WWE RAW RESULTS: The Ultimate Rival Has Returned to Stand in the Battleground (June, 20th 2016)

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Greetings All to this weeks RAW report, which follows up with the aftermath of this past weekends Money in the Bank Pay Per View, and by aftermath i mean a hopeful explanation into Natalya’s personality transformation and where the direction is going forward for the dominant duo of the Division, Dana Brooke and Women’s Champion Charlotte. We may get answers to one or both…

First Women’s Sighting of the Post Pay Per View episode goes to Becky Lynch, one half of the team who had fallen to the dominant duo of Dana and Charlotte 24 hours prior at Money in the Bank. Of course Becky is having her interview conducted to give her reaction on the actions of her tag team partner from that night, Natalya, who had exploded and attacked Becky viciously after the heart wrenching defeat. Becky, being familiar with being the one stabbed in the back by former comrades, Paige and Charlotte coming to mind, cant understand why she is always the target of this, but she doesn’t want to search for an answer anymore. She doesn’t want to give second chances to anybody anymore, and if shes the only person left within the division with some integrity, it’ll at least show that shes better than the rest. Before she can voice her further frustrations, Natalya attacks her from behind, sending the Lasskicker to the floor, and she sends her hurling once more before noting to the former partner that for the first time in a long time shes going to look out just for herself.

But this isn’t Renee’s only interview to be crashed, as she also interviews Paige later in the night. The Once Said Anti Diva has been given a title shot later in the night, challenging Women’s Champion Charlotte, someone she has had clear animosity with since their blossomed friendship wilted on the main roster. Its expressed that Paige has had a few pins over Charlotte as of late, which Paige herself knows, and as she brings up the two women’s history, she gets irked by Charlotte and her companion Dana messing around in the background. Paige isn’t surprised to see Charlotte stepping into someone elses spotlight, but Charlotte doesn’t remark to that accusation, rather addressing the twos match from a week ago, admitting that was through Dana’s faults, which Dana is happy to admit herself. Charlotte rubs it in the face of Paige over her acceleration to the top of the division following PCBs dramatic split, adding that Paige in the meantime had sunken to the bottom of the division during her rise. Paige jokes over Dana before reminding her upcoming opponent that the ring is her house, believing the championship will look better around her, and when she loses, she will have no one to blame, not Ric and not even Dana, so when she does fail to retain, it will all fall back on her. Paige steps away, heading off for the title match.

Out comes the Challenger Paige moments later for the Women’s Championship Match, the match she has earned per her storied victories over the weeks over Charlotte. Speaking of Charlotte, she enters second, being the Champion, and to no shocks whatsoever, has her troublesome said protege Dana Brooke at her side. Once Charlotte slides into the ring, showing off her title, introductions are undergone as Lilian stands by to introduce Paige as the Challenger and Charlotte as the defending champion. The Two Women lock up following these important introductions, and the Champ Charlotte looks to end things quickly as she rolls up her contender, Paige. This results in a near fall.

Returning soon to a vertical base, Paige and Charlotte go for another lock up that Paige quickly counters. Charlotte tries to escape a side headlock by Paige with a roll up, getting a one count. Paige continues to hold Charlotte in the side headlock before being taken to the ropes by Charlotte, but this does little to change momentum as Paige sends Charlotte to the mat on the way back with an elbow. Paige taunts, and Charlotte makes herself upright and shoves at Paige, reminding her who the dominant female is. She takes a kick from Paige and is sent back to the mat, and Paige lands a dropkick on Charlotte before she executes the running knee into the corner to Charlotte. Paige wears down Charlotte with multiple knees, but before she can do anything else, Dana drags her champion comrade onto the outside and safely into her hands. Paige decides to follow out, clobbering Dana with a forearm before Charlotte takes control with a forearm smash that floors Paige completely.

