LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: One Of Six May Survive, But Against the Monster? (June, 15th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks Lucha Underground Report. Per the result of last weeks match, the Six Survivors are to compete on this weeks show in an Elimination Style Match Up that will only see one ascend to contention. Ivelisse, Taya, Johnny Mundo, King Cuerno, Fenix and Pentagon Jr all battle it out for a Shot at the Monster Matanzas Lucha Underground Gold at Ultima Lucha. With Tensions heightening between Ivelisse and Taya as of late, will either of the two Luchadoras manage to throw off one another to obtain victory? Or will Taya’s downfall come from those close? Lets not wait any longer!

The Six Luchador Elimination Match is in fact the only match of the episode, with the six combatants already in the ring, with introductions from the ring announcer standing by, Melissa Santos. When the bell rings Mundo and Taya are clearly in cahoots still, working together to beat down Fenix while Ivelisse goes for Cuerno. Cuerno tries to charge after Ivelisse but is sent over the ropes by the fierce competitor. Mundo and Taya stomp down on Pentagon, with the hopeful contender eventually clearing from the ring. With the other combatants outside, a little smack talk ensues between Taya and Ivelisse. Ivelisse is ready for a fight but gets slapped by Taya, who stands and simply watches Mundo do away with her instead. A DDT to Ivelisse gets Mundo a near fall on Ivelisse, thus he and Taya continue to work on Ivelisse following the result.

Taya lays out Ivelisse then allows for Mundo to pin her, but Ivelisse kicks out again. Fenix inserts himself into the fray, firing some kicks at Taya who joins her fellow combatants on the outside. Taya recovers in enough time to save Mundo from a pin attempt from Fenix following some nifty teamwork with Pentagon. Taya runs in and breaks up the pin, kneeing Fenix in the face before taking a running dropkick from the emerging King Cuerno. Ivelisse returns to the ring later amid a standoff between Cuerno and Fenix, scoring kicks to both before being launched out of the ring, and over the top rope by them. This leaves Cuerno to go at it with Fenix. However, as it looks like Cuerno may dominate and lay waste to Fenix, down comes a rejuvenated Mil Muertes, with Catrina not far behind. The Man of a Thousand Deaths lays out Cuerno, leaving him to be pinned by Mundo. Cuerno is the first competitor eliminated from the match per Muertes’s arrival and interference.

Returning to the Match, we see the remaining five in the ring, all with separate targets. Taya hammers down on Fenix with fists nearby the ropes, but Ivelisse looks for revenge, going right back after Taya, pulling her away from Fenix as she grabs her by her hair. Taya goes on to assist Mundo against Pentagon while Ivelisse attempts to kick Fenix out of the ring. Regardless, Fenix doesn’t seem to want to fight against the non-hesitant Ivelisse, who hits him with a kick nonetheless. Fenix tries to fend off Ivelisse as Pentagons stiff kicks are dealt to Mundo and Taya at ringside. Ivelisse hits a hurricanrana to Fenix, then lands a crossbody off the ropes on Pentagon. Ivelisse nails a kick to the back of Pentagons head, then has her eyes on the cocky Taya who approaches. Taya taunts her, and Ivelisse charges, but Taya moves swiftly out of her way, leading to Ivelisse running into a big kick from Mundo on the outside. Taya elbows the shoulders of Ivelisse, who is held up defenselessly by Mundo. Taya gets in a big chop to the chest of Ivelisse, and herself and Mundo continue the teamwork as they whip Ivelisse to an opposite corner. Taya is whipped into a super-kick from Ivelisse, and Mundo is sent for a whirl per a second hurricanrana by Ivelisse to him. With Mundo gone, its focus back to Taya for Ivelisse, and despite seemingly begging for mercy, Taya receives none, instead taking a chop to the chest from Ivelisse followed by loads of upper body kicks. Taya blocks this eventually, and winds Ivelisse down more with a knee to her midsection.

Just as it could look like Taya may have the momentum, she runs into another sudden kick from Ivelisse. Ivelisse places herself over the grounded body of Taya for a pin attempt, but the enemy ends up kicking out at two, thus a near fall result. Taya whips Ivelisse to the ropes and kicks her, and after slamming a possibly hurt Ivelisse to the mat, Taya climbs to the top turnbuckle to set up for a moonsault, one that doesn’t connect per Ivelisse rolling to safety. Ivelisse soon makes it to her feet, looking to gather momentum as she charges toward Taya, but she ends up rammed into a corner. Taya follows this with a Northern Lights Suplex some distance away, but she floats to hit double knees rather than pin right away. Taya covers, and to her joy, Ivelisse is eliminated.

Per this result, the four remaining are Taya, Pentagon, Mundo and Fenix. The Four re-position in the ring, ready for spots. Taya misses a running dropkick in the corner to an evading Pentagon, who comes back with a fist before kicking her up the rear. While Mundo’s head meets the steel post outside, compliments of some pretty good evasion from Fenix, Taya is set up on the ring ropes, feeling the force of a hard chop from Pentagon. Pentagon doesn’t let up there, following Taya outside and kicking her more around ringside, even super-kicking her in the face despite the pleading for mercy. Taya only takes more kicks until Mundo death stares the vicious competitor, seemingly calling for a challenge in the ring, which Pentagon accepts. Pentagon and Mundo trade forearms in the ring center, and Pentagon soon overwhelms. As Pentagon looks to hit the ropes, Taya uses her positioning advantageously to stall Pentagons attack from outside, allowing for Mundo to capitalize with a springboard maneuver. Fenix returns, flooring Mundo with kicks before Taya makes a mark with a Top Rope Hurricanrana to Fenix.

Taya counters the upcoming maneuver of Pentagon into a Tilt-a-whirl DDT. Taya then shoulder tackles Fenix in the corner, following this up with a Northern Lights Suplex out of the corner to the mat. Taya double stomps Fenix before a pin attempt, which results in a near fall. Mundo keeps Pentagon at bay while Taya viciously forearms Fenix against the mat. Taya saves Mundo from a later attack by Fenix, stomping down on him before herself and Mundo resort to double team whipping Fenix and Pentagon into opposite corners. Taya connects with a high knee to Fenix in the corner, executing double knees to Pentagon in the opposite corner also. Unfortunately for Taya, luck begins to run out and she takes more kicks from Pentagon, shades of before, and is left the target of the Package Piledriver while Mundo is forced to the floor. Pentagon ultimately pins Taya, eliminating her from the match, and in turn, he later survives against his fellow Luchadors in order to gain contention.

(Pentagon Jr vs King Cuerno vs Taya vs Johnny Mundo vs Ivelisse vs Fenix; Six Luchador Elimination Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
Considering the high octane, engaging action that keeps the audience going for the lengthy amount of time, i can see why this served as the only match of the night, and it was brilliant. We got to see the well known resilience of Ivelisse as the courageous dark horse of this match, and Taya and Mundos work reignited again. I Also liked how there was no tension between Taya and Mundo as it could have ruined what has been a fairly decent run for them, with more stories sure to come. I Was ultimately hoping it would be Mundo going on to be the contender since the heel/face lines don’t matter all the time at Lucha Underground, but for a Stage such as Ultima Lucha, there’s great reasoning for a babyface contender, and plus its more of a unique story having a more fearless competitor go up against Matanza than a much smaller and much more afraid combatant, and its also interesting because with Mil vs Puma the crowd was on both sides no matter what while Matanza just seemingly gathers boos, so it provides the opportunity to get Pentagon more over than he already is. Not sure when Ultima Lucha is, but id rather have it later than sooner as i don’t want this season to end just yet, but whats next for Ivelisse and Taya?

– Catherine


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