WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: The Rivalry Continues for the Boss (June, 17th 2016)

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Welcome All to My Last WWE Related Report of the week before Tonight’s Money in the Bank Pay Per View, and this particular write up looks at this weeks clash between Miss Double Duty Summer Rae and the “Bo$$” Sasha Banks. Renewing their side show rivalry, the two once BFFs went to war on this weeks Superstars episode, with Summer looking to end Sasha’s overall winning streak.

Sasha enters first for the women’s match of the show, followed by the entrance of her once BFF Summer Rae. This time around there’s no pre match smack talk from the two women, as they get to the physicality right away. Summer shoves Sasha in the face repetitively to start, leading to Sasha taking her down, beating the blonde with forearms. Sasha soon gets to her feet and blocks offense from Summer, hitting with forearms once again before performing the top rope arm drag. Sasha heads to the opposite corner, executing double knees before yanking Summer away from the same corner for the first pin attempt of the match. Summer kicks out.

Summer trips Sasha before she can bring on her next offense, stomping down on the fellow NXT Alumni and additionally choking her under the bottom rope. Summer nails a single leg drop to Sasha near the middle of the ring, one that gets her a near fall. Summer then rams Sasha head first into another corner turnbuckle, reverting back to choking her. Sasha tries to make a comeback as she elbows Summer, but ends up booted back in the corner. Summer takes Sasha out of the corner, but before she can do much else, Sasha suddenly rolls up Summer, who manages to escape at the count of two. Summer is quick to knock off the momentum of Sasha again, sending her down with a clothesline. After some typical heel taunting, Summer goes to pin Sasha, getting a near fall again.

Summer keeps Sasha working as she applies a hold in the middle of the ring. Sasha ends up elbowing her following a whip reversal, blocking Summers retaliating big boot and kicking her under the same leg. Sasha takes down Summer with a running elbow and dropkick, blocking Summers attempted corner counter and swiveling her legs around to execute double knees, or so thought as Summer quickly moves from the corner and to the apron. Summer uses her foot to stop the rampaging Sasha from taking her off the apron, creating a little separation, returning to the ring and executing a low kick to Sasha which is followed by a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Despite all this effort, Summer only gets a near fall in her follow up pin attempt.

Summer looks frustrated over this, soon charging over to Sasha as she regroups in a corner. Sasha blocks Summer, reversing Summers attempt to ram her into the corner. Sasha uses Summers appropriate positioning to set up and hit the Backstabber, then rolled into the Bank Statement. Summer taps out, awarding Sasha the Submission Victory.

(Summer Rae vs Sasha Banks)

Thoughts On This Match:
Despite the negative reviews, i thought this was another rather good encounter between Summer and Sasha, with Summer mainly dominating and extending her move-set on occasions with the use again of the Russian Leg Sweep, which her opponents sell to a “T”. Every Move and Moment was Timeless and fluid, and there was so much ferocity in this match like a short version of a Pay Per View Feud. Like last time, this match proves these two should have a full fledged feud.

– Catherine


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