WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: International Pursuits Open Opportunities for Others (June, 30th 2016)




Welcome All to this weeks Smackdown Report, and a rather interesting one for us fans of women’s wrestling despite a rather depleted roster per the tour that was going on that took Charlotte and Becky Lynch away and jet setted them to their destination elsewhere. Regardless, while Sasha and Summer got another exchange of beef, we also got to see a very impressive women’s wrestler from NXT, Billie Kay, make a very surprising appearance as she challenged Dana Brooke.

As Mentioned, Charlotte being on tour means Dana will have to fend for herself, and for the first time on the main roster considering her matches have always been with some form of accompaniment. The Confident formerly labelled “Total Diva” is shown in the back making her way to the ring, and gets her entrance shown unlike an awaiting Billie Kay, who, despite making a surprise debut, seems to be getting a filler treatment. As Dana poses in the ring amongst the audience, we are reminded of Sasha’s run in and attempt to floor the current women’s champion last week on Smackdown, which also lead to Dana getting another sucker punch off Sasha followed by the sure to be painful backstabber. Looking to erase that humiliation by proving shes still dominant, Dana turns her focus back to the ring so the match can finally begin.

Billie tries to lock up with Dana to begin but gets shoved by the cocky opposition. When they do lock up, Dana proves a little too strong for Billie as to be able to push her to a corner with much force. After some scrapping over at the turnbuckles, Dana tosses Billie across the ring, but as she looks for the next attack, Billie blocks with a forearm as Sasha Banks is seen looking on in the back. Following a counter, it looks like Billie may be sending Dana out of the corner, but a counter also by Dana sends Billie jaw first to the turnbuckle. Dana takes advantage to drop Billie to the mat face first to follow, and continues on with the momentum as she chokes Billie against another corner with her foot. A Forearm and handstand choke follows this, not the only move remaining in Dana’s arsenal as she floors Billie with the follow up clothesline. Dana splashes Billie in the middle of the ring to get her first near fall of the match.

Dana looks to make up for this by applying a front face-lock to Billie, whose attempts to throw her off with some right hands only does a little to create distance, but she manages to block the upcoming forearm from Dana to hit back with her own. Billies momentum appears to return per an executed tilt-a-whirl head-scissor and spinning clothesline, and the big boot only does more of a favor as to take out Dana, but only enough to get a near fall. Billie clutches Dana by her hair, prepping for a next move but Dana counters with a Standing Jawbreaker, and she soon takes Billie to her shoulders to execute her Fireman’s Carry Slam, a move that like in NXT, forces the opponents into KO position. Dana pins Billie and wins the match, and like earlier, still has Banks attention.

Approaching Sasha right after the match is Renee, highlighting Dana’s victory on the show, but Sasha is more concerned about reliving making Dana tap out on RAW. Renee acknowledges this, as well as her quest to become the 2nd ever WWE Women’s Champion, and Sasha can only say about how she is more focused, as a Legit Boss, and the WWE Universe knows this, but most importantly the absent women’s champion Charlotte, who shes sure to have a documentation of her rivalries with highlighted one day on the WWE Network. Sasha cant deny how Charlotte currently stands at the top, but doesn’t see it lasting much longer, and as she goes on to trash talk Charlotte as well as Dana Brooke, shes interrupted by the presence of Summer Rae, who seems to be over her entire gimmick. Summer guesses the gimmick only fits her because of her eyed representation of “All Flash and No Funk” but Sasha only retaliates by challenging Summer to a match later.

Moving forward, before we can even see Sasha and Summer engage in war again, we get a rather entertaining MizTV Segment featuring the Miz (of course), Maryse and the Current WWE Champion and once Shield Member Dean Ambrose. Miz ends up getting offended after some verbal exchanges and knocks Dean out, setting up for a one on one clash later on.

And finally, we see Sasha and Summer go one on one in the second women’s match of the night, with Summer already in the ring while Banks gets a full entrance. The Two kick off their match with a lock up that Summer soon reverses into a side headlock, and when Sasha tries sending Summer to the ropes, the leggy competitor bounces back with an elbow to take down Sasha. Summer appears to be targeting the back of Sasha’s leg next, but Sasha uses the same leg to counter and hit Summer in the jaw, returning to a vertical base and delivering an echoe-y slap to Summer. Sasha follows this with the top rope arm drag, followed with a back drop in the opposite corner. Summer gets tossed around the ring and as the “Bo$$” charges at her, Summer uses the ropes, sending Sasha crashing to the outside. Sasha returns as quick as she can to crash in on Summers taunting moment, taking her down by both legs and hammering at her with a number of forearms. Summer slinks to the apron to escape, suddenly hitting Banks with a knee and leading her to the apron for a possible suplex which Sasha counters by perfecting the landing on the apron and striking with a knee. Summer gets easy revenge with a big kick that sends Sasha to the floor.

