WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: No Luck At The Beginning of Summertime In An Otherwise Fun Affair (June, 3rd 2016)

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Greetings All and as these Blog Updates come along, welcome to what i believe is the last WWE report of the week, this time from this weeks episode of WWE Superstars, where Summer Rae is once again pulling double duty in the ring. Before a Battle with the Returning “Bo$$” on this weeks Main Event episode (which is up and available to read) Rae looks for some momentum against a former WWE Divas Champion, and former NXT competitor Paige.

Paige enters, followed by Summer for the opening bout of this weeks episode. The Match begins with Summer evading a lock up with the Once Professed Anti Diva, instead shoving her from behind and engaging in a mocking dance. Both the Ref and Paige look dumbfounded but Paige has a little fun of her own following a lock up with Rae, giving the fellow competitor an embarrassing spank. Summer lunges at Paige, who shows some of her own moves beforehand. Paige avoids a charging Summer and presses herself to the mat to trip the blonde. Paige takes advantage of Summers position to score a knee, and she goes for her first pin attempt of the match, and the leggy opposition escapes right after a count of one. Paige takes a standing jawbreaker from Summer, who charges at her but gets caught in her grip. Summer ends up floored by the fallaway slam from Paige, and Paige then takes herself to the apron where she hits Summer with her familiar knee strikes. Paige returns to the ring, only to see Summer making her escape. Paige chases her around ringside, eventually running into a roundhouse from Summer. Summer stands over a fallen Paige, mocking her before looking to return her to the ring, which she does.

Summer only looks to bring even more damage as she takes herself back to the ring, nailing kicks to the back of Paige. Paige is sent face first to the mat before being set up for a suplex, which Paige reverses into a package pin, but unlucky for her, Summer escapes at the count of two. Before Paige can make the rebound, Summer sends her down with a sudden impactful clothesline. Summer returns to mocking Paige before choking her against the middle rope with her knee. Summer gets a near fall on Paige following a back body drop near to the ropes. Trying to work over the opponent further, Summer applies the Indian Deathlock, and it takes a little time for Paige to try execute a reversal. Paige throws elbows at Summer before being caught in a reversal pin attempt from Summer, one that gets her a near fall on Paige.

Paige escapes the grip of Summer because of it, also avoiding the oncoming attack, leading to Summer crashing jaw first into the second rope. Summer then ends up taking the triple kicks and multi knees from Paige, enough to get the once Anti Diva a near fall on Summer. Paige releases a hammerlock to superkick Summer in the face, staring out the opposition before attempting to grab her legs. Summer kicks her to a corner, attempting to sneak in a second roundhouse to Paige that gets blocked. Paige then takes down Summer and applies the Scorpion Crosslock for the finish. Summer taps and Paige wins the match.

(Summer Rae vs Paige)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Rather fun and comedic encounter at first and i didn’t expect the outside Roundhouse spot that was a nice touch, but i again cant stress enough about the predictable offense by Paige as much as i like her, even if the finish was a tad different set up wise. Other than that, a simple and watchable match between two women who indeed should be having a full fledged feud right now.

– Catherine


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