LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Reversing Hatred to Earn Golden Opportunities (June, 22nd 2016)

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Greetings to All and Welcome to this weeks Lucha Underground Report, which is miles more entertaining than watching the Brit Referendum from Home right now. Time to talk the action in the temple this week, and this week presented the broadening of feuds as Dario in typical Dario Fashion forced current and old opposers to team up. Sexy Star joins her longtime rival Mariposa to challenge recently budding enemies Taya and Ivelisse, with the winners obtaining Aztec Medallions, keys to the Gift of the Gods Challenge, and for one, a Key to a Championship victory. This very match could see one of two victors become the first ever female Gift of the Gods Champion.

But first, Kobra Moon continues her pursuit of the One and Only Daga this week, witnessing a match between him and Mascarita Sagrada from high up. Sagrada falls to Daga, pleasing Kobra, but not Sagradas support in Famous B, as he attacks the much smaller competitor after the match, initially displeasing a sobbing Brenda who is forced to listen to his post match tirade from ringside. Per this result, Daga will indeed head to Ultima Lucha and challenge for the Gift of the Gods Title, with either Mariposa and Sexy Star or Ivelisse and Taya joining him later.

Moving on sometime later and we get the first women’s tag in the history of Lucha Underground, in typical Dario Cueto Manipulative fashion, as (as already mentioned) Mariposa and Sexy Star, Two Women who battled to the death so to speak many weeks ago, are forced to tag with each other against two women who have recently gained reasons to hate each other, Ivelisse and Taya. Sexy Star is introduced first by the Standing Melissa Santos, then Mariposa, then Taya, and finally “The Baddest Bitch in the Building” Ivelisse. Opening the Match, it will be Star taking on Taya, and note that Mundo is not at ringside.

Both women lock up, but it doesn’t even last a second, not even the second as Star shoves off the villainous competitor. Taya and Star engage in a third lock up which leads to Taya arm dragging Star to the opposite side of the ring. Taya seems to push for more physicality, met with a mirrored arm drag from Star. Star executes another, ducking a clothesline from Taya after, and Star takes Taya down to the mat, applying a single leg crab which is eventually reversed by Star herself into a front face-lock. Taya soon counters, reversing Stars move and taking her to the mat. Taya goes to exploit the left arm of Star before ending up being arm dragged. Star nails two more arm drags before she meets the furious expression of Taya, who regroups on the other side before cockily shoving at the opposer. Tired of Taya’s cocky antics, Ivelisse tags in without notice from Taya, and tagging in on the other side is Mariposa.

Ivelisse tries to keep her distance from the dangerous Mariposa while throwing some kicks at her. Mariposa rolls out of an armbar, reversing into a hammerlock, but Ivelisse swings herself round, kneeing Mariposa in the midsection before tying her up in a side headlock. Mariposa powers Ivelisse into a corner to counter. She only targets Ivelisse more, driving her to the mat with a scoop slam while Taya is shown chuckling. Mariposa runs the ropes and hits a singular elbow drop to Ivelisse before attempting her first pin attempt of the match, which a fiery Ivelisse kicks out of at one. Mariposa wastes little time going back to damaging her opposer as she snaps the arm of Ivelisse against the mat. Ivelisse escapes the next maneuver, countering with a roll up to get a near fall on the blindsided Mariposa. As Ivelisse makes it to her feet, so does Mariposa and she floors Ivelisse with a clothesline.

Mariposa wraps Ivelisse in a submission following another ended pin attempt on her, and Ivelisse counters with her legs to send Mariposa to the second corner turnbuckle. Ivelisse takes advantage to roll up Mariposa again, but like before, Mariposa escapes. Ivelisse nails the next move before a counter sends her off the shoulders of Mariposa and to the mat, midway with Taya tagging in. Taya mocks Mariposa, shoving her to her own corner where Star tags back in for another round with Taya. Following a shaky stare down, Star takes down Taya but Taya uses her flexibility to her advantage to avoid any further altercation before nailing a super-kick. Star reverses Taya’s whip, sending Taya to an opposite corner. Rather than splash Taya against the same corner, Star floats over and lands on the apron instead, knocking Taya off slightly with a shoulder tackle, one to create enough separation for her to make time to head up the turnbuckles. Star leaps from the top turnbuckle, arm dragging Taya on the way down. Star then avoids Taya’s potential comeback, as Taya’s corner attack misses her target, instead leveling Mariposa, who crashes to the floor outside. Star nails a hurricanrana in the ring center, sending Taya to the floor also.

