WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Statement Made To The Dominant Duo in Arizona (June, 23rd 2016)

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This Past Monday saw all the aftermath from this past Sundays Money in the Bank Pay Per View, as Charlotte found herself a challenger overthrown and possibly in need of a rematch clause in Paige, and another challenger with an also storied past in a returning Sasha Banks. Speaking of storied rivalries, Becky Lynch resumes her rivalry with Dana Brooke with her former ally and boastful Women’s Champion in Brooke’s corner as expected. The Question isn’t if Sasha Banks is watching however, that is obvious..

Backstage are Dana and Charlotte before the match, just to be stopped by Renee for interviewing duty, but Charlotte sees this coming. Charlotte thinks Renee is there to praise Dana for proving herself and “upgrading to first class” and she adds that since they went over Becky Lynch and Natalya at Money in the Bank, with no mentions of what happened after the match closed, they will dominate over anyone else who gets in their way. The Villainous Ladies expressions change when Renee jumps to the topic of someone who made a big impact by attacking them both on RAW, Sasha Banks. Regardless, Charlotte is assured that the only statement that will be made is Banks bowing down before her and that while Sasha is the “Boss” She is the Queen. Dana follows up the Champs bold statement by warning that Playtime is Over for Sasha, so she suggests Renee gets out of their way so she can go finish things with the Quoted “Carrot Top” Becky Lynch.

Speaking of Lynch, the Irish Competitor heads to the ring for the mentioned match with Dana Brooke, who, again, has Charlotte in her corner as (sneaky) support. The Presence of Lynch doesn’t go without the mention of Natalya’s barely explained attack to Becky Lynch after the teams loss at Money in the Bank, following up with an equally as vicious attack from the Queen of Harts on Monday, the night after. Dana then enters with the Leather Clad Women’s Champion at her side, looking all confident for the upcoming match up.

Becky and Dana lock up, and Dana looks to get momentum early with a knee to the midsection of Becky. Dana nails more knees to Becky close to the ropes, mocking her before running her face first into the corner turnbuckle. Dana works over Becky with shoulder tackles in the same corner, additionally choking her with her knee against the second rope. Becky tries to reverse momentum with a kick, though she misses the follow up clothesline. Becky makes up for it with a flurry of furious forearms, though she ends up running to the ropes when Dana misses the final blow. Becky reverses a whip and DDT’s Dana, looking to deal with the intervening Charlotte on the apron. Despite clearing off Charlotte, she then stumbles into a kick from Dana followed by a roll up that gets Dana the victory over Becky, and not the first. Dana wins the match.

Resuming with the Physicality, Dana further attacks Becky after the match as demanded by Charlotte. Despite Becky reversing her Finishing move into an exploder suplex, the domination on the side of Becky is hindered when she stumbles into the big boot from Charlotte, who gloats. As Charlotte soaks in her spotlight, out comes Sasha to stare in the face of the Champion. Dana, like before, tries attacking Banks again but only ends up taking the brutality of the Boss as she had before, and not just with a forearm, but this time the Bank Statement. Charlotte chooses not to run in for her friend as she just watches Sasha force Dana into Submission.

(Becky Lynch vs Dana Brooke w/ Charlotte feat Sasha Banks)

Thoughts On This Match:
Considering Becky and Dana have gone at it a little too many times, it proves WWE are lacking in establishing characters, especially since Becky should be keeping as much momentum as possible for her feud with Natalya than being the one to submit in the other feuds to the dominating women. Sure they may be protecting Paige and Sasha at this point, if Paige is even a part of the angle anymore, but they need to throw over women in the role of working against the heels. Where is Alicia Fox? Are they keeping Summer off the Main Television Shows for a possible upcoming role? Naomi is Cleared and due to Jump away from the Marine Set soon. Tamina. Not Sure. Considering they need to keep momentum for Becky and Natalya equal by keeping them out of the other feud, i think they definitely need to cool off on the Dana/Becky matches as much as they want to put Dana over, only letting the heel and face sides tag on one occasion, and throwing out promos or something else for the rest of both women’s angles. Its definite WWE are struggling to book these feuds with the limit of women to use, but should be able to book differently as opposed to repeating matches, by presenting something fresh and engaging. Regardless i liked the encounter between Sasha and Charlotte after the match, and though it did irk to see Dana barely sell the Bank Statement after by walking to Charlotte rather than lay out of the ring or in the ring KO’ed or damaged, it should be interesting to see Dana’s reaction towards Charlotte not saving her, because with Charlotte’s mannerisms, it does seem like they are booking her character as an “all out for themselves” type of heel.

– Catherine


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