WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Student Knowledge Works Wonders Before Vegas Showdown (June, 16th 2016)

dana charlotte smackdown



Welcome All to a Pre Money in the Bank Smackdown Report. The B Side Show, weeks away from going Live from the first time in a pretty long time, gives us the last ditch efforts creative wise before the Pay Per View comes to Vegas, and in turn serves us another match in the Hart vs Flair series as Natalya gets to battle the long time rival Charlotte one on one in one last go for momentum, of course with both having their besties or proteges in their corners one last time before the booked Money in the Bank Tag Match.

Speaking of this Tag Match, catching up backstage with Renee is the babyface team of Natalya and Becky Lynch. Renee reminds the pairing that they will team on Sunday against Dana Brooke and the Women’s Champion Charlotte, but as for tonight, it will be a preview of what more to expect from the Pay Per View as Nattie battles Charlotte. Natalya voices her proudness at having the true friend Becky Lynch in her corner, especially because Becky shares the knowledge of what its like to be used by the Women’s Champ. Pulling an X Files Pun in turn, Becky makes it clear to all what is already known, that Charlotte cannot win a match on her own, hence the presence of Dana Brooke. Natalya reflects on when the two tried to help Dana see through to Charlotte’s ways, but Charlotte, with Dana at her side, steps in. Shes Insistent that Dana Has “Seen the Light” hence why she has her partnership, rather than work at the side of Natalya and Becky, who she labels as Wannabe Champions. Dana backs up Charlotte’s claims, stating that she backs Charlotte more or less, and the terms of their partnership is crystal clear. Dana says Natalya and Becky should get out of their way so Charlotte can go prep to “Knock the Living Daylights” out of Natalya later tonight. She finalizes with the usual catchphrase that Playtime is Over and Becky has had enough of the Former NXT Women’s Competitors Smack Talk, nearly leading to a fight between the two before Natalya and Charlotte intervene, pulling away their two allies.

Heading to the match sometime later, we see Natalya already in the ring, joined by her Ally Becky Lynch. Also having an ally in her corner is Charlotte, in the form of Dana Brooke as expected. The Genetically Superior Women’s Champ makes her way to the ring for the non title match, and a recap of Dana’s error from this past weeks RAW accompanies it. The Bell rings upon Charlotte entering the ring and passing down the title to Dana, and the Women’s Champ paces around the ring for a short moment before quickly reversing a lock up with Natalya, turning this into a take-down. Natalya has her own reversal in the form of a headscissor but the Champ kips up. Charlotte makes use of her fathers signature walk, keeping her eyes rather off Natalya, and it proves almost costly as Natalya rolls up Charlotte. This leads to Nattie getting a one count on Charlotte.

Charlotte returns to a vertical base, but before she can hit with any offense she reminds everyone who the champ is. Done with the talking, Natalya chops Charlotte and the Women’s Champ looks to retaliate with a big boot of which Natalya blocks. Natalya sends Charlotte face first to the mat, then gets busy in applying a modified surfboard to Charlotte. Charlotte manages to slip one arm free thus Natalya has put her submission to full use, breaking free by kicking Charlotte down to the mat. Natalya drops Charlotte with a basement dropkick and tries to prize her in the sharpshooter right after but Charlotte reaches the ropes right on time. Natalya doesn’t give Charlotte much of a respite, executing a dropkick under the ropes to Charlotte. She makes short eye contact with Dana before rolling Charlotte back in the ring. Natalya tries to follow her in but Charlotte scarpers as quickly. Natalya wastes little time returning to the outside to follow after the enemy but rather runs into her big boot, allowing a reverse in momentum.

Taking advantage of her well timed big boot, Charlotte rolls Natalya to the ring, following quickly behind, looking for a pin attempt that results in a near fall. Charlotte begins to hit a series of hurtful chops, but Natalya soon takes a stand and counters with a forearm in retaliation, taking down the Champ after with a quick Side Russian Leg Sweep. The Fired up Natalya whips Charlotte to a corner, non-surprised to see Charlotte float rather than take the bump. But Charlotte lands backwards, stumbling into Natalya’s arms and being sent flying via the German Suplex by Nattie. Natalya looks to pin her there but gets a near fall.

Charlotte strikes back with a knee right into Natalya’s midsection, going for the big boot again but Natalya blocks it. Throwing her off in short time, Natalya then flattens Charlotte with a swift discus clothesline and readies the next pin, but to her dismay, ends with another near fall result. Charlotte tries regrouping in the corner, blocking some preemptive strikes from Natalya and tripping her to the mat. Charlotte scales the turnbuckles to ready for a moonsault but Natalya gets back to her feet and tries to knock Charlotte down a few pegs with forearms from behind. Natalya pulls her out of the corner, has her hauled onto her shoulders and she sends her crashing with a Sit Out Powerbomb. A Pin attempt follows this but again another near fall.

Dana summons Charlotte over, Championship title in hand as Natalya tries to recover. Becky sees this assist coming from Dana and charges over, resulting in a brawl on the outside. The Brawl between Dana and Becky makes its way into the ring, fully having the attention of the ref. Charlotte seems adamant on hitting Natalya with the title with the ref turned away from the action, but throws it into Natalya’s view instead. The Ref takes the title from a Confused Natalya, and as he steps off, Charlotte blindsides Natalya with a behind chop block. Charlotte takes advantage of her dirty tactic to worm Natalya into the Figure Eight Submission and force Natalya into tapping. Natalya submits, thus Charlotte wins the Non Title Match.

On top of what happened there, Lana is also listed on women’s appearances this week, at the side of Rusev for his non title match against the very man of which he dethroned, Kalisto. Rusev ruined Kalistos entrance and began to brutalize him from there, making quick work of him and his ally Sin Cara before facing another brawl with his Opponent for this Sunday, Titus O Neil.

(Dana Brooke, Charlotte, Natalya and Becky Lynch Backstage Segment 20.30 – 22.01)

(Natalya w/ Becky Lynch vs Charlotte w/ Dana Brooke)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Kalisto w/ Sin Cara feat Titus O Neil)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Really Competitive Match between Charlotte and Natalya, as expected and i thought Charlotte would actually KO Natalya with the title at first which is different finish wise considering that particular spot hasn’t been done in a while, but rather retained her other heel antics instead. Also Props to Becky and Dana because rather than stand at ringside and do the usual support spot, they really know how to sell and put on a women’s brawl which was a small insight into what we could expect on Sunday. Definitely enjoyed this particular one on one encounter.

– Catherine


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