WWE NXT RESULTS: Silence for One, Redemption for Another (June, 15th 2016)

nxt mella vs blanch 1

nxt mella vs blanch 2

nxt bayley interview 1

Greetings All and Welcome to a Post NXT Takeover Report on Everyone’s Favorite Developmental System! So this weeks NXT episode was, in most cases, a definite cool-down from last weeks epic spectacle, but did provide us a small update on what could come contention wise with the NXT Women’s Title, per an appearance from Bayley. Speaking of Bayley, Her Real Life Bestie Carmella looked to further prove herself as a future contender, battling in the ring with Tessa Blanchard.

The Princess of Staten Island emerges from the back to ready for the first women’s division match since last weeks NXT Women’s Championship Match between Asuka and Nia Jax, and not without her signature promo. The Hopeful Contender is Doing Fabulous, and nothing could be more fabulous than another win to add to her streak, vs an appearing Tessa Blanchard. The Now Heel locks up with Carmella to kick off the match, reversing this into a side headlock which Carmella uses her foot to break out with before reversing into her own. Tessa pushes Carmella to the ropes, charging towards her but Carmella floats upward. Carmella rolls Tessa out of the corner into her first pin attempt of the match, which Tessa escapes at a count of one.

Carmella heads back to the turnbuckles, awaiting a charging Tessa again and sending her back with a hurricanrana. Carmella dropkicks her to follow then prizes her in another side headlock. Tessa breaks free from the grip of Carmella with some vicious forearms, then mocks Carmella’s signature taunt before being tripped to the mat by Carmella, who is most definitely far from impressed. Carmella covers again, but its another one count for her on Blanchard, who tries to sweep her to the mat in retaliation, but Carmella luckily dodges. Shes taken aback by Carmella’s moonwalk, but manages to use the ropes to fend her off upon her executing her next offense. Grabbing Carmella by her hair, Tessa sends her to the mat, mocking her taunt again before firing some elbows at her in the corner. Carmella uses elbows to try break free of Tessa’s Abdominal Stretch variation, but is whipped to the ropes and before Carmella can do anything else, Tessa fires a big knee into her midsection.

Carmella reverses a follow up whip by Tessa and slaps her. Carmella sends her further stumbling with a kick, rallying the crowd before nailing her bronco buster to Tessa in the corner. It only gets worse from here for Tessa as Carmella manages to pull her toward the middle of the ring for the Russian Leg Sweep transitioned into her Code of Silence Finishing Submission. Tessa struggles, and chooses to tap out. Carmella wins the match.

In the back a little time later is Andrea D’Marco to Interview the Former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley to get an update on her in ring status only weeks after her brutal encounter with Nia Jax, one that did see Jax propelled to contendership status. Bayley makes it short but sweet, stating with a smile that she has heard she has a doctors appointment, and if all goes well, Regal will certainly be putting her back in the NXT ring. She says she very much will look forward to it as she needs to be back in the ring.

(Tessa Blanchard vs Carmella)

(Bayley Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another Good Showing from Carmella that gives an insight into her progressive status and a view of her improvements since first emerging on NXT television. Tessa is another opponent Carmella appears to work well against, but if there’s one opponent she can easily share a storyline with and chemistry it has to be Nia Jax and i would love to see them in a storyline that could incorporate Alexa Bliss also, but at the same time, without crushing either Carmella or Nia’s needed momentum. At the moment its hard to tell where Carmella is headed direction wise but lets hope the draft doesn’t spoil any apparent plans for Carmella to rise to contendership status, and if the supposed draft doesn’t pick up Carmella, then lets hope WWE abide by the recent WWE interview where Carmella’s Non-Promotion was because of her looking to chase the title, because when Bayley fizzles out of NXT, i do believe Carmella has the potential to be a top babyface for the roster. Keep Earning those Pointers Mella!

– Catherine


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