TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Emotions Run High In The IMPACT Zone (June, 14th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks IMPACT Report. Now Many of You will know that TNA has been plagued with things to laugh at as of late, but this week its about emotion. Not exactly talking the heightened emotion in the feud between Brothers Matt and Jeff Hardy, but the honor given to One Gail Kim as the first ever female inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. Left Injured and unable to speak as the newest inductee basks in her own light, it looks like things took a step forward in an even crazier direction for one Maria Kanellis-Bennett also who decided to get in the face of THE BOSS! Plus We Get to see The Dollhouse Colleagues Marti and Jade finally blow up at each other!

The Whole Roster has emerged on the stage for Dixie’s big announcement regarding who will step into TNAs Hall of Fame this year. The TNA President, humble and all smiles, is proud to establish the importance of the Hall of Fame, and is additionally proud to recognize the talents of the one person who has made a particular impact on the company. Dixie says the persons passion to compete is more or less unrivaled, and that person has defined a division, in turn has redefined how some would look at the sport, or so Women in the industry as i believe shes implying. Dixie is Privileged to announce that Multi Time Knockouts Champ Gail Kim is the newest inductee into TNAs Hall of Fame.

An Emotional Gail heads from the stage, where is flanked by fellow workers, to the ring to be embraced by the TNA prez. To Go along with this big announcement is a video package of Gail’s defining moments as a Knockout. Having looked through the package, Gail is more emotional as she is praised by Dixie for serving in her job of creating one of the greatest women’s wrestling divisions. In Turn, she announces that Gail’s induction moment will happen at Bound for Glory, and she knows the fans want a few words from the proud Knockouts Pioneer. The Crowd give their Thanks to Gail appropriately, and Gail returns this. Gail states that she is appreciative of being given the opportunity to do what she does best, and thats to perform in the ring. Gail reminds herself of the length of time of which she has worked in the business, and has to thank Dixie, TNA and every woman she has spent her TNA career in the ring with. She believes she couldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for every single one of them. Gail embraces Dixie once more and has her hand raised before she heads to the back, but not before being consoled by fellow workers, including Jade, Madison Rayne and Raquel.

From One Knockout Moment to Another, we come to the backstage area where JB sits with Marti Bell after replaying the clip of her return at Slammiversary, where the once Dollhouse Member cost her former partner Jade the Knockouts Championship, that Sienna now lays claim to. Marti shuts JB up quickly as the interview has its start, and states that she doesn’t want to speak about the Dollhouse, a fragment of the past, a stable that was solely her and Jade to begin with. Regardless of the new members snuck in, or the amount of leaders it came to have, the Dollhouse was her and Jade. It was a Nine Year Friendship that Jade appeared to have thrown away, and for the Knockouts Title. Marti reminds all that she and Jade were signed together, and they promised to never leave each others side. Marti claims the Knockouts Title became Jades New Best Friend and she already knew that, and shes leaving Jade behind. Speaking of Jade, the former Knockouts Champ had clearly heard her declaration from somewhere, and she storms in to start a fight with Marti. Marti ends up slung into a series of steel chairs by the furious former BFF, and one thing that can be taken away from this heated fight is that this feud has only just begun.

Moving from that to elsewhere, The BroMans are doing business in the ring again, this time working a four way match with the reigning champions, the Decays Championship on the line. Also competing are the Tribunal (Lefort and Louis) and Shera and Grado. Raquel and Rosemary are ringside as is Al Snow for the Tribunal. The Match ended in another victory for the Decay, with Rosemary ensuring the prevention of a broken pin by stopping Raquel from reaching the ring to save her boys from the final pin attempt of the match.

