TNA IMPACT RESULTS: What Gail Wants, Carter Gets (May, 31st 2016)

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Greetings All to this weeks IMPACT Report, as i get to review probably one of the most entertaining and watch worthy episodes of IMPACT in a Long Time, that being because of a genius decision to allow EC3 aka Ethan Carter to be in Charge. Holy Moly! And Boy did he put the Knockouts Feud on Notice with Excellent Delivery as Slammiversary draws near. Lets Get Right to it!

Per EC3’s Rule, Maria and her fellow workers Allie and Sienna are welcomed to the ring. This comes with a recap of Maria’s attack to Gail Kim last week after a clean victory over the recent Knockout Powerhouse, Sienna, one which left Maria Hostile as to execute such a move. Allie is on hand to introduce the Professed First Lady of Professional Wrestling, but the squeaky voiced villainess and Sienna are left with disappointed faces when EC3 just dismisses them ahead of this Job Evaluation of which Maria will be undertaking after all her recent actions towards the Knockouts. Despite Maria stating that such an action cannot be done as they are her people, EC3’s power remains, and he forces Sienna and Allie out of the ring. Regardless Maria turns to the situation at hand, insisting that she is doing a wonderful job as Knockouts Leader, but it only takes the facials of Carter to show otherwise before he officially voices his disagreement.

With this in mind, EC3 summons out Maria’s Rival, Gail Kim. Gail steps in the ring and EC3 oversees the past situation with Maria blindsiding Gail as a decent enough reason to dismiss her from her job. EC3 turns the attention to his Good Friend, aka Gail, and asks what she wants, leading to the proposal of a huge singles match at Slammiversary. Maria uses her role as Knockouts Leader and as an Authority Figure as meaning to not compete, but EC3 stops the Professed First Lady’s barking to remind her whose in charge for the night, and thus forces the match between Gail and Maria to be booked for the Pay Per View.

Maria clamors about still attempting to build the future of the Knockouts Division, and declares that she will ensure that Gail has the worst night of her life once Slammiversary comes. Maria believes she will just have to defeat Gail to cement herself in the Wrestling Hall of Fame, and EC3 gets in the middle of an intense stare-down between the long time enemies. In fact, the babyface Carter reminds himself of the presences of Sienna and Allie on the outside, and books a match as Allie and Sienna are forced to battle Gail and the Knockouts Champ Jade. Of course Allie is screeching from behind the ropes as shes not in ring gear, and she tries to bolt from the ring once the match has started, grabbed by the former champ.

Gail forearms and kicks Allie, running the screeching Knockout head first into a corner turnbuckle. She does so in another corner, then Allie ducks between the ropes to force no altercation. Allie attempts to clothesline Gail, but the veteran blocks it, and Allie soon sees herself bolting from the ring. The Very Strong Sienna has been tagged in, and she blocks a high kick from Gail. Sienna, who had lost just a week ago to Gail, forearms the Knockout against the mat, then proceeding to whip her only to have it countered. Gail runs the ropes and takes Sienna down with a clothesline, and she engages in a double team sequence with the tagged in Jade, with Sienna taking a running forearm from Gail in the corner followed by Jade’s big boot. A German Suplex by Jade to Sienna gets the Knockouts Champ a near fall on the newest arrival. Jade and Gail work together again to rid of the screechy Allie who tries to hit the ring for a distraction. Both Gail and Jade are sent down by Sienna, and Jade rolls from the ring while Sienna gets to work on Gail.

Sienna chokes Gail against the mat, proceeding to execute shoulder tackles right after to Gail in the corner. Sienna snapmares her from the corner following a few forearms, and the powerhouse gets a near fall on Gail in the pin attempt that follows a vertical suplex. Sienna continues to overwhelm Gail with offense, even calling in Allie to choke her while the referee deals with an aggravated Jade. Allie attempts to pin Gail right after a back body drop, but is surprised to get the near fall result, and despite taking a boot to the side of the head, Allie recovers and makes it to Sienna to tag her back in. Gail manages to fend off Sienna with a quick codebreaker, making the tag to the Knockouts Champ Jade. Jade hits high knees, kicks and uppercuts to Sienna, getting in an additional dropkick to temporarily floor her. More Kicks send down Sienna, enough to get Jade a near fall on her.

Jade climbs upward to the top turnbuckle, taking Sienna down with a missile dropkick. Jade rolls Sienna for a pin attempt of which Allie charges in to break. Jade dropkicks Sienna into her own corner, and a baffled Allie decides to tag in. Allie tries to plead with Jade not to hurt her in anyway but the Knockouts Champ just ignores this and fires forearms at the ditzy Apprentice of the Knockouts Leader. Jade knocks down Allie with a high kick, before being attacked by Sienna from behind. Sienna readies her finisher, but as Allie screams from behind the ropes, Gail runs in and floors Sienna via Eat Defeat. Both Gail and Sienna head out while Jade drags Allie back to the ring, taking out the blonde with the Package Piledriver that gets the babyfaces the winning pin.

In Addition, Raquel looked to force further focus from the BroMans as the duo would be booked to compete for a possible shot at the Tag Team Titles Owned by the Decay at Slammiversary. With Raquel at their side, Robbie and Jesse would go on to beat Rockstar Spud and Tyrus in a match weirdly officiated by Mike Bennett, becoming the Number One Contenders to the TNA Tag Team Championships.

(EC3, Sienna, Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Allie, Gail Kim and Jade Segment)

(Allie and Sienna w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Gail Kim and Jade)

(The BroMans and Raquel Segment)

(Tyrus and Rockstar Spud vs The Bromans w/ Raquel; Number One Contenders Match w/ Mike Bennett as Special Guest Referee)

Thoughts On:
Knockouts Tag: Another Short encounter but most certainly due to the Knockouts Segment that took place prior to it, and because of the amount of promos that went down that night. Regardless it was booked smartly to protect Sienna from further losses so they can begin to (further) build Sienna as a contender to the Knockouts Championship, which i hope Jade can retain as her reign hasn’t had enough build, promo work and everything else, and because its noticeable how over she is already as the Champion and as a solo competitor. I’m Loving Cherry Bomb/Allie’s role and how she perfects it because shes annoying and thats exactly what her role is supposed to be, and she also provides great comedy at times. I Wonder if this would have been Taryn’s post Dollhouse role had she stayed? Again, smart work on the closing moments of the match in terms of Jade getting momentum and pinning Allie rather than Sienna, and Gail and Jade as a Tag Team is fabulous to watch. Also the pre match segment couldn’t have been booked any better considering EC3 was in it, and he made the whole episode entertaining so Upvotes to whoever decided to book him as an Authority Member for the night. Im a little worried as to Maria’s ring work at the PPV, but like Taryn at Slammiversary vs Gail, im sure to be surprised, and the feud has had perfect build at this point.

Raquel/BroMans: I’m Already loving the pairing of BroMans and Raquel, and i love seeing Jesse getting so much exposure as a competitor and as a babyface. I Do feel from where this is heading that its leading to Raquel’s first major feud in the company with Rosemary, as both have wrestled before but not to a mass extent, yet to return to the ring until this certain time it appears. Though im not a fan of Robbie E, there’s no doubt the BroMans are being excelled as babyfaces, a reverse to Bound for Glory some years ago where they began to heighten at the top of the division as heels, and i do believe this will work wonders for them until one of the three turn heel, but as long as it doesn’t end Decays reign right away, then all is good because Decay have so much to give in their reign and their characters are continuously intriguing.

– Catherine


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