Cattie’s Catch Up: Awesome Kong vs Angelina Love for the Knockouts Championship at Sacrifice 2009 (May, 24th 2009)

angelina love 521

So Last Night on IMPACT, many fans learned that Gail Kim would be the first ever female inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, and appropriately timed with this weeks Flashback Moment. With this news afoot, one can wonder who else who has risen up in the TNA Knockouts Division to create some sort of history can follow Gail in and achieve the prestigious accolade. Looking back into the early days regarding the birth of the Knockouts Division, Angelina Love is one of a few names amongst the original veteran Knockouts. Love, who has recently left TNA again, is the only Knockout to have held the Knockouts Championship 6 Times and the Leader of one of TNAs most famous female stables, the Beautiful People, and the female trio attempted to cause carnage on many levels even back in 2009, but against an enemy they would originally not wish to make.

At TNA Sacrifice 2009, Angelina was forced to defend her Knockouts Championship against one of the most imposing women to ever step foot in a wrestling ring, Awesome Kong. Having targeted Kong sometime before, Angelina was left to reel in the fact that her minions of Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and even Billy Gunn became the target of Kong’s unparalleled strength and brutality, with Love the only one left to feel this wrath completely. Alone and without allies, Love was forced to battle Kong one on one in the six sided ring, feeling the wrath of the much stronger challenger through much of the match, her chances of evading negated through Kong’s strength and the assistance of Kong’s Manager, Raisha Saeed. Though sneaky heel tactics on the part of Love allowed her to retain the championship, it wouldn’t be long before Kong sought revenge, not waiting until an episode of Impact to do so, as she laid out Love following the undesired conclusion of the match, leaving her laying in the ring center per a big implant buster.

– Catherine


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