WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Closure for Summer Time Per An Irish Lass-Kicking (June, 17th 2016)

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Welcome to this weeks WWE Main Event report, and this week not just features a particular female superstar getting a double duty slot on the B Side Shows this week (Summer Rae) but one competitor who will be working a tag match this Sunday at Money in the Bank (Becky Lynch). The Irish Lasskicker faces the fellow NXT Alumni this week on Main Event, an episode which also features David Otunga’s Transition to the Commentary Booth.

Becky Lynch arrives first for the opening bout of this episode, followed by the entrance of Summer Rae. Becky avoids a lock up with Summer to start things off, instead capturing her in a waist-lock. Summer slips free and applies her own to Becky, but is broken off per an elbow to the face. Becky hits the ropes and takes Summer to the mat with a running elbow. Becky follows this with a singular leg drop and elbow drop, and Becky nails one more leg drop before going into her first pin attempt of the match, but Summer breaks free after a count of one. Summer rolls to the apron with Becky in pursuit and the Babyface Superstar ends up having her jaw snapped against the ropes per a nifty counter from Summer. Momentum turns as Summer brings herself outside, dragging Becky with her, throwing the fiery women’s superstar into a nearby corner post head first. Becky dives back to the ring upon a count of eight, and the blonde opposer immediately tries a pin, getting a near fall on Becky.

Continuing the Momentum, Summer sends Becky to a corner, choking her against the same one with her foot. Becky ends up tossed around the ring by Summer, who additionally chokes her against the second rope. Becky tries to turn things around with an inside cradle which gets her a near fall on the quick escaping Summer. Summer floors Becky with a big clothesline in retaliation and voices displeasure to those chanting for Becky. Summer returns her attention to Becky, looking to pin her again and getting another near fall. Becky fails to break loose from Summers follow up hold, sent to the mat by the opposer. Summer stands over Becky, readying a leg drop of which she misses when Becky rolls to safety. Becky elbows Summer in the midsection but has any momentum stopped by a sudden knee. Becky begins to find her momentum again as she takes down Summer with a few clotheslines and an additional dropkick, finalized by a forearm in the corner.

Summer is whipped back to the same corner by Becky to take a low kick, and Becky nails an exploder suplex from the same corner to get her hopeful winning pin, instead getting a near fall. Before Becky can set up her next move, Summer rolls her up sneakily, resulting in a near fall again on the Irish Lasskicker. Summer doesn’t allow any momentum to gather back for Becky, hitting her with a roundhouse instantly, this also resulting in a near fall to Summer’s Surprise. Becky rolls up Summer, having hers countered after a count of two by Summer, who scores the same result. Summers landing allows Becky to apply the Disarmer from out of nowhere. Unfortunate for Summer, she has to succumb and taps out. Becky wins the match.

(Summer Rae vs Becky Lynch)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Good Match between the two with some expected momentum on the side of Becky Lynch, and some great heel strategizing on the side of Summer Rae per the ring post spot to Becky, which Becky sold perfectly. This match served nothing other than for Becky to have momentum singularly rather than just be on the winning side of a tag match on a Pay Per View week without actually submitting anyone, though, like in other matches, they do seem to miss out working on the arm early in the match to make the Disarmer look more effective later.

– Catherine


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