WWE NXT RESULTS: The Multi Chase for Momentum Is On (June, 22nd 2016)

nxt bayley v deonna 1

alexa bliss 392

nxt liv v nia 1

Welcome All to this past weeks NXT report, somewhat late due to a social weekend. This past weeks NXT saw a former contender happy to be able to make it back to the ring, Bayley, facing off against a familiar face in Deonna, while Nia Jax also looked to crush a fellow worker in Liv Morgan, still understandably crushed over the Takeover Defeat. Even though Liv may trademark the “YOLO” its safe to say shes taken beatings from Nia Jax more than once.

Deonna makes her entrance for the first of two women’s matches of the night, followed by the entrance of the returning former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, who understandably receives an ovation from the Orlando crowd. The Crowd are easily behind Bayley as she engages in a lock up with the opposer to open, only to have it reversed into a side headlock. Deonna and Bayley continuously counter each other until Bayley ends up rolling Deonna to the mat for the first pin attempt, one that Deonna escapes at one. Before Bayley can do anything else, Deonna tries rolling over Bayley, getting the same result. Bayley returns to the same side of the ring following a standoff.

Bayley applies a hammerlock to Deonna followed by a whip that Deonna reverses. Bayley floats on the turnbuckles to avoid Deonnas possible strike, leaping from the top turnbuckle and arm dragging Deonna. Another arm drag sends down Deonna, but like in Bayleys past pin attempt, its another one count result on Deonna. Deonna rolls to the apron but ends up in Bayleys grasp and the former champion snaps Deonnas face against the second rope. Bayley nails a running shoulder tackle but misses the follow up running back elbow when Deonna moves from the corner. Deonna floors her with a sudden clothesline to get a one count.

Bayley makes it back up anyway and hits some forearms, taking to the ropes and stalled by a big knee to the midsection from Deonna. Deonna hits another knee followed with a swift Side Russian Leg Sweep to get the first near fall of the match. Deonna snapmares and kicks Bayley to continue her momentum, but it only leads to another near fall. Despite driving the head of Bayley into the top corner turnbuckle multiple times, Bayley fails to give in and only finds more momentum, and she snaps and boots Deonna before hitting a spinning elbow from the second turnbuckle. Out of nowhere comes the Belly to Belly Suplex which gets Bayley the winning pin on Deonna. Bayley wins the match.

Following up from the match, Carmella stands backstage with Andrea DeMarco, who praises her on her recent winning streak. Carmella is flattered and expresses the desire to be atop the women’s division amongst all the excitement, being the face of the division as Women’s Champion but Alexa Bliss emerges, disagreeing much with this. Alexa believes that no one knows or cares for Carmella with Enzo and Cass up on the main roster, but Carmella labels this as jealousy because while Enzo and Cass are doing big things, Blake and Murphy are being nothing more than pathetic. Alexa isn’t too pleased over the jealousy accusation, retracting Carmella’s statement by claiming that she only left her Boys because she knew she was the Star, that she made Blake and Murphy, but Carmella when she was flanked by Cass and Enzo was more so an Afterthought, an accessory. Alexa adds to this that she deserves to be Women’s Champion, and shes not sure if Carmella’s Mind is Foggy from taking the most from Nia in the Triple Threat, but she needs to remember that she wasn’t pinned. Carmella says she can actually agree on one thing with Alexa, her decision to leave Blake and Murphy, but she cant agree on her claims of being Women’s Champion because the title should belong to her. She dares for Alexa to say something back because she wont allow her to get in the way but Alexa simply steps away, leaving the physicality for their match next week.

Moving away from that drama, we later get to see Nia Jax re-emerge on the scene, her first in ring battle since the devastating loss to Asuka at NXT Takeover. Nia enters, followed by the very charismatic Liv Morgan, who will do duty of suffering at the hands of the monstrous competitor. Liv has come prepared, evading an attack from Nia shortly after the bell and wrapping her in a headlock that Nia tries to power out of. Nia drops Liv face first to the mat to counter, executing elbow drops to follow and attacking her also near the ropes. One forearm does little to knock off Nia, who hits one even harder, but when Nia sends her to the ropes, Liv finds back momentum and fires loads of forearms at the tougher opponent. However, its only repeated history as Liv ends up sent back down, this time due to a knee. Nia spends time trying to choke her out, setting up another move with Liv over her shoulders but Liv slips free. Liv is elbowed to a corner but she springs back with a hurricanrana that sends Nia to the same corner.

Liv places herself atop Nia but Nia moves her to the corner turnbuckle. Liv jumps out of the corner to evade an assault, and she tries to knock down Nia a little with dropkicks. Liv runs the ropes, only to find Nia charging towards her, and Liv is stunned by a sudden clothesline. Nia easily drags her into the ring center and nails a Powerbomb for the finish. Nia wins the match.

(Deonna vs Bayley)

(Alexa Bliss and Carmella Backstage Segment)

(Liv Morgan vs Nia Jax)

Thoughts On:
Deonna/Bayley: Again, Deonna continues to impress in her showings despite not being a contracted competitor, and works well against Bayley, but as expected, the momentum of the returning challenger was not to be quashed. Not to throw out Spoilers but as much as they are throwing the Asuka vs Bayley Rematch out there, additionally heightening the momentum of Bayley along the way, its worrying wondering what NXT are doing with the other girls trying to ramp up momentum by having Bayley run through them, which is why a multi woman match at Takeover featuring Alexa, Carmella and maybe even Nia as additional opponents would benefit because there are various ways to book the finish, and looking currently at Nia’s losing streak, she cant really afford to lose much more momentum by losing high profile matches. But i am looking forward to seeing if NXT have any taped Promos/Backstage Segments between the mentioned and Asuka to possibly swerve or to create better build for Asuka vs Bayley than the last.

Nia/Liv: I Cant say enough about how impressive Liv is in the ring considering shes at an early stage in her NXT career, and that shes been flat out impressive since her debut match, and as much as her flexibility and athleticism works well against larger opponents like Nia, a factor that makes their matches less of a squash but more fun to watch, she cant afford to be in the jobber placement because with her charisma and ring skills and entrance, she could really make for an interesting heel in the future. Speaking of Charisma, how Charismatic are Alexa and Carmella? They have had only small encounters in the past but with massive chemistry so i am STOKED for next week. But back to the topic of Nia vs Liv, i overall enjoy seeing Liv and Nia work against each other in matches and the powerbomb finish is much more appealing, as long as Nia can execute it carefully, which she has so far.

– Catherine


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