LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Fates Determined and Bets Set for Round Two of Ultima Lucha (June, 29th 2016)

ivelisse velez 81

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LU pre ultima lucha

Its With Much Sad Thought that Lucha Undergrounds Action Packed Second Season is nearing its closure, but just like the particular in ring performances, the promotion are sure to go out in style, and though we didn’t get any in ring performances from the women this week, we got plenty to talk about for the ladies for Ultima Lucha, which will air over the next few weeks. Plenty Match Making, so lets see what we already know or are about to.

Ivelisse and Taya are brought to the back by Dario, barely eyeing one another as Dario welcomes both ladies to this secluded meeting. While preparing drinks for both ladies, he praises Taya for proving herself in the temple by fighting against any if not all types of warrior that the Squared Circle has offered up to her, while Ivelisse is most definitely one of his most celebrated Trios Champions, which Taya believes is only due to Havoc and Angelico doing all the work, remarking about how far that went as for them to fade out of the spotlight for reasons (Angelico Injured and Havoc, I don’t even know.) Ivelisse tries to get Taya to utter this remark again but Dario hurries back into the fray, offering Ivelisse her drink while reminding her and Taya that there can only Be One Baddest Bitch in Lucha Underground. Because of this, the two will be out to prove to the Believers, and to each other, who will hold this name entirely as Ivelisse and Taya are booked to battle at Ultima Lucha.

Taya simply walks out, Ivelisse soon following but as she leaves Dario’s fixed up office, she steps into the territory of Catrina, an old nemesis who wishes her Luck, but not without the insult of “Little Girl”. Ivelisse reminds the villainess she didn’t forget about her before disappearing completely from the scene. Switching attention from Ivelisse to Dario, Catrina tries to demand a rematch between King Cuerno and Mil Muertes, and when Dario laughs this off, she turns things in boths favor by offering a stipulation sinister enough for both to easily agree on, a Said “Deathmatch”. Dario accepts for Cuerno and Mil to face off at Ultima Lucha, leaving Catrina most certainly happy.

This wouldn’t be the last appearance from Taya on the show, as the Conniving “Norse Goddess” accompanies Johnny Mundo for his Main Event Clash against Fenix. Mundo eventually gets the win, celebrating with his equally arrogant tag partners of Jack Evans and PJ Black as well as Taya, but are ran out of the ring by their Ultima Lucha Opposers, including Ivelisse to end the show.

So with that being said, Sexy Star and Mariposa will be a part of a Multi Luchador Match to Crown the New Gift of the Gods Champion, Ivelisse and Taya will go one on one, Catrina will accompany Mil Muertes for his Deathmatch against King Cuerno and Black Lotus will make her in ring debut against El Dragon Azteca, All Set to Take Place at Ultima Lucha.

(Dario Cueto, Taya, Ivelisse and Catrina Backstage Segment 9.52 – 12.45)

(Johnny Mundo w/ Taya vs Fenix 31.58 – 44.55)

Thoughts On Ivelisse/Taya:
Lucha Underground serves up all the goodness yet again with build up for their final showdowns set to take place at Ultima Lucha, and to be honest, im not even ready for the season to end yet as its been just so good. I Loved that segment between Taya and Ivelisse, and how Ivelisse got to renew her rivalry with Catrina in what could be a precursor for Season Three rather than erase it entirely, though i do expect for it to disappear for a quantity of time during Season Three as Ivelisse got injured during the time of those tapings. If im right, Ivelisse and Taya will be making history by performing in the first Woman v Woman Match at Ultima Lucha, and its not only that that we have to be excited for but finally seeing Black Lotus debut in the ring, allowing her to show her skills in the ring that even WWE didn’t give her a chance to show as she was mainly a ring announcer there (if we don’t include FCW) so its been a years in the making sort of thing. Plus a possible female Gift of the Gods Champion and possibly more confrontations between Ivelisse and Catrina regardless of result. That and So Many Reasons are why i am HYPED for Ultima Lucha. #ImABeliever

– Catherine


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