WWE RAW RESULTS: Taking Villainesses to Town and Oscar “Winning” Performances (June, 27th 2016)

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Welcome All to a Rather Late But Presentable RAW Report, serving up the continuation in the recent feuds in the Women’s Division. This week saw WWE serve us a Tag Match that they could have shifted to Pay Per View but to none of our desires as to allow a Championship Match actually take place at the event, and Becky Lynch unleash some Hell Fire rather than Straight Fire on the Hart-less (Get the Pun?) New Enemy, Natalya. Plus WWE’s Famous It Couple are Back on the Scene and there’s some typical Stephanie Shenanigans afoot.

Now that Ive given that mouthful, lets talk these events chronologically. The First Women’s Match, in the form of a Women’s Tag, opens the show, as Sasha Banks and Paige team up against the union of Dana Brooke and the Women’s Champion Charlotte. Entering first is former Divas Champion, England’s Own Paige, followed by the Boss and another hopeful contender to the Women’s Championship, fellow NXT Alumni Sasha Banks, but not before a recap of her impactful return in which she laid out Charlotte. Speaking of Charlotte, she lastly enters with Dana for the said tag team match. Charlotte insists on going first, up against Banks, but its no shock as she retreats over to Dana before Banks can even touch her, tagging in the protege.

Dana enters the ring, giving Sasha a mouthful before missing a clothesline to the opposer who runs her into a corner. Smacking her head against a corner turnbuckle, Sasha follows up by choking Dana against the same corner with her foot. Dana manages to reverse Sasha and she drags her out of the corner, continuously head patting her before taking a slap for it. Sasha tags in Paige, and both proceed to double arm drag Dana before Sasha heads to her post, but not before both women clear off an intervening Charlotte per a double dropkick. Sasha stares out Charlotte as she retreats to ringside with Dana at her side to regroup.

We Return from a break to see Protege Dana doing work as she chokes Paige against the middle rope, back inside the ring. Reversing the momentum, she tags Charlotte and the two execute a double suplex to the Champs former partner. Charlotte attempts to pin Paige, getting a near fall. Charlotte floors Paige with a chop for another near fall. Charlotte tags back in Dana, finalizing some kicks in the corner to Paige before leaving. Dana resumes from where Charlotte left off with another kick to Paige followed by the handstand choke. She allows Charlotte back in the ring to resume the pain and the Women’s Champion continues to isolate Paige from Banks, prizing Paige in a rear choke-hold near the middle of the ring. Paige arm drags her way out, but takes a kick to the knee from Charlotte before she can reverse any momentum. Charlotte nails Natural Selection to Paige and gloats to herself before proceeding to sneakily forearm Sasha off the apron. As Sasha tries to throw herself at Charlotte, gaining the attention of the ref, Dana sneaks plenty cheap-shots to Paige.

When Charlotte turns away from Sasha, Paige tries to leap over Charlotte and make one big effort to reach her partner, but is caught in the hands of the Champion. Paige fails to roll Charlotte over and is wedged back in the heels corner again. However Paige doesn’t wish to take anymore brutality, coming back with her own, not only kicking Charlotte to create distance, but successfully forearming Dana off the apron. One more kick allows Paige another effort to reach over to Sasha, but Charlotte tries to prize the leg of Paige to prevent this. However Paige knocks her away and makes the needed tag to Sasha. Sasha runs in all guns blazing, taking down the also tagged in Dana with some clotheslines, as well as a dropkick. Sasha blocks Dana’s attempt to use her feet to block her attack in the corner, swinging her appropriately into position to take double knees. Sasha looks to pin Dana there, but is pulled out of the ring by Charlotte.

Sasha avoids an outside onslaught from Charlotte, ducking the Big Boot from the Women’s Champion who instead runs into a lethal looking super-kick from the assisting Paige. After taunting Charlotte, Sasha runs back to the ring, caught in a sneaky roll up from Dana, which Sasha escapes. Sasha blocks a kick by Dana and knees her before executing the Backstabber into her finishing Bank Statement Submission. Dana taps, awarding the victory to Paige and Sasha.