And Later, Maria, after dismissing Allie’s support backstage, heads to the ring with Mike Bennett. Bennett is clearly frustrated over being beaten on Pay Per View by EC3, and is Maria, and their supposed disorderly treatment has lead them to force out TNA management, or more so Billy Corgan. Seeing Corgans appearance as per doing Dixie’s dirty work, Maria demands Dixie back into the ring, and for her second appearance of the night, out comes Dixie to deal with the mouthy Knockouts Leader. Dixie has her silenced, and slams her over wasting precious time on Live Television (It wasn’t Live You Guys) that could have been spent wrestling. Dixie reminds the Professed First Lady that that very word was the reason she was brought into the company, and she ponders how many times she had actually competed for them before her supposed incident. Dixie says Maria has worked zero matches (singular wise) and if shes unhappy they can settle it via email or in a meeting but not in the ring. Maria isn’t happy with this response, and gets to full on slander Dixie over how she is the problem the company is facing, believing she could run her company better than herself. She Blames Dixie additionally for Bennett being defeated on Sunday at Slammiversary and fumes over not being added to the Hall of Fame, but Dixie just laughs at the “Self Absorbed” Knockouts beliefs. Believing Maria shouldn’t have a hold over Authority, this brings up the idea for Dixie to possibly remove her from her spot as Knockouts Leader, but Maria just sees this as intimidation. She states to the TNA president that she is more than just a wrestler, as Dixie had called her, and has done more for the business than what she ever will. Maria declares herself again as the First Lady of Professional Wrestling and the “Self Made Woman” labels Dixie as just second best. This irks Dixie and she finally takes a stand as she slaps Maria and walks out of the ring, leaving the heel couple baffled.

(Gail Kim and Dixie Carter Hall of Fame Announcement Segment)

(Jade and Marti Bell Backstage Segment)

(The Bromans w/ Raquel vs The Decay w/ Rosemary vs Mahabali Shera and Grado vs The Tribunal; TNA Tag Team Championship Match)

(Maria, Allie and Mike Bennett Backstage Segment)

(Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Mike Bennett, Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter Segment)

Thoughts On:
Gail Kim HOF Announcement: As a Longtime fan of Gail, i was wondering when exactly Gail would receive this moment of going into the Hall of Fame for her contributions to a long standing Knockouts Division and couldn’t be anymore proud of her. Though Gail’s booking on various occasions has been questionable (Taking the Knockouts Title off Brooke and Dissolving the Momentum of the Dollhouse with Big Singles Victories) no one can deny the times she has put talent over or how long she has been working in the division, doing much work without much breaks since and before her TNA return, putting over the likes of Kong, ODB, Taryn, Brooke and Havok just to name a few. With Gail’s induction imminent, questions remain as to whether this keeps Gail out of the ring or whether she will resume her feud with Maria, but it really was a touching, emotional and legitimate moment for Gail and she has most definitely been one of the longest standing Knockouts thus can be truly called a veteran. Gail’s Hall of Fame Induction is getting a deserved broadcast on the biggest TNA Pay Per View of the Year, though i hope its a legit moment and not to further an angle on the actual night, and i think it would be a great idea for TNA to not only allow former Knockouts to attend and/or share the stage with her for the moment or for a Knockout to induct her, most appropriately Madison Rayne or Traci Brooks.

Maria/Dixie: I’m not sure how much longer its going to be before Maria is officially cleared, but i do believe this Question of Authority angle is just a filler to lead up to either Gail’s return to the ring after her Bound for Glory induction on or after the PPV, or as much as i cant believe im about to say this, Dixie vs Maria at Bound for Glory. Personally i hope Dixie sharing mic time with Maria isn’t going to have a massive effect on Knockouts that could be booked in her place, or take time away from them, but personally a non-wrestler Authority Figure shouldn’t be taking up time from fellow talents for an angle, which Maria differentiates from, being a wrestler in actuality. Because i don’t see Gail being a part of whatever Knockouts Match is being added to Bound for Glory, the question remains as to whether they will have this angle throw Gail into her long awaited match with Maria on the same night as her induction or after, and if its on the same night, id personally keep the induction and the match separate so Gail can have her legitimate heartwarming moment, though it will also be questionable as to whether a Knockouts Title Match, Induction and Second Singles Match can be fitted onto the card. Time will tell.

– Catherine


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