WWE RAW RESULTS: Natalya Has a Friend In Need (May, 30th 2016)

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raw char and co 1

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Welcome All to another RAW report, highlighting all that went down on the show that aired all the way from Green Bay, featuring a Heel Turn. Spoiler Alert. It wasn’t with one of the Women. Another Spoiler. No Sasha Banks, unless you count the opener.

Following the Memorial Day Opening Tribute, Shane and Stephanie McMahon open RAW in a fresh and highly entertaining segment with the Still WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day. After some Brand Split Promotion and debates, the comedic trio begin to pick apart the McMahon’s over some potential sibling rivalry, looking to solve their bosses potential worries in their own methodical way, a dance battle, and one that Babyface Shane O’ is easily up for. No one gets to see Stephanie’s retaliation as instead the Vaudevillains step into the limelight for an Extreme Rules Rematch, only this time non title.

In addition to this, Lana proudly introduced her champion Fiancee (yes im trying not to say Husband at past 4am) as he faces Zack Ryder in a Non Title Match. You Can Guess who wins this one. The Intrigue comes through post match developments, as hopeful contender to the United States Title Titus O Neil confronts Rusev right after.

The Women get an early showcase as a video package posted on WWE’s YouTube sometime beforehand highlights other superstars reactions to Charlotte dismissing her fathers presence last week in order to move forward solo, and in the cruelest way possible. This leads to the reveal of a pre taped segment between the smug, smirking women’s champion and the Boss Lady returning from the earlier segment, Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie shockingly rips at Charlotte over how she has been an embarrassment in the way she represents the women’s division. Stephanie labels Charlotte a Self Important Brat, not even giving Charlotte four seconds to verbally retaliate as Stephanie goes on to rip Charlotte by claiming the NXT Alumni is now none other than a waste of talent. OUCH.

To Follow from this, Charlotte’s newest pal Dana Brooke faces Natalya in a singles bout, with Charlotte expectedly at her side. During the Heels entrance, the focus is generally on how the partnership of Charlotte and Dana came to be through Dana’s interference back at Extreme Rules, a move which indeed cost Natalya another chance at becoming the Women’s Champion. Natalya is visibly angry, attacking Dana within moments of the bell sounding. She Unleashes a furious flurry of forearms to Dana in the corner, eventually having to be restrained. Dana tries to chop her but takes a suplex after her attack is blocked. Dana heads to the ropes, ducking under and forcing Natalya’s restraint. As Charlotte looks on happily, Dana takes over as she nails a clothesline to Natalya. Like that hadn’t been enough to handle for Natalya, Dana soon takes her to the ropes, choking her against them and right in front of the fellow heel partner. Dana sets up Natalya for a splash in the rings center, one only enough to get her a near fall on the Queen of Harts.

Dana looks to continue this momentum, to no avail, as an elbow leads to Dana’s oncoming attack being blocked. The Killa’ Barbie is sent to the mat with the back of her head hitting first per a discus clothesline from Natalya. Natalya doesn’t go into an instant pin, instead seizing Dana for the Sharpshooter attempt, before Charlotte leaps to the apron, screaming at her. Natalya deals with Charlotte easily by knocking her off the apron, but it only helps Dana capitalize and the finishing Michinoku Driver gets Dana the victory over Natalya.

Dana and Charlotte aren’t done hurting and mocking Natalya there, executing a post match attack against the helpless competitor. Though it appears they are in control at first, Becky soon emerges from the back and rushes to the ring to attempt to clear off Dana and Charlotte. The Heels hide well behind the barricade while Becky consoles Natalya.

(Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and The New Day Segment)

(Stephanie McMahon and Charlotte Backstage Segment)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Zack Ryder feat Titus O Neil)

(Natalya vs Dana Brooke w/ Charlotte feat Becky Lynch)

(Becky Lynch and Natalya on Backstage Fallout)

Thoughts On This Match:
The Timing of matches on RAW or Smackdown has continued to narrow in a possibly worrying trend that even i felt Charlotte and Dana’s entrance was rushed, even if they are lucky enough to get one televised. It was a good match however and Dana continues to hold her own in the ring. I Did see the Becky Lynch run in coming, even though more could have been done than just the run in itself, but it leaves again some questions. Is there a tag match coming at Money in the Bank or will Charlotte lose matches up till then to the hopeful contenders to lead to a Possible Triple Threat only to plant the seeds to Charlotte closing another filler feud by retaining with Dana’s help. What was additionally intriguing despite the way it was booked script wise was the interaction between Charlotte and Stephanie that was first planted in the pre PPV contract signing and how things have furthered drastically since. Could it be Charlotte is losing her title to someone before Summerslam and getting an angle with Stephanie there? Could Dana even be winning the title at Night of Champions? Or are the McMahons playing into Sasha Banks return? Again…SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

– Catherine


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