TNA SLAMMIVERSARY PREDICTIONS: Jade vs Sienna for the Knockouts Championship and Gail Kim vs Maria Kanellis-Bennett (June, 12th 2016)

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Welcome All to My Slammiversary Predictions Post. Tonight TNAs First Official Pay Per View of the Year Takes Place Live from TNA’s Taping Home Turf of Orlando, Florida and to make up for no title defense on last years show, we not only have a Knockouts Championship Match but Two Knockouts Matches in General. Former Dollhouse Member Jade defends her Knockouts Championship against the Newcomer formerly known as Allysin Kay, Sienna, and after much clashes, TNAs Veteran Knockout Gail Kim Gets Her Hands on Maria Kanellis-Bennett. So who do i think walks out with hands raised tonight? Well lets wait no longer for discussion.


Sienna vs Jade

First theres the feud whose build has been somewhat smaller to that of the very lengthy feud between Gail Kim and Maria, that being the rivalry between the recently debuted Powerhouse amongst the Knockouts Division, Sienna and newly turned babyface once Dollhouse Member, Jade. Winning the Knockouts Championship from Gail Kim in a Booked Triple Threat also featuring a Former Knockouts Champion in Madison Rayne, Jade hasn’t been hesitant in proving herself as a fighting champion since with a gutsy title defense against Madison, and through her own actions in fearlessly approaching and fighting her eventual contender, Sienna, who has set sights on the Knockouts Championship since being summoned into TNA as the hired enforcer of Maria, who has since used the SHINE athlete to wreak havoc by attempting to dispose of Jade and Gail Kim on some occasions. Through being defeated by Gail Kim a short time ago, Sienna has yet to regain momentum (counting out a victory over Madison Rayne this past week) so a Championship victory cannot be ruled out for the newcomer, but Jade seemed to be taking herself up the road as Kim’s successor and should be treated booking wise as such, and considering the short amount of defenses, should not be treated to questionable booking by losing the title, especially when so over with the audience as heard in recent weeks. Therefore I Select for Jade to walk out of Florida as Knockouts Champion in a match that should be a brutal, fast paced, excellent opener if booked so.


Gail Kim vs Maria Kanellis-Bennett

The Main Knockouts Feud to Have Taken Place since early in the year is the upped rivalry between Gail Kim and the Valet of “The Miracle” Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis-Bennett. Early into her run with the company, Maria seemed on hand to ensure victory for her Husband, to heighten him to the top of the pinnacle as “The Miracle” of IMPACT Wrestling by running through whoever possible, and while Bennett’s run continues to be solid as so it should, Maria has progressed into inserting herself into the Knockouts Division additionally, with her belief of change angering the Knockouts Champion at the time, Gail Kim. Trying to avoid altercations with Gail whichever way possible, including through hiding behind her allies in newcomers Allie and Sienna, Knockouts Selected to Usher in Her Vision, Maria, Broken Hand or Not, is sure to battle her long time nemesis for sure considering the duration of the angle. It has yet to be known how good Maria’s in ring skills are considering her reputation to hide or work sparsely where booked during her ongoing time in TNA, and because she is mainly seen as a manager outside of there, but like Taryn Three Years Ago, Maria could indeed surprise. But the Possibility of selling a brought up injury could ruin the chances of a full fledged battle, but considering no stipulation has been brought in, Maria is winning through some sort of heel tactic, maybe even by some sort of intervention. Tonight may see Gail again take the stride of putting over a fellow Knockout.

TNA Slammiversary Comes to You Live at 1am UK Time on POP TV, airing from Universal Studios Orlando, featuring the mentioned matches plus The BroMans Challenging the Decay for the TNA Tag Team Championship, Ethan Carter the III facing off against longtime nemesis Mike Bennett and Drew Galloway defending the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Against “The Destroyer” Lashley plus many more.

– Catherine


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