TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Playtime Is Over for Former Allies (June, 21st 2016)

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A Week Following the Emotional Announcement of Gail Kim’s Long Overdue Hall of Fame Induction, its all back to action this week with the progression of various storylines. This week sees Jade and Marti, former Dollhouse Companions, go one on one after Marti’s Declaration to separate herself from the former Knockouts Champion completely, and the continuation of the Maria vs Dixie tirade. Plus Raquel and Rosemary have future affairs…

The Decays Valet heads to the ring with her Gold Carrying Partners of Abyss and Steve at her side, ready to introduce to the pairing the newest member to their creepy faction, and she summons down someone she believes to be equally deranged, Bram. Bram would decline her offer and face an assault from Steve and Abyss afterwards as a repercussion. Despite leaving his fallen body, shes assured that the trio are far from finished with the former Ascension Member.

Sometime later, Marti Belle emerges on the stage to have her first match back since turning on Jade at Slammiversary, a move that ushered in a new era for the Knockouts as the Powerful Sienna managed to overwhelm Jade and take from her her Knockouts Title. Jade enters second for this match, though she isn’t waiting to unleash physicality, storming down and around the ring after Marti before the bell is officially rung. Jade charges back to the ring as the bell rings, taken down by her former partner Marti, who lunges at the former champ with a number of forearms before Jade looks to counteract by headbutting Marti. Jade targets the front and the back of Marti with knees, but before she can go back after Marti, Marti sends her away using both feet, and in turn, she takes herself to the outside.

Jade heads back outside, chasing after Marti, ducking her clothesline attempt and hammering at the former partner with some forearms. Jade additionally rams Marti into the ring post, following up with even more forearms, but a last one doesn’t connect when Marti moves away. Marti plants Jade against the floor face first before returning to the ring. Marti then returns to the outside, but her attempt to send Jade into the nearby steel steps is countered, and Marti is sent back first into the steps. Jade follows up with a lethal low dropkick then seeks out Marti’s baton, the same weapon used to cost her the Knockouts Title, and teases using it, urged not to by Referee Earl Hebner. Jade eventually releases the baton and rolls Marti back in the ring, avoiding a possible Disqualification.

Returning to the ring, an angry Jade suplexes Marti on multiple occasions. Jade finalizes this sequence with a dropkick, then setting up another move which abruptly fails when Marti runs her into the corner. Marti connects with a bicycle kick to the face of Jade, slapping and forearming the defenseless former champion who remains pinned to the mat. Marti executes more kicks to Jade, before Jade returns one back. Jades attempt to attack Marti by the ropes falls flat as Marti instead pulls the ropes, leading to Jade falling to the floor at ringside. Jade dodges a kick by Marti on the outside, hoisting her onto her shoulders, sending her face first to the ring post. She chokes Marti against the apron and returns to the ring, hitting the ropes to execute her next maneuver, but with Earl somewhat stumbling, he doesnt notice Marti sneak back in her Baton, which she uses to knock Jade to the mat. Marti slinks back into the ring for the first pin attempt on Jade, pinning her per the Baton assist to win the match.

Also expected to react to the said “Slap heard around the world” are the furious couple of Maria and Mike Bennett. They choose to call out Dixie Carter, who had slapped Maria across the face last week after Maria dug into Dixie personally over running operations, and she emerges with fellow TNA Exec Billy Corgan. This leads to Maria and Mike threatening to sue Carter over her actions, and to the Head of TNA’s dismay, Corgan decides to side with Mike and Maria over this, believing it would be best for the disgruntled Company President to take a small amount of time off, and if Dixie couldnt be anymore furious with this, her actions of storming out lead to Billy Proceeding to book a match between Bennett and Eddie Edwards for the X Division Championship.

And this episode cant go without an appearance from the current Knockouts Champ, Sienna, in the form of a video package, highlighting her background in the business and established dominance. Sienna looks to further her control over the division by swearing to defeat the Upcoming Hall of Famer Gail Kim next week, with the title on the line. Definitely did not see that in the spoilers..

And Lastly, Robbie E gets a sneak peak at a rather worrying discussion between his Tag Team Partner Jessie and their recently hired “Guru” Raquel. Jessie and Raquel seem to be keeping some secret from Raquel, despite Jessie advising they don’t, and there’s far from a happy smile on the Former X Division Champions face when Jessie returns to the backstage area, ready for a work out.

(Rosemary, Crazy Steve, Abyss and Bram Segment)

(Jade vs Marti Belle)

(Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Billy Corgan and Dixie Carter Segment)

(Sienna Promo)

(Robbie E, Jessie and Raquel Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Jade/Marti: Overall i do believe the pace of this match was to showcase Jades methodical dissection and brutality towards Marti by allowing her to thoroughly dominate and im glad to see this feud continue not only because of the backstory but because this match didn’t do enough to exploit Marti as an in ring worker, and because the finish would only make sense in regards to furthering the feud by allowing Jade eventual revenge. At The Moment it does feel like a side angle for the Knockouts rather than the actual main angle, mostly due to no championship gold being involved, and i do believe there’s many ways to up this feud. I Can only hope there’s more promo work as this feud goes on because that is one of the exploited strengths that Marti proves to have, and if the Baton was to be banned for a rematch or rematch after a rematch, then maybe Rebel could return, sneak her Baton over to Marti to allow the addition of another Knockout to side with Jade. But overall, a good match, but i wish Rebel was involved in the angle.

Dixie/Maria: This segment didn’t have much of an impact (no pun intended) on the angle as much as last week, but rather had reversed momentum to the heel side, and from what it looks like, they may have a future heel authority member in Billy Corgan, throwing authority members into whatever Knockouts angle they have coming for Maria, which im expecting to be against Gail by possibly having Billy side with Maria, Mike and Sienna, should either involve themselves in Sienna vs Gail next week, and for Dixie to side with Gail in a Power Clash that leads to the booking of a Bound for Glory Match. Though id prefer for both Dixie and Billy to not sneak themselves into the fray to overshadow Maria’s work as an authority member, i do believe this is the route they will take.

– Catherine


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