TNA SLAMMIVERSARY RESULTS: Duped By A Doll On A Night of Mystery (June, 12th 2016)

maria 110

mia yim 173

marti returns slammiversary

Greetings All and Welcome to this Years TNA Slammiversary Report. The First Official TNA Pay Per View of the Year Took Place Last Night in Orlando, Florida with a line up of rather major battles, with the Knockouts also sharing the card on what was initially believed to be two occasions, but we’ll get right to what happened right now…

Following a Video Package that highlights the increased tension between the Knockouts Veteran Gail Kim and Knockouts Leader Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Gail Kim heads to the ring for her expected singles match with Maria. Out following Gail is Maria, with Allie at her side, and noticeably the Wife of the Miracle Mike Bennett is not in ring gear and her left hand is in a cast only days after it was reported that a hand injury would be sidelining Maria from any competition. After Allie puts over her Boss Maria, Maria notes on her hand injury, seeming gutted over the development as she would be unable to “Kick Gail’s ass”. Out to Support her Claim of Legitimate Injury is TNA Exec Billy Corgan, but he does indeed support the fans who have come to watch the show thus must create something special for the show, thus entering Gail into the Knockouts Title Match between Sienna and the Defending Champ Jade to Make it a Triple Threat Match. Gail readies with a warm up in the ring as Sienna and Jade make their entrances with Allie and Jade staying put on the ramp.

Jade, Sienna and Gail circle each other then the babyfaces decide to work with each other to target Sienna, beating down on her against the corner. Sienna tries to shove off both Jade and Gail but they continue to forearm at her as they return to attacking in the corner. Jade and Gail send Sienna back first to the mat, and Gail follows this with a dropkick before assisting Jade with a standing moonsault. The Combos by the two continue when Gail helps whip Jade into Sienna. Gail splashes Sienna against the corner turnbuckles before attempting to sunset flip her, but Sienna remains standing. Jade attempts to Jackknife Sienna, to no avail and Gail rolls up Jade to get the first near fall of the match. Before Jade can counter Gail’s next move, the defending Knockouts Champ takes a boot from a returning Sienna. Sienna goes to cover Jade, scoring a near fall result.

Sienna chokes Jade against the corners bottom turnbuckle with her foot before Gail looks to make the save. Sienna counters a follow up atomic drop attempt by Gail, kneeing her at the side of her face before returning her attention to Jade. After a chop to Jade, Sienna steps up Gail against a corner post, attacking her exposed midsection before trading chops with Jade, who has returned to the ring. Jade fires forearms and is shoved to an opposite corner by Sienna, who applies a stretch to her while also elbowing her to prevent her escape. Gail releases herself from the corner to forearm Sienna, but Sienna shoves her away as well. Sienna strongly whips Gail to the corner, then setting her up on the turnbuckles. Sienna additionally fends off Jade then forces her onto her shoulders, with Gail also tumbling onto Jade. This sets up for Sienna to hit a double Samoan Drop to both women.

Sienna heads to the outside and sets up to swing Jade, but Jade counters. Gail heads over to Jade and both women fall back after hitting a knee to each other in unison. Gail, Sienna and Jade take their time to roll back to the ring, but eventually all three women make it to their feet. Gail and Jade go back and forth with offense to Sienna, and Sienna eventually ducks Gail’s offense and sends her out of the ring. Sienna turns and takes high knees from Jade, who avoids her counter clothesline, nailing an impressive springboard DDT. Jade goes to pin Sienna but Gail breaks it up. Jade tosses Gail to the apron then heads to the corners top turnbuckle, but Gail follows up, and she drives Jade to the mat with a hurricanrana. Sienna takes Gail down with a massive clothesline, walking into Jades hurricanrana off the top rope. Jade looks to finalize things as she tries to set up her package piledriver on the intimidating contender, but Sienna sends her over both shoulders. Sienna hits the AK47 to completely floor Jade but doesn’t get to pin as Gail runs in and lays her out with Eat Defeat, pulled out of the follow up pin attempt by Allie.

Gail is furious and heads outside, face to face with Allie. Gail forearms Allie then turns her attention to her original opponent Maria, who she grabs ready to attack before Maria springs into action, knocking Gail down with a kick on the ramp. Back to the action in the ring and Allie sneaks the Knockouts Title into the ring for Sienna to use. Before she can do so, Marti Belle emerges from out of nowhere, looking to hit Sienna but avoiding the challengers offense before turning and suddenly hitting Jade with a crowbar. Marti sneaks back outside just as quick, watching Sienna pin her former partner, winning the Knockouts Title. Sienna wins the match, leaving the ring with Championship in hand and celebrating with a proud Allie.

And that wasn’t the only Knockouts fist fight of the night as Raquel and Rosemary got into an in ring brawl during the entertaining Tag Team Championship Match Between the BroMans (Robbie E and Jesse Godderz) and the Decay (Crazy Steve and Abyss) which, despite every counter initiated, lead to the BroMans ultimately failing as The Decay went on to retain the Tag Titles.

(Gail Kim, Allie, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Billy Corgan Segment; Gail Kim vs Jade vs Sienna; Knockouts Championship Triple Threat; Marti Belle Returns 34.29 – 53.36)

(The BroMans w/ Raquel vs Decay w/ Rosemary; TNA Tag Team Championship Match 20.52 – 32.44)

Thoughts On This Match:
When News Broke of Maria’s Hand Injury, which was actually heard of weeks before, i thought it was just to extend the angle between Gail and Maria with Maria initially being fully healed and pretending to be hurt during their scheduled match to only pull a sneaky upset victory. Regardless this appeared not the case as Maria appears legitimately injured and thus TNA took rightful action in trying to invest in something new and engaging for the Knockouts Division for the night rather than just pull the match with no mention. The Fear at first with Gail’s insertion was her leaving with the title and taking away chances for the rising stars that are Sienna and Jade, and TNA truly pulled a Bayley/Asuka by having Sienna win in her first ever match with Jade like with Asuka and Bayley. As Upsetting as it is to realize how underwhelming Jades run has been due to focus being mainly on Gail and Maria, the angle that was executed in order to end her reign was smart through the unexpected intervention of Marti Belle, who i never expected to be thrown into this match, nevermind an angle with Jade, but at the same time its very exciting considering Jade and Marti have backstory going far out, even to their time before TNA and its one TNA cant fail to book. This could either throw both into the Championship picture soon or not at all but it makes the Bound for Glory card for this year less predictable, though one cant throw out the chances of Gail being the one to end Sienna’s reign, if not Maria or even Jade herself. I Only Hope Maria’s recovery is soon because the longer Gail and Maria’s feud goes on, the chances heighten of their feud making any fellow Knockouts feud underwhelming unless Creative up their work on side angles. On a Rewatch, this Knockouts Match was really good, even if it did feel like TNA may have made the angle to rely heavily on Gail for a Quality Match that Sienna and Jade could have brought on their own, but i cant even begin to talk about how excited i am for Jade and Marti to face off, and it may explain why the twos Xplosion Match that aired here was never uploaded to their YouTube, to make their first in ring battle possibly memorable. Due to the Heel/Face Ratio, i can only hope this opens a Spot for Rebel, whose alignment with the two in the past was rather thrown in last minute due to Taryn’s Injury and eventual departure, with no explanation as to why. #BringBackRebel

– Catherine


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