WWE NXT TAKEOVER THE END RESULTS: Empress Of Tomorrow Proves Too Strong For Her Supposed Destructor (June, 8th 2016)

nia v asuka 1

nia v asuka 2

nia v asuka 3

Another Takeover Show Last Night showcased the excellence of the new generational crop of talent within NXT, and on a night suitably titled “The End” (referencing the proceeding from one generation/roster of talent to another) many in ring battles took place, including the first Women’s Championship defense on Pay Per View for Asuka, and her biggest challenge to add as she battled a Woman who has recently managed to be rejuvenated, and more fiercer than ever, the powerhouse Nia Jax.

As Always, the Women take the pre main event slot, and for this match out comes first as per tradition, the challenger, Nia Jax, donning the same attire of which she presented at Takeover London, only with the addition of new colors. Donning her Gear from Dallas is the also entering NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, a week clear of a brutal attack from Jax in the closing moments of a main event contract signing. We’d seen Asuka warming up earlier in the night, engaging in a handshake with a yet to recover former Champion Bayley, who is sure to be the next in line for a title shot once recovered from Nia’s brutal offense. Corey suitably brings up American Alpha losing in their first PPV defense also, questioning whether the same could happen to Asuka on this night.

Greg Hamilton makes introductions once both ladies have stepped in the ring, introducing challenger Nia Jax first, then the defending NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka. The Match begins with Nia trying to trap Asuka on one side of the ring to match her stealthiness, and she tries targeting the midsection then the legs of Asuka. Stomping on Nia’s feet, Asuka quickly takes over and captures Nia in a waist-lock. Nia struggles to break loose, attempting to swing her elbow at her instead, missing on both occasions. Nia ends up smacked across the face by Asuka, who ducks away from Nia’s potential comeback offense. Nia avoids a roundhouse from Asuka and the two engage in a staredown before returning to battling one another.

Asuka reverses a hammerlock from Nia, only to be headbutted toward a corner. Its the beginning of a gathering of momentum for Nia as she clenches the hair of the Champion Asuka and tosses her viciously to the same side of the ring. Nia corners Asuka with every chance, thus Asuka chooses to head to the turnbuckles to try kick Nia away, then fires a flurry of forearms. But just as it looks like Asuka may be on the verge of regaining control, Nia rams her back first into the corner post. Asuka is knocked down to the bottom turnbuckle per a running clothesline by Nia, and the intimidating opposition continues to viciously attack Asuka in the corner. Nia attempts to drag Asuka out of the corner but Asuka utilizes her speed to turn things around and nail a few kicks to Nia. Asuka applies a headscissor atop the shoulders to Nia, ends up nearly spun around but Asuka makes a perfect landing with both feet. Asuka nails a hard kick to the midsection of Nia then runs the ropes, running into a the arms of Nia and additionally into a backbreaker. Nia goes for the first pin attempt of the match on Asuka and gets a near fall on the reigning champion.

Nia continues to have the control as she chokes Asuka against the ropes. Sometime after she returns to targeting the back of Asuka, but takes a few knees to the side of her jaw. Asuka makes it back to a vertical base, charging back over to Nia and applying a bear hug/sleeper submission. Unfortunately for Asuka, she is forced back to the ground when Nia counters her submission into a vertical suplex. Again Nia goes to pin Asuka, but gets a near fall like before. Asuka dodges a clothesline mid whip from Nia, instead trying to sneak her into her signature armbar, but Nia is crafty and escapes it, only to be caught in a triangle choke. Nia lifts Asuka right off the ground and rams her back first into the corner turnbuckle to counter. Nia splashes Asuka against the corner with the side of her knee before clambering to the outside, bending the body of Asuka against the corner ring post. Nia returns to the ring, not allowing any short kicks from Asuka to knock her down a peg, applying a bear-hug after sending Asuka to the ropes. Asuka breaks off, trying to roll up Nia from underneath. Nia looks to counter but Asuka manages to bring Nia down to the mat to apply a knee-bar. Nia grasps the middle rope to force Asuka to break.

A Kick only knocks Nia temporarily as she manages to attain her grip on Asuka. Asuka fights back with kicks only to be sent down by a sudden chokeslam. Seeing Asuka laid against the mat, Nia readies for the finishing doom summoning leg drop, only for Asuka to spring out of the way, get to her feet and take advantage of Nia’s landing position to nail another kick to Nia. Nia yells at Asuka before shoving her to the ropes. Asuka avoids running to a clothesline, forcing Nia to stumble via another kick. Asuka tries to yank Nia towards a corner, to no avail. Asuka is run to an opposite corner when Nia whips her, but Asuka positions on the corner turnbuckles. Nia whirls over, stepping into a missile dropkick from Asuka. Asuka performs her lethal back hands, followed by a running hip attack and Asuka rolls to the opposite side of Nia to cover, getting a near fall.

Asuka tries to summon back some momentum, striding over to Nia and attempting to kick her again, but to no avail as Nia’s strength is a proving factor, planting Asuka on the mat again. Nia tries to pin Asuka there, but just as the count of two heads towards a final three, Asuka bounces back to life and suddenly captures Nia in an armbar. Asuka loses grip and tries for the Asuka Lock, wrapping her arms around Nia’s front to try wear her out. Nia almost makes it to the second rope before Asuka chooses to loosen herself again, hitting Nia with a pummeling kick. Another strike hits Nia in the side of her head but she looks to find her own fighting spirit, but two more kicks work to level Nia completely. Asuka pins Nia and wins the match, retaining the NXT Women’s Championship.

(Bayley and Asuka Backstage Segment)

(Asuka vs Nia Jax; NXT Womens Championship Match)

(Asuka WWE.Com Backstage Exclusive)

(Nia Jax WWE.Com Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts On This Match:
So on Second Watch the Match went on shorter than i thought, but i have nothing but respect and praise for Nia Jax after last night. Her work last night suffered no botches, she perfected every counter and looked her very best, a massive step up since Takeover London, and in turn, she has proved how far she has excelled as an in ring competitor since her last championship match. Her Rematch with Bayley Plus This marks currently as her best work in NXT and i would be more than happy to see this again as a Falls Count Anywhere. The Only Complaint I Have is the finish of the match as i would expect a submission to subdue a monster type heel, but it is indeed different, and proved effective in KO’ing a monster. Again cant say enough about how well Nia works against Asukas fast movements and how well timed each of her offensive moments were. Whats Next for Nia? Not sure, but Nia again sees herself needing to re-establish momentum though she surely has plenty more time in NXT unless something comes up, but i can see Alexa and Nia aligning until Blake returns to TV to kick-start a BAMF feud but whatever happens with both mentioned women may only appear to be a side angle until Bayley gets her rematch.

– Catherine


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