Moving away from that, we see the return of WWE’s Must Most See Superstar and his Total Diva Star of a Wife Maryse, engaged in a backstage segment with Stephanie McMahon and Corporate Kane which sets up for Miz to defend his Intercontinental Title for the first time in a while against mystery opposition. Its not the Demon we all wanted…

A Second Women’s Match is booked for the night, or so thought. As Summer Rae waits in the ring to face an opponent shes had some clashes with outside of the main shows as of late, aka Becky Lynch, the Fiery Lasskicker takes notice of her friend turned foe at ringside, Natalya, before the bell. Rather than engage in a match with the blonde former Total Diva, Becky engages in a massive brawl with Natalya instead, and despite the beat-down taken, Natalya manages to escape.

The Ravishing Russian was also on Call to Do Duty as she introduced Rusev for a Rematch against Titus O Neil, only this time with no title on the line. Apparently a Count-out win for Titus doesn’t earn him a rematch as it appears they moved right on from this storyline to elsewhere come Smackdown…

Moving back to the return of WWE’s Most Must See Couple, they proved to be the heel stars that they are when Maryse finally got re-involved in Miz’s Matches, putting on a collapse spot on the outside to get Kane’s attention. Miz, actually falling for his actress of a wife’s performance, had himself deliberately counted out as he carried his “Hurt” wife to the back, and in turn, did not lose his title to Kane, picked as his mystery opponent, per the result.

Stephanie McMahon reappeared towards the end of the show to continue to express her non desire to have Dean Ambrose carry the Companies top gold right before his Main Event Match against AJ Styles. Cue The Authority playing into Deans possible title defense at Summerslam..

(Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs Sasha Banks and Paige)

(Stephanie McMahon, Kane, The Miz and Maryse Backstage Segment)

(Summer Rae vs Becky Lynch; Becky Lynch Attacks Natalya)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Titus O Neil)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Kane; Intercontinental Championship Match)

(Stephanie McMahon and Dean Ambrose Backstage Segment)

(Becky Lynch on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Tag Match: Thank Goodness this Match happened on RAW so the fans don’t need to fear another tag match on Pay Per View to prevent a Championship defense. It was a pretty good, solid and lengthy match, thankfully of decent length and with perfect heel teamwork as always in terms of isolating the worked over babyface from the babyface the crowd rallies on the most at this time. Paige’s outside super-kick looked lethal also and was sold to perfection, and Dana did a great job selling the Bank Statement. Overall a well booked match from start to finish, though i cant stress enough how Paige just felt like a tag partner more than a hopeful contender, just like with the senseless gesture of standing hand in hand with Banks last week despite also fighting for the championship.

Becky/Natalya: I Loved this brawl between Becky and Natalya and how good it looked, though it is taking some time to get used to Natalya as a villain again, but it reminds me so much of the no nonsense Becky from Pre Royal Rumble, and she once again has the crowd on her back as a viable contender for most over babyface aside Sasha. I Honestly hope they don’t wind down the build up on this feud, or do anything in repetition to create boredom, because this feud has so much potential. The Only negative was the misuse of Summer, who was there to just stand and look pretty at that point rather than join in or even have a match. To Save Summer the hassle would be to have booked Natalya voicing her frustrations on being overlooked or on why she no longer trusts Becky to lead up to Becky unleashing absolute hell, but other than that, solid encounter.

Miz/Maryse: Thank Goodness Miz and Maryse are back, because i cant say enough on the rejuvenation of Miz’s Character since Maryse returned to the fray. Now there has been some backlash on Maryse’s outside stunt and in my opinion they are playing characters of high ego, believing they are awarding winning stars (though Miz’s acting to me is absolute brilliance in movies and as a worker in WWE) and Maryses outside stunt, despite looking terrible to some, was done for that purpose, deliberate. It was effective either way and inflates the egos of the characters as to refer to Miz’s post match praise for Maryse selling the act as to even dupe him, calling it “Oscar Award Winning”. They are Heels, they are supposed to infuriate and have the crowd booing and Maryse’s spot did that work. I Wasn’t a fan of Miz and Kane’s Match despite Miz being one of the most overlooked long standing performers in the company, mostly due to Kane’s work in the particular match, but knowing Kane’s history in feuds in terms of fearlessly targeting valets from Eve to Brie to others, there’s no doubt Maryse’s actions will come back to haunt her and this has me intrigued for the heel pairings next few interactions with Kane, considering he now has a rematch clause.

– Catherine


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