WWE RAW RESULTS: What Happens Before Vegas, Stays Before Vegas (June, 13th 2016)


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Welcome All to the Last RAW Report before Vegas Delivers Us Some WrestleMania Worthy Matches This Sunday at Money in the Bank. Also Happening on this Sundays Event, Natalya and Becky Lynch team up against their recent enemies in Dana Brooke and Charlotte, and after recent weeks, the babyfaces get to sit back and watch Karma happen to their enemies during a set up match between the WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and her once tag team partner, Paige.

But before we jump to that scenario, there’s momentum for one to capture as Rusev blindsides his Money in the Bank Opponent Titus O Neil as he heads to his scheduled match up. The Bulgarian Brute, who will soon defend his US Title against Titus, locks him in the Accolade on the Ramp with Lana watching, causing his Pay Per View Opponent to fade.

Moving ahead and the Women get the Smackdown 2012 treatment with the no entrances move, as both Paige and Women’s Champion Charlotte are already in the ring. Dana is poised at ringside to support Charlotte while Becky and Natalya sit near the commentary table to view the action. The Two Women lock up and Charlotte gets the early advantage, kneeing Paige to break the lock up, tossing her Survivor Series Opponent to the mat. Charlotte taunts rather than continue her offense, rolled into a sudden roll up from the former Divas Champion Paige. This gets her a near fall on Charlotte. Both attempt to boot each other after, both a little too far for boths reach, and instead Paige starts hammering Charlotte with a series of kicks. Paige charges over to Charlotte, running into her elbow. Charlotte attempts to roll Paige over but takes a knee. Paige covers Charlotte to get her second near fall on the Champ.

Charlotte chops at Paige and after a rope sequence, takes a super-kick from Paige. Charlotte crashes to the mat and Paige attempts to pin again, scoring yet another near fall. Charlotte surprises Paige with a small package, also getting a near fall. Paige counters a take-down and whips Charlotte into a nearby corner. Charlotte steadies the landing and retaliates against Paige with a big boot. Charlotte attempts to lock the figure four on Paige but gets kicked to the outside, with Becky and Natalya happily mocking the enemy while perched in their seats. Dana runs over, assisting in getting Charlotte back in the ring but the moment the Champ hits the ring, Paige hits her with another super-kick. Out of Nowhere, Paige floors Charlotte with the Rampaige, getting a clean win over the Women’s Champion. Paige wins the match while Dana looks on, absolutely and massively gobsmacked.

Obviously there’s no room for failure once associated with the Champ, which Charlotte makes all clear backstage to Dana. Charlotte storms over to the Protege, absolutely furious at Dana costing her her match in what certainly was not intentional. Dana insists she was trying to help her instead, but Charlotte sees this as another failure, like when she and Emma were trying to take over the Division. Charlotte makes out that Dana has failed at being the assistant to her, her protege, remarking that there’s no room for failure when at the top of the pinnacle, at the side of the Queen. Charlotte says their friendship means Dana shares a part of her legacy, but if what happened earlier with the match with Paige repeats itself at Sundays Pay Per View, there will be no room for her in the history books, thus they have some work to do.

(Rusev w/ Lana Ambushes Titus O Neil)

(Charlotte w/ Dana Brooke vs Paige; Natalya and Becky Lynch on Commentary)

(Dana Brooke and Charlotte Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though Momentum crashing on the heel side would initially guarantee victory for the Pay Per View days later, i admittedly didn’t see Paige’s victory coming. This is not the first time Paige has cleanly gone on to pin Charlotte during her reign, to which it appears shes getting no capitalization on. I Am disappointed that its a tag match this Sunday, and that it was another short match on RAW this week that gave shades of Royal Rumble 15′ build up, but what has interested me during this whole angle is the slow building tension between Charlotte and Dana and whether it will result in Dana staying on the same side or move towards a massive Lana Post Rusev type push. Money in the Bank will either clarify or not clarify Dana’s status as the “Protege”.

– Catherine


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