TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY VICTORY ROAD RESULTS: Can The Former Dollhouse Cohort Shine Like Her Former Now Champion Friend? (May, 20th 2016)

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Welcome All to Another of Many Reports to be done this week. This Particular post looks at the Knockouts Match that went down on the recently aired TNA Victory Road One Night Only Pay Per View, as Two Members from once feuding sides faced off, the Dollhouse’s Marti Belle battles the recently departed Beautiful People Member Velvet Sky. (PS I Haven’t Forgotten about Knockouts Knockdown Folks, I Just need a certain time to write it up considering a full PPV is a struggle of a write up).

Entering first for this Knockouts Clash is Marti, and to the Music of the Dollhouse. Like in the last clash on a One Night Only Pay Per View between the once feuding sides, this particular match cannot open without some promo work turned into smack talk. Marti, upon taking the mic, does not deny how the Dollhouse are constantly brought up, but also cant deny how the trio went from best friends to strangers. But now the subject is all on and about her, labeling herself as Spicy, Sexy and Cool, and she’d like to go over why exactly shes all these things but shes interrupted by the presence of Velvet. Velvet ribs Marti over her choice of words for herself, disagreeing with each and choosing to get the crowd involved. Velvet offends Marti by saying no one does Sexy better than her, and no one thinks of such a word when it comes from a member of the Dollhouse, who she otherwise labels as the “Doghouse”. Lastly she sees Marti not as a cool person, but rather Earl Hebner, the senior referee who gets an ovation from the crowd. Velvet joins in getting some appraise from the Crowd with Earl which leads to her being attacked by Marti from behind.

The Bell rings and Marti brings the brawl to the mat, hammering the defenseless Velvet with forearms. She even goes ahead with choking Velvet with her jacket before eventually throwing it from the ring. Marti continues to have control as she chokes Velvet against the second rope, yelling at Earl in the meantime. Marti further chokes Velvet in a corner, yelling at Earl again before turning and being kicked in the gut by Velvet. Velvet hits forearms, knocked back from a knee by Marti. Marti tosses her easily into another corner, attempting a pin near the ropes which Velvet escapes at the count of two, resulting in a near fall.

Marti runs Velvet head first into the corner top turnbuckle, then chucking her through the ropes to the outside floor. Marti heads outside, only to take a number of forearms from Velvet. Marti ends up having her face planted against the apron, and if that wasn’t enough pain, Velvet sends her into the ring post. Marti eventually returns the favor, and continuously attacks her around ringside, even sending her head first into the steel guardrail. Velvet reverses momentum as she whips Marti into the steel steps, and both women take a while to regroup. Both roll into the ring at the same time with Velvet sprawled over the body of Marti for her own pin attempt, getting a near fall on the former member of the Dollhouse. They end up battling in the rings center, exchanging forearms and chops, and Velvet gathers enough momentum to take over and fire more faster chops to Marti. Velvet ends up taking a knee from Marti, whose attempt to send her face first to the mat falls flat. Marti plants her against the mat to return the favor for the missed bulldog attempt, but the crowd definitely have noticed the short botch moment. Regardless Marti continues on as she sends Velvet into a nearby corner. Marti misses a running elbow, instead running into Velvet’s running clothesline.

Velvet nails triple kicks to Marti, followed by a neckbreaker. Velvet clotheslines Marti against another corner, following that with a bulldog. Velvet preps to cover Marti and gets a near fall result. Marti looks to regain her momentum, flooring Velvet with a big clothesline that also gets her a near fall. Marti gets in the face of Earl, who rather than retaliate, weirdly plants a kiss to the Knockout. Poor Marti is left choking from the comedy spot and Earl also falls to the mat. However he hasn’t completely fallen as he recovers in enough time to count the finishing pin after Velvet executes her finishing move to Marti. Velvet pins Marti to win the match.

In Addition, the yet to debut on Television Superstar Braxton Sutter, aka the real life husband of Allie, once formerly known as Cherry Bomb, competes on the show with the newest Knockout in his corner, vs a former TNA Superstar, Bobby Roode in what was officially an Open Challenge. Unlucky for the pairing, they are forced to face defeat, as Roode pins Sutter for the win.

(Marti Bell vs Velvet Sky 14.45 – 29.54)

(Braxton Sutter w/ Allie vs Bobby Roode 43.38 – 06.46)

Thoughts On This Match:
Yes there were minor botches, which unfortunately the crowd picked up on as to go all Anti Eva Marie on Marti, and its known that Marti isn’t the strongest in ring worker out of the Dollhouse’s Original Three Piece, but everyone improves eventually. Not making excuses but the lighting botch in the ring didn’t help but luckily the girls had enough ring awareness to pull through. Regardless it was another Knockouts Match on a One Night Only Event to fall victim to the comedy spot which im sure the two don’t mind but it could have gone without.

– Catherine


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