WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Duo of “Hart and Straight Fire” Continue to Make A Difference (June, 2nd 2016)


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Welcome All to this weeks Smackdown Report, following up the aftermath of a possible re-alignment between Becky Lynch and Natalya from this past Mondays RAW in Green Bay. While the wait shortens until Smackdown goes live, removing fake crowd reactions once and for all (lets hope) the current era of Smackdown continues with Becky reigniting her Royal Rumble Feud with One Certain Women’s Champion Charlotte, engaging with the Female Flair in a Singles Bout on this weeks episode.

Becky Lynch enters courageously alone for this non title effort, while Women’s Champion Charlotte has her sneaky Killa’ Barbie Sidekick Dana Brooke at her side as she strides down to the ring. After the Bell rings The Lass Kicker gets scrappy in a lock up with the Champ to kick things off but eventually escapes her grip. Charlotte lunges, missing the attempted attack when she ends up being arm dragged instead by Becky. Becky gets working on the left arm of the struggling Charlotte, but Charlotte counters the armbar eventually by shoving Becky to a corner. Becky uses her legs in an attempt to block an oncoming attack from Charlotte but Charlotte shoves both her legs to one side, executing a neckbreaker to the former challenger to her once Divas Title. Charlotte only continues her ruthlessness as she stomps down on Becky in the same corner. Charlotte drags her from the corner, and with some fan support, Becky finds motivation and fires elbows at the champ. She reverses a whip and attempts a running elbow but Charlotte throws her over the ropes and to the apron. Becky elbows Charlotte away, also dealing with Dana’s possible intervention on the outside by hitting an elbow to her too. However Becky soon finds herself meeting the below floor when Charlotte capitalizes by sending the fiery competitor down with a massive big boot.

Returning from a break, Becky has made it back to the ring, avoiding a corner splash from Charlotte. This looks to be the rebound for Becky as she starts flooring the Champ with clotheslines followed with a dropkick. After some offense in the corner, Becky sends her out via an exploder suplex, getting her her first near fall of the match and first pin attempt on Charlotte. Becky gets off her knees and runs toward Charlotte, who makes her eat some forearms. Charlotte takes advantage of the opposers position to lay her out via the Natural Selection signature maneuver, but rather than pin, she climbs to her feet, looking for a knee drop off the ropes, which she misses when Becky regroups in time to avoid her oncoming move. Charlotte looks for revenge as she chops viciously at Becky, who counters with a flurry of forearms finalized with a kick to the gut. An uppercut sends Charlotte over to the ropes but she avoids the next attack in an attempt to roll up the Lass Kicker, scoring a near fall.

Becky flies over the shoulders of Charlotte, looking to roll her over but Charlotte rolls back before any pin can be made. Becky rolls her over again, this time not into a possible pin but rather to try lock in her armbar instead. Charlotte counters into a powerbomb but that doesn’t pin Becky. The Surprised Champ begins to plot, making her way up the near corner turnbuckles. Charlotte looks to connect with the top rope moonsault but Becky moves. Charlotte executes a perfect landing with both feet, and she takes Becky down and readies for a figure four which Becky counters into her Disarmer finisher. Attempting to save Charlotte from possibly submitting to the fiery one, Dana clambers into the ring to try pull Charlotte out, noticed by the referee who calls for the bell and the Disqualification result.

Dana pulls the Champion to safety, or so they both believe as Natalya storms out from the back, getting into a brawl with the two ladies of which Becky joins. Unfortunately both Natalya and Becky cannot connect with finishing submissions as Dana and Charlotte slip to safety, this time successfully and a stare-down ensues.

In Addition to this, another rivalry was renewed for a short time as United States Champion Rusev battled another former champion and nemesis Jack Swagger with Lana watching. Rusev makes easy work of Swagger, keeping the cobra clutch/accolade finishing submission locked in until Rusevs newest nemesis Titus O Neil stormed down to the ring, not getting into a proper altercation with the Champion as he escapes the ring beforehand.

(Becky Lynch vs Charlotte w/ Dana Brooke feat Natalya)

(Jack Swagger vs Rusev w/ Lana feat Titus O Neil)

Thoughts On This Match:
Due to their past classic clashes as i can call it, i was disappointed at the overall length of the match though with it being the B Side Show i cant be surprised. I Would prefer for this DQ win for Becky to lead up to Shane McMahon booking the match again for RAW with no interference allowed so that a win could lead Becky to contendership or even Shane giving her the opportunity without the need of a match because of the particular result and for Charlotte to even go to a personal level again with Natalya that brings Natalya into the mix as to discuss with Becky as to why she needs the match also, or even to Shane to make a possible Triple Threat, and even Stephanie, due to her recent showcased “beef” with Charlotte to throw Dana Brooke in as a surprise. If neither of these things happen then a tag match may be expected for Money in the Bank just as a filler to extend the reign of Charlotte and to prove Creatives Laziness to make engaging feuds until the sure-to-be-Champion Sasha Banks properly returns to the stage. Smackdown this week was just a reverse of the storyline predicament on RAW, with Natalya having Becky’s back like Becky did on RAW for her and to legitimately showcase the respect and the bond between the two.

– Catherine


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