TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Last Chance to Plant Seeds Before Knockouts Go To War (June, 7th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks IMPACT Report, somewhat late in coordination of the Knockouts Championship Slammiversary Match Announcement, which i will not spoil in this particular write up until the perfect time (that being because this write up features a number one contenders match suitable for the Pre Slammiversary show). Not only do we have the mentioned contendership match between a Former Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne and the Brutal Sienna, but Gail Kim gets another dream pairing to work with as she jumps from Drew Galloway (weeks ago) to EC3 as the two top babyfaces look to further knock down their adversaries of Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis. With Tensions very high, would Kim knock Maria out so hard that she wouldn’t make it to this Sunday? We will soon know.

To Watch this set up Number One Contenders Match is Appropriately the reigning champ, Jade. As she stands by at ringside with title in hand, out comes Madison Rayne first for the match, looking to possibly tie her former partner Angelina Love as a 6x Knockouts Champion. Looking to get her first reign and further establish dominance is Sienna, entering after with an introduction from Maria’s Pitchy Voiced Apprentice, Allie. Allie’s Promotion of Sienna doesn’t go down well with the awaiting challenger as expected, and the fans aren’t too happy to here that any altercation between Jade and Sienna during the match will lead to a Disqualification.

Allie, asking Sienna to make quick work of Rayne, is soon grabbed by the multi time Knockouts Champ. Sienna makes the save as she grabs Madison, stomping on Madison and whipping her brutally to a corner as Allie clears from the ring. After a forearm, Sienna further unleashes her brutality, whipping Madison strongly into the previous corner post. Sienna has eyes on Jade after connecting with a Samoan Drop to Madison, but once she turns, Madison regroups and begins to fire forearms at Sienna. Madison attempts running elbows to try knock Sienna down to no avail, and has her suplex attempt stalled also. Sienna forearms the back of Madison before running her to another corner, aiming shoulder tackles to the former Beautiful People Member from behind before sending her out of the corner. Allie is left to give much praise, clapping away from ringside while Sienna lays out Madison with a vertical suplex. Sienna sets up for the next move, pointing a finger towards the far from intimidated Knockouts Champion. The Mis-use of time allows Madison to strike back and temporarily set herself apart from Sienna and Madison uses forearms to further stall the offensive attempts by Sienna. Madison aims chops then nails a baseball slide clothesline to Sienna, heading up the turnbuckles after to perform a diving crossbody.

Madison nails a Northern Lights Suplex to Sienna, but seems to have had some damage inflicted to her back thus cant keep hold to perform an additional pin attempt. Sienna takes advantage of the opposers position, scooping her up and taking her out with the AK47 Finisher to gain the singular pinfall victory. Sienna wins the match, advancing as the Number One Contender to Jade’s Knockouts Title. Sienna looks to make much more of a statement after the match by advancing onto Madison and attempting to attack her further, but Jade doesn’t accept this and hits the ring to clear off her future challenger, who is helped up the ramp by an annoyed Allie.

Moving onwards we see a pre taped segment that offers Maria and Mikes thoughts on later challenging EC3 and Gail Kim. Maria declares herself to be a Gracious Leader after much boasting, saying this because she has allowed the fans the chance to see Gail one more time, because on Sunday she will bring an end to the long term veterans career. Mike doesn’t deny Maria’s dominance over the division, nor does he deny his dominance since stepping into TNA, sending additional threats to his Slammiversary Opponent EC3.

On Top of the comments from the villainous duo, the heroic side get their own say in a pre match backstage interview as Jeremy Borash welcomes the very hilarious and very charismatic EC3 and Gail Kim. Gail cant say enough about how long she has been waiting to get Maria in the ring, declaring that the boastful Knockouts Leader cannot hide behind her girls this time around. Gail makes out Maria’s declaration to end and remove Kim’s legacy is all talk, and she cant wait to shut her pretty little mouth, and not alone as she has EC3 at her side for the night. EC3 sends a message to Mike Bennett, stating it isn’t about all the jokes like last week when he was in charge, and tonight is about handling the “Sword of Redemption”. EC3 will test who is the best, but he very much believes he will stand over him at Slammiversary.