Returning from a small break, it appears Charlotte has much of the momentum as she works over Paige in the ring. Paige eventually escapes from the legs of Charlotte, also slipping free of the slam attempt by the champ, and Paige takes Charlotte by the hair and sends her backward to the mat. Paige goes to cover Charlotte and gets a near fall. Paige backslides Charlotte on one occasion, getting another near fall before super-kicking the champ. Paige hits more kicks, finalized with a running knee to Charlotte in the ring center, getting a near fall again on the defending champion. Charlotte, with some urgency off Dana Brooke, gets to her feet and delivers chops to Paige to try reverse the momentum, booting Paige though the second falls flat. Paige retaliates with the usual kick then fallaway slams Charlotte. Charlotte and Paige begin to battle on the corner turnbuckles, and Paige looks to set up a big suplex from the middle turnbuckle, but instead is sent down to the mat face first by Charlotte’s counter. Charlotte takes advantage of Paige’s positioning to land the moonsault from the top rope, but despite that and the previous efforts, its another near fall result.

While frustration seeps in for Charlotte, Paige tries to roll up the furious women’s champion, leading to another near fall. Charlotte returns the favor, but it only repeats history. Charlotte manages a take-down, teasing setting up the Figure Four, but Paige counters into a schoolboy for another near fall. Paige super-kicks Charlotte in the jaw, taking her out with the signature Rampaige finish for the hopeful pin of victory, but it doesn’t do as so when Dana sneaks Charlotte’s foot on the rope for the referee to be notified by. Paige sees this too, and deals with Dana before trying to turn the attention back to the match. While the referee demands Dana back, Charlotte sneaks in a big boot to floor Paige, following this with the Natural Selection to retain her title. Charlotte wins the match.

Rather than head out to the back, Dana returns to the ring, but not to join in celebration, but to instead lead an attack with Charlotte on the fallen opposition. Dana and Charlotte then stand over Paige before taking notice of the arriving and returning Sasha Banks. Banks easily does away with Dana before chasing after her former BFF and Champion Charlotte, laying her out with the Backstabber. Sasha tries to show off with the title but Dana attacks, leading to Paige returning to the fray by clearing Dana off. Sasha and Paige stand tall to end.

And moving forward from that, Lana, in her most ravishing get up to date, introduces Rusev, who has a match, or more so, a fight with avenging former contender to his US Title, Titus O Neil. Eventually being overwhelmed during the brawl, Rusev clears off through the crowd.

(Becky Lynch and Natalya Backstage Segment)

(Paige, Charlotte and Dana Brooke Backstage Segment; Paige vs Charlotte w/ Dana Brooke; Womens Championship Match; Sasha Banks Returns)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Titus O Neil)

Thoughts On:
Becky/Natalya: After reading some reports that i don’t know are legit or not, its believed Becky may have originally been the one to revert to her villainous self at the Pay Per View, which i would have honestly loved, but one can understand that after her failed attempts to win the title against Charlotte, that Natalya needed some sort of rejuvenation. The Feud should work wonders in further accelerating Becky as a babyface, though i wonder if WWE will even insert any narrative as to why Natalya has decided to go from the Proud Veteran to a Prudish Woman focused only on herself. Lets hope it doesn’t work out like Lana vs Brie did, with no explanation whatsoever as to why one holds a grudge over the other.

Paige/Charlotte: I’m Glad to see WWE acknowledge the past pins Paige has had over Charlotte, as to use as an opening to a rejuvenation of a past feud with reverse roles, however with Sasha’s imminent return, it now becomes a Triple Threat, igniting past tensions between Paige and Sasha with their former BFF. PS How Amazingly well did Dana sell that Forearm from Sasha on the Ramp (Cant Just Give her the Credit You Guys!) Though im looking forward to seeing what this feud brings, and as much as i loved how commentary are making this feud seem important just with how they treated the title match alone, one can only hope it doesn’t open an opportunity for another tag feud and another failed chance for Charlotte to defend the title, but if a Triple Threat does loom, then there’s no doubt Paige is just there to protect Sasha’s undefeated streak as to lay claim to the person to be pinned spot. Another thing is that Sasha seems to be destined to be Champion come Summerslam, thus out comes the predictability that the one to dethrone her due to their past historic bouts is none other than the certain call up, Bayley, and even though this means side angles for Sasha once Charlotte’s rematch clause has closed, it closes an opportunity for other women to hold the title, including Emma whose rejuvenated character and promotion back to the main roster is one of the many reasons as to why she should win the title from Sasha once she returns, rather than take Alicia and Paige’s job of enhancing/putting over others. Lets see where the next few months takes us.

– Catherine


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