We Return from a break to see that the momentum hasn’t really changed, and even though Sasha is back in the ring, she is being choked on the ropes by Summer. Summer quickly makes her way to the apron to deliver another kick to the head of Sasha, returning back to the ring and blocking out the cheers for Sasha as she delivers a perfect suplex to send Sasha to the mat. Summer strikes with some kicks to the back of Sasha, teasing doing a suplex again which Sasha counters into a roll up to get the first near fall of the match on Summer. Its repeated history with two other rolls ups from Sasha and its soon back to the action as Summer sends Sasha into a corner. Summer charges toward Sasha, seeing through the attempt to kick back by blocking her foot, but being knocked away regardless. Sasha plants Summers face against the same corners top turnbuckle, following this with a snapmare, and its Sasha gaining momentum as she takes down Summer with some clotheslines. She also blocks a kick by Summer and knees her in retaliation, but the double knees attempt misses the target when Summer moves to safety. Summer swiftly yanks Sasha from the corner and she also rolls up Sasha, for a near fall result. A Roundhouse by Summer also gets her a near fall.

Sasha reverses another suplex attempt by Summer into a forearm, following by running Summer face first into the corners top turnbuckle. Sasha misses with the double knees again when Summer floats to the outside, scoring a kick before returning to the ring to deliver another. Summer DDTs Sasha but like before, only gets a near fall. Summer soon finds herself agitated by crying support for Sasha and yells in the face of Sasha, getting her face planted against a turnbuckle in return for her spite. Sasha connects with double knees forwarded into the Bank Statement to force Summer into Submission. Sasha wins the match.

And Lastly, Rusev saw himself challenge Cesaro, who had won the right to challenge him for his United States Championship earlier in the show. Taking advantage of Cesaro being hurt early on, the Bulgarian Brute would retain, then he and his Proud Fiancee Lana would learn that Rusev would be challenging Titus O Neil once more with the championship on the line this coming Monday on RAW.

(Cesaro vs Rusev w/ Lana; United States Championship Match)

(Billie Kay vs Dana Brooke; Summer Rae and Sasha Banks Backstage Segment)

(MizTV Segment feat the Miz, Maryse and Dean Ambrose)

(Summer Rae vs Sasha Banks)

Thoughts On:
Dana/Billie: When i saw the Photos from the Smackdown Taping regarding Billie having no own entrance video or Titantron during her entrance, i had a feeling she was nothing more than a filler due to a depleted roster because of the Tour of Japan. Regardless, as much as i wish Billie could be up on the main roster full time to fill up the necessary void left with numerous heel turns over the time, she did her part in making Dana look strong, and it provided a different outlook women’s wise for Smackdown this week, because rather than WWE go out of their way to serve up Becky despite her needed momentum for her own feud, they threw a different challenger out there and it also gives anyone who hasn’t seen NXT an insight into what Dana can accomplish in the ring on her own. Its doubtful Dana will rack up singles wins cleanly when Charlotte returns to the fray, but if that was the case, would that play a part in the eventual culmination of their partnership? Heck. Who wants to see Peyton and Billie possibly emerge on the main roster to partner with/support Becky Lynch before Peyton explodes into full on Victoria-Type Heel? *Raises Hand*

Summer/Sasha: Considering both history, chemistry, ring, mic skills and charisma, there’s nothing more to say than i cant help but continuously enjoy the clashes between Summer and Sasha, and when you take it from a B Side Show like Main Event where they have longer matches but to a smaller audience due to the show barely or not even being on Television (i don’t believe Main Event airs in Britain anymore) it, like Dana vs Billie, gives an insight into boths capabilities performance wise when you throw the two in the ring against each other. I Cant say enough about how Summer is the complete package right now, making the most of what shes got but being served the Alicia Fox role for an extensive time period by putting others over, which makes my heart sink when you hear Mauro refer to her possibly wanting to be Women’s Champion, which you hear a lot on Superstars Commentary with any other Woman who never made it to contention or came close but never reached the brass. I Seriously hope for a feud between the two rather than worry of them flip flopping Summers character to suit against whoever she opposes, face and heel, because it comes to be known that Summer puts so much effort into whatever role is given, but right now we know Sasha’s losing streak has yet to be lit, thus has yet to happen due to being massively protected for her enormous presumed championship push that will only open the doors to handing the reigns to Bayley. But a really solid effort between Sasha and Summer, and with no biasedness either. It luckily wasn’t two minutes, and that is something to be thankful for because they got enough time to shine in their own way.

– Catherine


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