WWE RAW RESULTS: A Brawl in Oklahoma to Establish Partnerships? Or Contention? (June, 6th 2016)



dana not turning on char raw

Welcome All to a New RAW Report to discuss. In this particular report, its safe to say it was match-less for the ladies of the Women’s Division as RAW took place from Oklahoma, and though there was some expected critique for the segment that replaced a potential or expected match, there was indeed some development regarding the four women in the centre of the picture, Natalya, Becky Lynch, Dana Brooke and WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte.

But before we discuss that possibly rushed segment, Stephanie was back to heel glory this week to be an additional crasher after walking in on a returning Teddy Long (HOLLA HOLLA) crashing a segment featuring the men in contention for a slot as Mr Money in the Bank. Stephanie not only dismissed Teddy, and his theme song, but even mocked the veterans dance on the way out. Its Safe to Say Stephanie doesn’t want anyone to have a portion of her managerial power.

Lana is also on hand to introduce her champion fiancee Rusev who is set to compete against long time rival and Lone All American Jack Swagger. Not Only does Rusev underestimate the cleverness of his hopeful challenger Titus O Neil and his previous opponent Swagger as to get overwhelmed by the two in a post match beat-down, but is forced to leave the ring clenching his title after managing to escape that surely humiliating beat-down.

Moving forwards to the segment regarding the Women’s Division and out from the back emerge the Pals Dana Brooke and Charlotte, who is still the WWE Women’s Champion. Speaking of the Women’s Champ, she clarifies her cold hearted actions towards her Father Ric Flair from some weeks ago, stating that she instead meant that Ric is “dead” to her in terms of any reference he has to her career, rather than on a personal level, but she doesn’t regret any words uttered. It seems she wants to draw out Ric to take this further, but instead gets her former teammate Becky Lynch and former contender to her Women’s Title, Natalya.

Both Women assure each other that they don’t buy anything Charlotte is saying in their own way, before the Women’s Champ snappily tells Lynch that the matter has nothing to do with her. She also addresses Natalya by questioning why E! hadn’t turned to Natalya instead for her own singular reality show on her “trainwreck” of a family. Natalya admits that her family aren’t perfect, but it doesn’t compare to Charlotte’s disgusting treatment of Ric. Becky adds, after cutting Charlotte off, that the Champ is known for using people, referencing Paige, herself and how she used her father to win every match set up for her. Turning her attention to Dana, Becky makes it clear she doesn’t like Dana, not even a little bit, but she attempts to warn her that Charlotte will soon stab her in the back. Charlotte immediately defends herself, telling her possible title challengers that Dana is her protege because she has much wisdom to share with her. Natalya follows up on Becky’s previous statement over how Charlotte has turned her back on others, more kindly trying to warn her of Charlotte, the Master Manipulators, Nature. She adds that Dana has options as to stay or leave the Champ that Becky refers to as a “Screaming Banshee”.

Charlotte just throws off Natalya and Becky’s remarks before getting some questionable reactions from Dana who begins to step away from the fellow former NXT competitor. However, it isnt as it first appears to be, as instead of storm up the ramp, Dana instead joins Charlotte in an attack on the babyfaces. Natalya and Becky are left lying per Dana’s finisher and a vicious dragon sleeper to Nattie from Charlotte. Showcasing their partnership, Dana and Charlotte stand tall over their fallen enemies to close the segment.

(Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Alberto Del Rio, Dean Ambrose, Chris Jericho, Teddy Long and Stephanie McMahon Segment)

(Jack Swagger vs Rusev w/ Lana feat Titus O Neil)

(Charlotte, Dana Brooke, Natalya and Becky Lynch Segment)

Thoughts On This Segment:
Not Going to Lie, I Did Feel Charlotte’s Dialogue was either rushed or a sudden re-write as the whole segment felt in general and it wasn’t the strongest showing for the Women’s Division, though it did serve up storyline development. In Question is not only the match for the Women at MITB, is it a Triple Threat with Natalya and Becky facing Charlotte or a Four Way featuring Dana through some Stephanie McMahon shenanigans? Though Becky seemed to be the strongest promo worker last night, i was majorly interested in the move of Dana splitting off from Charlotte, though i wasn’t surprised it was not even close to happening since the alignment is weeks old. However if the rumors of massively pushing Dana are true, then the best way to play this up in my opinion would be for Charlotte to defend against Becky, Natalya and Dana (who would be added against her will into the match through some sort of Authority) and if Stephanie was to be the reason for Dana’s addition its additional build for a future Charlotte vs Stephanie Match like the past few weeks have teased, though Stephanie’s switches in character make the idea questionable on top of a Sasha vs Charlotte Match being set in stone. Another moment in question for me is the lack of speaking time (if any at all) WWE are giving Dana upon being promoted considering she works well on the mic. There has still been no explanation as to why Dana is assisting the Flairs (now Charlotte) which should have been thought up even if it was a sudden rewrite of a move upon Emma getting injured. But i wouldn’t be surprised if a tag match is booked at Money in the Bank just to extend Charlotte’s reign before a possible Fatal four way could happen or even a fresh feud for Charlotte, but if a triple threat or four way was to happen, it would feel better happening sooner rather than later as there’s plenty more that can be done with the Women’s Division after Money in the Bank, including with the Women not being used. Sure Naomi and Tamina working Payback as a victorious team did establish dominance, but to establish the importance of the Championship, it would make sense to ensure championship defenses at every Pay Per View. Sure either move ensures predictability in the view of the fans as to who is the victor but planting the seeds for a switch to singles action for Dana could add some well needed intrigue. Lets see what next weeks Pre MITB RAW serves…

– Catherine


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