Star takes herself to the apron, then bronco busters Taya to the floor. Mariposa, back on her feet, shoves away her own partner, to no surprise, and the many front rower’s move to safety as Mariposa lobs Taya into a series of chairs at ringside. Mariposa gets mouthy with Star, shoving off any assist again and further punishing Taya as she forearms her into a chair. Mariposa then executes a running crossbody to Taya on the chairs. Ivelisse isnt left out in the spot fest, as she then dives from the top turnbuckle onto Mariposa. Heading back to the ring and the action goes down between Star and Taya again, as the cocky quoted “Norse Goddess” chokes Star against a corner turnbuckle. Taya follows this by whipping her into an opposite corner, making Star eat an elbow afterward as she rams her with a running forearm. If that wasn’t hurtful enough for Star, she also ends up taking running double knees, courtesy of Taya. Taya drags Star by her foot out of the corner for a pin attempt, getting a near fall.

Taya pounds at Star with back forearms, followed with a whip into a corner. Taya charges, but instead her face connects with Stars boot, courtesy of Stars counter. Star begins to gather momentum as she avoids an assault from Taya, sending her down with multiple clotheslines. Star DDTs and rolls up Taya, but Taya escapes at the count of two, helplessly making her way to Ivelisse and tagging in the former Trios Champion. Ivelisse steps in, not too surprised at Taya’s retreat, and she ends up squaring up to Star. The Two Women go back and forth with chops and knees to each other, but one from Ivelisse is hard enough to knock down Star. Star recovers enough to reverse a whip from Ivelisse and send her crashing in the middle of the ring with a drop toe hold. Star cradles Ivelisse which results in another near fall. Ivelisse returns the favor, but this only gets her the same result.

The Two Women continue the pin attempts, only resulting in the same result as before. Ivelisse super-kicks Mariposa before she can intervene, kicking her out of the ring. Ivelisse looks to turn her attention back to Star, and as Mariposa tried to with Star, Taya looks to assist the partner surprisingly with a spear to Star, or so thought as Star slips out of the way of the maneuver which instead floors Ivelisse. Before Taya can possibly apologize, if even the agenda, shes sent away per Stars dropkick. While Star further deals with Taya, Mariposa sneaks back in the ring to lay out Ivelisse with her finisher. Noticing Star is still legal, she throws Star directly over the fallen body of Ivelisse and Star pins Ivelisse. Star and Mariposa win the match, moving forward to the Multi Luchador Gift of the Gods Championship Match.

(Taya and Ivelisse vs Mariposa and Sexy Star)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall, a Great Showing in the first Women’s Tag to ever happen for the Promotion, and though there was no mention as to whether Dario Cueto played into deciding this match up, it has that feel of it, the Jokers Wild type of strategizing that Dario has brought to the table as of late. Ivelisse and Star work so well together in the ring and i loved how both played up their past issues throughout the match, and i never saw that Chairs spot coming from Mariposa to Taya but it only reintroduces the ruthlessness and brutality of Mariposa that has been seen during her match with Sexy Star and others. Overall im happy with the result because as much as i would like for Taya to hold the Lucha Underground Title and establish her own dominance, there’s much more they can do with her and Mundo, and it extends the storied rivalry between her and Ivelisse that could be taken all the way to Ultima Lucha. Since Ivelisse proves to be the willing courageous underdog who never backs down, facing trials and tribulations in most encounters, i really think a steel cage match could prove quite a test for Ivelisse against Taya but i don’t see it happening but Lucha Underground surprises on the regular. Anyone who hasn’t seen Lucha Underground or has a stereotypical view on Women in Wrestling needs to see this match, which presents the capability of women in wrestling in general and ability to present character and opportunity for the women’s wrestlers.

– Catherine


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