Cattie’s Catch Up: Carmella vs Alexa Bliss on WWE NXT (June, 3rd 2015)

alexa bliss 388

Looking Back on Old Matches from NXT earlier this week, i happened to notice that in a few days time it will be a year since a particular match i look to review right here. This weeks Cattie’s Catch Up looks back at Alexa Bliss and Carmella’s first singles clash since the two came to blows at NXT Takeover Unstoppable during a Tag Team Championship Match in which the Champions Blake and Murphy were defending their gold against the Realest Guys in the Room, Enzo and Cass, with the match being marked as Alexa’s first match as a heel on NXT Television.

Weeks before Alexa had confronted the Princess of Staten Island over her attitude which didn’t end suitably, leading to a match only a short time later of which Carmella lost, being distracted by the appearance of Her Boys Rivals, Blake and Murphy, who seemed to be hinting some sort of allegiance to Bliss. This appeared confirmed at Takeover Unstoppable when Alexa affirmed her newly heel status by attacking Carmella and in turn, assisting the “Dubstep Cowboys” in lengthening their reign as non sighted interference allowed Blake and Murphy to retain the titles against the popular tag team of Enzo and Cass. Two Weeks Later, Carmella, who had been waiting to get her hands on Bliss over the attack at the PPV, faced her in a singles bout with Enzo and Cass at her side, only losing again to Bliss after Bliss used Heel Tactics to achieve victory, celebrating proudly with the accompanying Tag Team Champions, mirroring her companions recent dominance and most certainly continuing the feud between the trios.

– Catherine


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