WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: The Boss Is Back To Rid of Summer Time (June, 3rd 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks WWE Main Event report. This weeks episode is a rather special one for fans as this weeks not only features a battle between NXT Alumni but the return of none other than the “BO$$” Sasha Banks as she faces someone who she would have originally been feuding with….Summer Rae.

Entering the ring first is Summer, and she has some things to discuss on the mic before the particular match can happen. Summer appears excited over the recently announced brand extension, seeing it as the chance for her to take opportunity, and she believes that a question has been hanging around on social media as of late as to where Summer will end up once the live brand extension takes place on July 19th. Summers follow up antics are cut off by a familiar entrance theme and making her way to the ring is the returning former BFF Sasha Banks.

Like Summer, she has something she very much wants to express, beginning by warning Summer to shut her mouth. Sasha adds that no one cares about where Summer will go, but she admits things have changed since Mania, and various names have come up in the spotlight, whether that would be Charlotte, or Natalya, or Dana Brooke or even Summer herself (expectedly because of her backstage promo slamming Sasha many weeks ago). Staring out Summer, she declares that people seem to have forgotten the Boss of the Women’s Division, and this leads to Summer mocking Sasha over her unexplained disappearance, while also taking a dig at her Mania Loss, trying to add that had she taken her place in the match at WrestleMania, she would have walked out as the Women’s Champion. Sasha only retaliates as fiercely as she insists Summer would have never held the Women’s Championship, or in fact hold a mic, chucking the mic at Summer and getting a forearm to the face of Summer to kick off their singles bout.

Summer tries to hang on the outside for a period of time but gets dropped on her back by Sasha, who looks to dominate early on. Sasha follows by sending her around the ring by her hair, and manages to take down the blonde and pummel her with forearm after forearm while Summer helplessly attempts to defend herself while against the mat.

We Return from a slight break to see Banks very much in charge as she has Summer caught in a chinlock. Summer tries to hoist herself upward, throwing her own forearms at Banks. Sasha reverses Summers whip attempt and sends her into her shoulder to send her down. Summer stalls the attack from Sasha from behind the ropes, attempting a stalled suplex from the apron that is diverted by a big knee from Sasha. Summer boots Sasha to retaliate and Sasha is sent jaw first into the ring post close by on the way down. Sasha spends some time on the outside before Summer eventually decides to roll her back into the ring. Summer attempts the first pin attempt of the match on Sasha, getting a near fall on the former NXT Women’s Champion, as she kicks out at two. Summer does not let up on the opposer afterward, bashing her head against the turnbuckles a number of times before choking her against the same corner. Summer only continues to dominate as she drops Sasha to the mat back first after mocking chants in support of the Boss. Summer sprawls into another cover, getting a near fall again.

Sasha gets caught in a body scissor courtesy of Summer, attempting to force her shoulders to the mat for a counter pin multi times but only reaching two at best. Sasha eventually forces Summer to break, turning herself over and lunging at Summer with forearms to the face. Sasha gets no time to bounce back as she instead takes a hard kick in the nearby corner from Summer. Summer furthers this with stomps to Sasha in the same corner, additionally mocking her signature taunt. Before she can get back to work, Sasha hits back with forearms. Summer charges back to the same corner, to Sasha, with her attack diverted when Sasha uses both her feet to kick her away. Sasha hooks both of Summers legs following double knees away from the center, getting a near fall.

Sasha looks to continue on her momentum as she hits with more forearms. Sasha is sent to the ropes, only to run into the roundhouse by Summer. Summer covers Sasha for yet another near fall. Summers Scoop Slam attempt falls flat, as does her attempt to boot Sasha right after when the former NXT Women’s Superstar blocks it. Summer rolls to the corner after taking a knee to the face, and this isn’t all unfortunately for Summer as she becomes the target of Sasha’s follow up double knees into the corner. Summer avoids one last attack and sneaks in a roll up that doesn’t pin Sasha. Summer rebounds on the near instant with a swift DDT to Sasha but that still doesn’t finish the job. A Furious Summer yells at Sasha then readies for the roundhouse, which Sasha blocks. Sending her face first to the mat, Sasha quickly locks in the Bank Statement on Summer, who taps. Sasha wins her return match.

(Summer Rae vs Sasha Banks)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Hard fought effort from both women and indeed the best encounter between Sasha and Summer, whose chemistry stems back to NXT days, even though their clashes have been a minor number. Summers boot that sent Sasha into the ring post looked lethal and that DDT was both unexpected and brutal looking and it easily reflected the matches competitiveness. Unfortunately what was taken away from this hard fought encounter was the fact it could have been called by a decent commentary team, and Dolph’s overselling on commentary was both over the top and at times felt like either mockery or sarcasm. I Like Dolph but that was way too hyper on his part. The Commentary throughout much of the match did no job in promoting the Women’s Superstars with the seriousness of which they should be treated with, as athletes, as in ring competitors trying to put on a hard fought display. Dolph’s commentary, like Lawlers, to me, was questionable.

– Catherine


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