LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Trials, Tribulations and Victory for Team Mundo…for Now (June, 8th 2016)

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Welcome to this weeks Report and all going on action wise within the Boyle Heights Temple, aka Lucha Underground. This week saw plenty of Luchadora’s trying to make a mark in one way or another, from in ring action to some form of interaction. Black Lotus gets a massive storyline upgrade, Ivelisse, Sexy Star and Taya are in action in the most peculiar format and Catrina has risen to bring more chaos to the unsuspecting Matanza. OH BOYYYY.

Opening the Show is Black Lotus, meeting in Dario’s Office and with the Shady Boss of Lucha Underground. She informs Cueto that she stopped El Dragon Azteca from attacking (or being mauled by) Matanza just last week, but she has her own perception on Dario and whether he has been completely truthful to her. Dario insists he has spoken the truth to Lotus regarding who slaughtered her parents, and as a reward for her loyalty and service, he has prepped for her first match in the company at Ultima Lucha Dos, appropriately against Azteca. Dario believes that once she makes the opponent fall, she will be able to carry back his mask to the Black Lotus Triad (I Believe Io Shirai fits here somewhere).

And its not her last appearance may i add as she sits at the side of Dario as he makes his presence known prior to a booked twelve person tag team match featuring Sexy Star teaming with the Mack, Prince Puma, Rey Mysterio, Texano and Son of Havoc against Ivelisse, Taya, Johnny Mundo, Pentagon Jr, Fenix and King Cuerno. As Per Dario’s sneaky stipulation, the winning side will be forced to split early, facing each other in an elimination match the following week to decide which of the hungry competitors will rise up and challenge the monstrous Champion of Lucha Underground, Matanza. To Add, Pentagon had indeed inserted himself into the match per breaking the arm of original entrant, Chavo Guerrero. Pentagon had entered the ring after taking in the adoration of the supporting believers who wanted him in the match, stepping in despite Dario’s warning that walking into the match may lead to him being crushed by Matanza in the future as slightly insinuated.

Sexy Star opens for one side, while Ivelisse and Taya bicker on the other. Rather than stand and watch them get at it all night, Star charges in and surprises Taya with a sudden roll up to kick off the Twelve Person Tag, which Taya kicks out of. After some pacing around the ring, Star eventually locks up with Taya, only to be tossed to the mat by the heel competitor. Taya spends time taunting, shoved by Star. Taya avoids a lock up to instead apply a waist-lock which is soon reversed by Star. Taya attempts to counter into a hammerlock but Star sends her to the mat nearly as quick. Star runs the ropes, executing a boot to Taya. Taya looks to suddenly reverse momentum with a big clothesline in return, later failing to combat the athleticism of Star, who sends her whirling via an arm drag. Taya heads out and Son of Havoc tags in in the place of Star, but rather than retreat to one of her partners, Taya chooses to return to the ring.

….Or So Thought. After shoving off the fellow competitor, Taya turns her attention to Havoc’s Own Partner Ivelisse and tags her in. Ivelisse is in no doubt not surprised and stands toe to toe with Havoc in the ring following the tag, showing sportsmanship before their eventual altercation. Havoc counters an early waist-lock by Ivelisse while dual chants break out for the pair, and Ivelisse uses the ropes to force a break. Havoc showcases athleticism, looks for a dropkick after avoiding offense, but it doesn’t connect when Ivelisse hangs by the ropes, but Havoc makes a swift landing. Ivelisse hits a kick to him, missing a second and she is soon caught in a roll up by Havoc which leads to a one count. Ivelisse captures Havoc in a small package to retaliate, leading to the same prior result. Before Ivelisse can do anything more, she is lead into another argument with the bickering Taya, and while they go at it, Pentagon tags himself in.

After much in ring showcases from the various Luchadors, Taya finds herself back in the ring with Sexy Star much later in the match. Taya is unloading with forearms to the face of Star before sending her to a corner. Taya misses a corner splash to Star, crashing in between the turnbuckles and tumbling to the outside. Star decides to follow out with Taya, nailing a rolling senton from the outside to her and the other fallen Luchadors at ringside. Ivelisse also joins the large pile with a diving crossbody to the competitors. This Finalizes the in ring work from the Women in this match, with Mundo’s Team capitalizing when Mundo executes a huge move to Puma to win the match. It Will Be Mundo vs Taya vs Ivelisse vs Pentagon Jr vs Fenix vs King Cuerno next week to crown a new Number One Contender to the Lucha Underground Championship.

And Last but not least, the High Priestess of the Underworld has finally awakened from her encapsulation, returning after supposedly being buried by the as evil Matanza and Dario who had thought they had thoroughly sealed Mil Muertes by winning the Lucha Underground Championship Graver Consequences Match. Again, Catrina proves to be a step ahead with more tricks and re-awakens Mil with her power, and the Strong and Powerful Former Champion is sure to be a factor in Surprising Dario in the coming weeks as the pair look to take over the Temple once more.

Thoughts On This Match:
The Pairings are as peculiar as Jokers Wild, but with a purpose to fit various storylines, whether that would be (partly) Mysterio’s Revenge on Mundo over the Trios Championship Culmination weeks ago, Pentagon Jr possibly wanting another shot at Mil Muertes and Ivelisse and Taya’s growing rivalry. Though Star seems to be lost in the shuffle currently, she proved to be a great worker again here, and its most certainly different to see Ivelisse and Havoc working against each other, though smartly booked through the forced Ivelisse and Taya pairing. I Was Surprised somewhat to not see Lotus get involved, even though Azteca had no presence in the match, though it adds more intrigue to her character because one does still not know what she is capable of, at least not till Ultima Lucha. My Bet is that Mundo wins next week, but its going to be interesting to see what happens between Taya and Mundo during the Elimination Match, though i do expect her to be eliminated by her own rival, Ivelisse to extend that feud further. I Wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of segment or package stating why Taya should be a factor in the match/the Lucha Underground Championship next week, but overall it was a solid show, and may i add, i absolutely LOVED King Cuerno in this match.

– Catherine


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