a small break as Natalya baseball slides her to the floor. Natalya rolls Summer back in the ring but Summer finds her footing and attempts to strike back as she knocks Natalya down to the mat.

Summer strikes with behind kicks and stomps to Natalya, unleashing that well known mean streak as she chokes the once rival against the ropes. Summer overhears some “You Cant Wrestle” chants from the audience but continues to work on and dominate Natalya regardless. However this doesn’t last too long as Natalya surprises with a small package pin, only enough to get a near fall on the leggy blonde who looks to flatten any summoned back momentum for the Queen of Harts with a Roundhouse. Summer taunts the previously chanting audience, who burst into boos before going to pin the crowd favorite. Natalya escapes at two, resulting in a near fall.

Summer works on the legs of Natalya for some time, also applying a submission for extra effect. Natalya counters, targeting one of Summers legs but like in other attempts, Summer uses the ropes to force Natalya to release her grip. Summer fires up as she suddenly flattens Natalya with a big clothesline out of nowhere, smiling evilly as she gets working on Natalya’s left leg. Having done the damage, she goes to pin Nattie but again gets a near fall. Natalya is noticeably limping but Summer only exploits this further by attacking the same leg from behind. Summer applies a hold which targets the same area, additionally attempting to pin but scoring the same result regardless. Natalya seems to reverse into a pin attempt but releases from this herself to instead surprise Summer by applying the Sharpshooter quickly and effectively. Summer soon taps and Natalya wins the match.

(Natalya vs Summer Rae)

Thoughts On This Match:
Personally in terms of in ring awareness and tactics, this definitely tops Summers Main Event match this week, even though there’s no denying the chemistry she shares with both opposers she has faced this week. Though Summer and Natalya’s Matches seem to have similar sequences nowadays, it helps exploit Summers in ring awareness and character, aka a heel using the ropes to avoid or break a hold by force then sneak attacking to attempt to reverse momentum and there’s no telling what submissions Summer could pull out if these two were to have a full on feud with a massive backstory to back it like the Total Divas angle that never got its due. Would have loved for Summer to sneak a win here but Natalya must be getting momentum for some oncoming angle possibly? Not sure what those chants were meant to achieve towards Summer considering i was pretty happy to hear the crowd pop for Natalya’s entrance at first, only for them to stoop towards those particular chants towards Summer but sometimes i wonder if people even watch her in ring growth because her matches with Natalya are an instant answer as to whether Summer has improved over time. Said this for NXT, i’ll say it here. Dont like them? Either don’t say anything at all or just do the usual Boos the villains should get but don’t put them off their game through intentional actions but rather encourage the performers regardless of what may or may not have gone wrong.

– Catherine

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