Cattie’s Catch Up: Katie Lea and Paul Burchill Confront Gregory Helms On The “Abraham Washington Show” (September, 1st 2009)

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Welcome All to this weeks midweek reflective post on Moments in Women’s Wrestling, whether its looking on in ring work, women’s managerial duties or so forth. So Today I Believe Marks Eight Years Since Katie Lea (Who Some of You May Also Remember as TNA Knockout Winter) clashed with Mickie James for the WWE Women’s Title at Night of Champions 2008. Seeing this Memory on Social Media today makes me think back of how underused and underrated Katie Lea/Katarina was not only during her time in WWE but in TNA as well. But for anyone unfamiliar or in need of refreshing, after working some time in the spotlight as an in ring performer, the focus of the partnership between herself and on screen Brother Paul Burchill sent them to ECW in mid 2009.

Katie managed Burchill as he ended up engaged in an angle with TNA’s current Manager in the X Division, Gregory Helms, constantly berating WWE’s resident superhero at the time in an effort to reveal his persona as “Hurricane” Helms, leading to the pairing confronting Helms on the Abraham Washington Show on ECW, where also to be TNA Knockout Taryn Terrell was working as General Manager at the Time. Burchill constantly accused Helms of hiding under his ordinary and professional Guise in order to further try to expose him as “Hurricane” Helms, leading to an actual pre tape where “Hurricane” appeared on the tron to challenge Burchill to a match, which lead to the twos transition into darker gimmicks.

– Catherine


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