TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Raquel Looks To Be Tough Enough Against a Veteran (May, 27th 2016)

vs raquel xplosion 1

vs raquel xplosion 2

vs raquel xplosion 3

Welcome All to this weeks Xplosion Report. As said before, Knockouts Action has been sparse on the show this year but we were recently served up the debut match (if you don’t count the aired Knockouts Pay Per View) of the now BroMans Valet, Raquel. This Past Week the Former Tough Enough Contestant took to the ring against experienced Knockout and Multi Time Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne.

Raquel, who is indeed the first Brazilian Knockout in the history of the Company, enters first, working as a babyface for this match, much like her opponent, the 5x Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne who enters second. Madison and Raquel’s first engagement is via a lock up which spills around multiple corners. This Breaks up and the two come to a stalemate before they lock up again, with Raquel being caught in a hammerlock courtesy of Madison. Raquel reverses into one of her own, and Madison rolls before executing her own reversal. Raquel arm drags Madison to counter, and the two give each other a decent swinging with more arm drags. Madison regroups and captures Raquel in a waist-lock, and Raquel counters by attempting to target the left arm of Madison. Both roll each other into own pin attempts, both getting near falls on each other.

Raquel reverses Madison’s whip, sending the former champion crashing into a corner. Raquel heads to the middle turnbuckle, flipping Madison back to the mat. Raquel rallies the crowd then accepts a handshake from Madison before being pushed back by the veteran. Madison forearms and kicks Raquel by the ropes to instantly reverse momentum, whipping her into a running elbow to follow it up.

When we return, Madison is executing kicks to Raquel. She goes into a cover to follow and gets another near fall on Raquel. Madison applies a rear choke-hold to Raquel, grounding her to the mat in between. Raquel elbows out, ducking under the clothesline attempt from Madison and nailing a running cross-body. Like her last attempts, Raquel gets a near fall on Madison. Madison kicks Raquel and follows by choking her against the bottom rope. Madison hits a baseball slide clothesline, returning to the ring after for another pin attempt, getting yet another near fall. Another near fall transpires out of a Northern Lights Suplex from Madison to Raquel. Madison kicks Raquel in the gut, running her into the corner turnbuckle after head first. Madison has the crowd silence before firing Flair-esque chops at Raquel as the Brazilian Knockout struggles to break out of the corner.

Madison does the same sequence in another corner, followed by a familiar Killa Queen Wave Taunt, before Raquel kicks to divert the follow up attack. Raquel attempts to choke her out from the top turnbuckle using both legs, and rather than break off through Madison’s strikes she reverses into a sunset flip for another pin attempt, scoring another near fall on the fellow Knockout. Raquel fires up with a series of clotheslines, finalized with a Side Russian Leg Sweep that nearly gets her the three count. Raquel seems to ready for a suplex attempt but Madison stalls it, and after a knee she hits her finisher and pins Raquel. Madison wins the match, but is kind enough to show some sportsmanship to the latest Knockout on the roster at the end.

(Madison Rayne vs Raquel)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Have nothing but high ropes for Raquel (Gabi) as an in ring performer and despite seeing GIFs of her botches on the Indy Circuit as of late, she really held her own in this match and perfected every moment and move she brought from her move-set rather than people expecting Madison to carry the match. To Top Her and Madison have much chemistry but Raquel has yet to perform against another Knockout so it will be interesting to see how well she does against a vary of different move-sets, though her performances as an in ring competitor appear stalled with her newest role working with the BroMans. But this was such a good match to watch and kudos to both competitors.

– Catherine


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