WWE MONEY IN THE BANK RESULTS: No Fire, No Hart, No More (June, 19th 2016)

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Welcome All to the 2016 Money in the Bank Pay Per View Report, breaking down all relating to Womens Wrestling from last nights WWE Pay Per View Situated in Vegas. To Some Fan Disappointment, the Women were booked in a Tag Match that could easily have been fed on the regular shows, however it appeared only for the happy move of executing an angle. But what? Well unless you’ve already read….then you’re about to find out. So onto Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch and Natalya.

The Only Women’s Match of the night follows another encounter between Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin, with Charlotte and Dana entering first to near matching gears, with Charlotte additionally ditching the Flair-esque robe for a more royalty type Royal Red robe. Entering second are their rivals, former challengers of Charlotte’s, Natalya and Becky Lynch. Opening for the match is Natalya against the Woman making her Main Roster Pay Per View Debut, Dana Brooke. The Queen of Harts locks up with Brooke, but rather than switch up to a counter, reversal or some form of physicality she tries to roll up Brooke early, but the pin attempt only reaches a count of one as the villainess escapes quickly.

The Two lock up again, this time with Dana pressuring Natalya to the ropes. Dana breaks herself off from Natalya, giving the ref a short mouthful before deciding to slap Natalya in the face. Natalya soon charges after Dana, who uses the ropes on the opposite side of the ring to ensure safety. Dana and Charlotte demand the angry babyface back then Dana returns to the inside, attempting a kick to the midsection that ends up being blocked. Natalya sends Dana head first to the mat. After stepping on the neck of the heel, Natalya knocks Dana back with a basement dropkick. Natalya looks to set up for a pin but Dana rolls to her partners side and tags her in. In Comes Women’s Champ Charlotte, tripped to the mat by Natalya in the first few moments. Natalya allows a tag by Becky and the fiery Lasskicker sends Charlotte off the shoulders of Natalya with a high clothesline. Dana runs in to try make things up to a fallen Charlotte, sent down via Becky and Natalya’s double hip toss.

Becky and Natalya continue the full use of their teamwork as they knock both Dana and Charlotte down at ringside with baseball slide dropkicks. Becky rolls the legal opposition, Charlotte, into the ring to attempt to pin, getting a one count on the former friend. Natalya tags and rolls up Charlotte as she had before with Dana, but it doesn’t go far and Charlotte seems to reverse momentum with an assault to Nat. Charlotte whips Natalya to the ropes, but has the oncoming attack blocked when Natalya forearms her. She additionally deals with a mouthy Dana, forearming her off the apron, returning her attention to Charlotte and blocking another incoming strike with a kick. Dana regroups outside the ring, messing with the foot of Natalya, and Charlotte takes advantage as she attacks Natalya. Charlotte covers Natalya not too far from the ropes, getting a near fall on the long time rival.

Charlotte hammers the weakened Natalya in the heels corner with some kicks, tagging back in Dana. The Two Women clench Natalya by her hair and throw her backward to the mat, and both have some showing off to do before Dana provides the follow up cocky pin that Natalya kicks out of after the count of one. Dana provides more kicks in the midsection of Natalya before tagging back in the Champ. Charlotte takes Natalya out of her corner, applying a front facelock with some additional knees to throw in. Forearms to Charlotte don’t do much for Natalya as shes tossed back to the mat by Charlotte, and after more typical taunting, Charlotte switches her attention to Natalya’s fueled partner, Becky Lynch, knocking her off the apron before she can possibly tag in. Following the cheap-shot, she viciously shoves Natalya back to the heel corner, and Becky returns to the ring to try scuffle with Charlotte, which grabs the attention of the referee. As this ensues, Dana sneaks in some kicks to Natalya from behind the ropes. Charlotte returns to working over Natalya with the Flair-esque chops to the chest of the opposition, however, as she turns her back, Natalya lunges at Dana with a forearm that leads to the Killa’ Barbie collapsing off the apron. Natalya waits for Charlotte to turn away from Becky and slips out of the way of the oncoming shoulder tackle into the corner. Natalya turns out to be very close to reaching Becky, but Charlotte, who had tumbled out of the ring, sees this going on and runs back to the ring, clobbering Natalya from behind and preventing her chance to reach Becky again.