Out to the ring right after comes Mike Bennett and Maria, with sinister intentions as the Professed First Lady of Professional Wrestling carries with her a bag, and has at her side, Allie. EC3 and Gail also enter and thus its revealed further the intentions of Maria, as she has brought to the ring a bag of ring gear exclusively for Allie, who will compete in her place tonight. Slammiversary Opponents EC3 and Mike Bennett stare down and smack talk in the ring center while Allie gets on some ring gear on the apron. Bennett is quick to leg it from the ring, choosing to tag Allie and not engage in any altercation, thus Gail must step in the ring. Mike tries to provide some “Motivational Talk” and the squeaky Allie accepts this before turning to only be punched in the face by Gail.

Gail chops and uppercuts Allie before clotheslining her to the mat. Gail grabs Allie, who screams as she struggles to loosen up, and Gail nails more offense to Allie before being tripped on her way to the ropes by Maria on the outside. Allie tries to take over per the minor assist from Maria, slinging Gail to the mat and attempting her first pin of the match, which Gail escapes at one. Before Gail can reach out to EC3, Allie lures her to the heel corner, choking Gail against the ropes with Maria directly in sight. Allie taunts Gail, attempting to slap her before Gail blocks it, and the veteran begins to make her comeback with forearms and high kicks. Both are sent face first to the mat by a double bulldog. Allie and Gail are both out, recovering to eventually make tags to Mike and EC3.

Mike and EC3 work the match for some time and Allie tries to step in eventually by attempting to attack EC3 from behind. EC3 hilariously shoves her off and strides over to Gail to make the tag, offering up the veteran knockout to the ditzy blonde. Allie tries to bolt out, having Maria at her side but Gail doesn’t wait for any sort of return and dives onto Allie on the outside while Maria moves to safety. Bennett slinks to the ring with a chair in hand to use on EC3 who notices this and chases him to the back, leaving it just to the women now. Gail brings Allie back to the ring, looking to finish things with Eat Defeat but Allie executes a hard kick to the right leg of Gail. Allie tries to do a suplex right after but Gail counters into a schoolgirl package pin, one of which pins Allie. Gail wins the match.

Following the close of this match, Maria and Allie are circling Gail. Maria bolts while Gail unloads on Allie. Gail looks to turn her attention to Maria, instead running into a clothesline by an arriving Sienna. Maria orders a number of attacks to Gail, attacks which damage Gail’s knee, only made worse by the use of steel chairs. Sienna, Maria and Allie are left smiling, standing over the damaged and beaten Gail Kim in what could be a precursor for Sundays Singles Match.

And Lastly, Rosemary and Raquel got their first spotlight moment together as their partners got into a mega war of words before the upcoming Tag Team Title match at Slammiversary, interrupted by Grado, Shera and the Tribunal. This Lead to the Tribunal, Eli Drake and the Decay joining forces for a match against the BroMans, Shera, Grado and Bram which was eventually won by the heels per sneaky, illegal tactics from Eli to Grado.

(Sienna w/ Allie vs Madison Rayne feat Jade; Number One Contenders Match)

(Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett w/ Allie vs Ethan Carter III (EC3) and Gail Kim)

(Gail Kim Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Madison/Sienna: Though it could have been presented with more competitive moments, and a reasoning for Madison’s insertion other than due to her excellent ring work and ability to sell for a monster opponent, this was another good match with an obvious result. I Do feel the contenders match came a little too late and has affected the build for the Knockouts Championship feud, but it was nice to see Jade be shown to some level, and for TNA to allow her to look dominant against Sienna like other opponents probably wouldn’t, but i wish an angle would have been done from Maria to explain why Jade couldn’t save Gail from the later post match assault.

Gail/EC3/Maria/Mike: As always Maria plays her heel tactics to her best level to gather a reaction and to create more wonder as to what we can expect from her in the ring of which will be preserved till Slammiversary. Im Loving seeing Gail work with top babyfaces, with Galloway and Herself being a dream tag pairing, and now EC3, whose charisma and talent level i cant say enough about because hes just too good. But as mentioned in the previous paragraph, i wouldn’t have minded an explanation as to why Jade couldn’t come out to save Gail from the post match assault. I Liked how they allowed Allie to actually look like a wrestler rather than be presented as an unknowing rookie, giving a small taste of her in ring ability of which people can see to the fullest by watching past Knockouts Knockdown matches. For TNA’s sake, i really hope Jade remains Champion at Slammiversary due to how she seems to have less build in comparison to Gail/the Other Knockouts Feud and because of how over she is, getting noticeable chants following the Mixed Tag.

– Catherine


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