Your Monday Post #112: Paige vs Cameron (June, 16th 2014)

paige 1285

Welcome All to a New Edition of Your Monday Post as the Road to Money in the Bank thins. This time two years ago saw the road begin to a new feud for then Divas Champion Paige fresh off a successful title defense against Alicia Fox. Back in Spring 2014 Paige was promoted as the upcoming top babyface for the then Divas Division, but a short time after Payback, the Divas Champion was faced with a new possible contender in Cameron, who had some harsh words for Paige over her quick rise to the top which had even grabbed the attention of her long time tag team partner Naomi, beginning to plant the seeds for Cameron’s first Televised Run as a Heel on the Main Roster, and the Total Divas Storyline that would see Cameron and Naomi split off as singles competitors.

Looking to Shut Cameron up for her words, and to make her additionally back up her words in the ring, Paige went into combat with the fellow Diva heading towards a heel turn in front of her fellow funkadactyl Naomi, and Cameron was left defeated and disappointed following a loss to the Divas Champion on the June 16th episode of RAW, left stressed also over Naomi working her way towards contention in her place. Naomi’s showcased in ring skills, victories and additional respect for Paige further planted seeds for Cameron’s hopeful breakout as a singles star, but despite that the Total Diva did indeed accompany Naomi to her Divas Championship Match against Paige at Money in the Bank, which the athletic one would come up short on as Paige’s reign furthered per the victory.

– Catherine


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