Charlotte grabs one of Natalya’s legs, only to be kicked away by the same one. This finally opens Natalya’s chance to tag Becky, which she does, and the Irish Lasskicker zooms in, firing a clothesline at Charlotte then Dana. Becky dropkicks Charlotte, finds her extra momentum and blasts Charlotte with a running elbow in the corner. Becky manages to avoid a charging Dana, who collapses into Charlotte instead, allowing for Becky to springboard sidekick both. Dana rolls away while Becky executes a exploder suplex to Charlotte, but the follow up pin doesn’t turn out to be the final as Dana runs in to break it up after a count of two. Dana attempts to throw Becky out but not fully, which she fails to notice as she tries to help her Champion partner to her feet. Becky heads to the turnbuckles and missile dropkicks both women. To Becky’s Dismay, despite taking out Dana, her pin attempt only gets her a near fall on the Champ.

Grasping the Women’s Champ in one hand, Becky tags Nattie in with the other. The Two look for a double suplex but Charlotte finds her way out, landing with both feet on the mat. Charlotte boots Becky in the face before being floored by Nattie’s discus clothesline, and Natalya angrily forearms Charlotte in a corner before her follow up attack falls flat per Charlotte’s counter. Charlotte rolls up Natalya, even placing both feet on the ropes as she does so, but to the dismay of the Genetically Superior Champion, Natalya kicks out at two. Charlotte is taken down by Nattie, who looks to bring the final moments of the match by trying to apply the Sharpshooter. Dana runs in, grasping Natalya by the hair but Becky looks to break her partner free. Dana bashes both ladies heads together then as Becky rolls out upon impact, Charlotte does away with Natalya with a swift Natural Selection. Charlotte pins Natalya, gaining the victory for her and Dana.

Becky returns to the ring as the Villainesses celebrate this victory, consoling Nat. An Equally as exhausted Becky then finds herself shockingly blindsided by Natalya, shades of the attack she executed to Bayley on NXT some years ago, and Natalya repeatedly forearms Becky, unleashing all sorts of fury and anger on the babyface women’s superstar before heading up the ramp by herself. Heel Natalya has made a sudden return.

In Addition, in the pre main event match, Lana introduced and managed defending US Champion Rusev for his match against Former Primetime Player Titus O Neil. Not Only would Rusevs recently re-found dominance continue, forcing Titus to submit, but he would additionally boast about his victory in the face of Titus’s family and well known rapper Wale, who were placed at front row.

(Becky Lynch and Natalya vs Dana Brooke and Charlotte; Natalya Heel Turn)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Titus O Neil; United States Championship Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
My Excitement Overall for the Women had diminished with the announcement of the Tag Match, but luckily the match not only proved me wrong. It was really good with no miscues, solid teamwork, solid heel strategics from Dana and Charlotte as to isolate Natalya from Becky as much as possible to lead up to the momentous moment of Becky returning and being on the rebound. I Also expected the heels to win but the finish was well thought out, protecting the seemingly building babyface Becky by pinning the veteran Natalya and providing reasoning for the shock angle of Natalya’s heel turn that followed up Dana and Charlotte’s victory. I Did not see a Heel Turn coming, maybe from Becky it could have been possible, but for either, it just didn’t seem possible due to lack of babyfaces currently being used to full potential or at all in WWE, but from Natalya, it gave more a shock factor. Its a Huge Boost and Idealistic to turn Natalya considering shes been the babyface failing from multiple opportunities, being the one putting others over time after time. It helps step her away from facing Summer multiple times a week in babyface vs heel matches, though it could happen now as reverse, and it may benefit Natalya also because her mic work as a heel could be a strength, something we haven’t seen from her in years. Its going to be interesting to see what answer Natalya gives as to the execution of her “Change of Hart” but i do fear WWE will lack creativity and pull the trigger on storylines until the draft out of sheer laziness. Let us hope that isn’t the case and that we are served better than just Natalya forcing someone into submission tonight. I Raise a Glass to WWE for providing another step towards further putting over Becky as a babyface, but tip it if they erase her popularity for when Sasha steps back into the spotlight. Lets hope they book both equally.

– Catherine


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