TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Silencing the Praised and Courageous (June, 28th 2016)

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gail kim 1127

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Welcome All to Another Late Wrestling Related Report, this time looking back on this past weeks episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling. This week sees Recently Crowned TNA Knockouts Champion Sienna return to our TV Screens to showcase her said domination over the Knockouts Division, showing no fear as she battles a tough opponent in the Knockouts Veteran and Soon to Be Hall of Famer, Gail Kim, and the Knockouts Title will certainly be on the line.

Knockouts Veteran Gail Kim enters first, and one can wonder why she still retains the Ninja Gimmick upon the Hall of Fame announcement, but regardless the 5x Knockouts Champion is ready for battle against the Divisions current champion and dominator, who is lead to the ring by her pitchy partner, Allie. Before Sienna can do the work (and the damage) Allie has some things to get off her chest, right after “praising” Gail’s Upcoming Hall of Fame induction, believing that because of her lengthy tenure, that retirement is due, or forced retirement so to speak at the hands of the Champion. Allie instructs Sienna to make her way to the ring and Silence Gail.

Gail is speedy from the get go as she avoids offense from Sienna to try apply a waist-lock, reverting to a side headlock that is soon followed by an arm drag. Sienna tries to block the second arm drag, but ends up on the end of the head-scissor from Gail. Gail forearms Sienna, struggling to whip her to a corner after, and Sienna sends her to a corner, noticing Gail position her boot against the corner to prevent a hurtful landing, and Sienna charges towards the multi time Knockouts Champ, who kicks her to temporarily stall her. Gail clobbers Sienna with a quick clothesline, which gets her the first near fall of the match. Gail avoids Sienna’s retaliating clothesline, trying to tie her up in a crucifix/octopus hold, but Sienna impressively counters into a Samoan Drop. Sienna covers Gail, getting a near fall.

Gail is sent head first into the corner turnbuckle by Sienna, who additionally stomps down on her afterward. Sienna chokes Gail then gets mouthy with the referee, allowing Allie to sneak over to the apron and tug at Gail’s hair. Allie sneaks off, resuming her role of watching Sienna in action as the Knockouts Champ applies a hold to Gail. Sienna stalls Gail’s counter, wedging her in the corner. Sienna places Gail atop the top turnbuckle, throwing a hard forearm at her before Gail fends her off with her own. Gail executes a flip cutter from the top rope, and both ladies are down. Allie hops to the apron with Sienna’s championship in hand, hinting at a possible assist, but down comes Jade to yank her off the apron. Jade sets up to piledrive a screeching Allie, but down comes Marti Belle to cause more damage to the former friend again, smacking her in the back with the mystery Baton. While Marti smack talks Jade, Allie tries to lay out Gail by swinging the title at her, but Gail dodges and sends Allie down to the floor. Gail is blindsided by Sienna’s Finishing Silencer which gets her the pinfall victory over the Soon to be Hall of Famer. Sienna Retains the Championship.

Following up from last weeks events, Rosemary continues to play with the mind of Bram flirtatiously in her second bid to welcome him into the Decay. Despite Bram assuring himself that he doesn’t need her at his side, Rosemary sees otherwise, believing some come to Decay willingly, while some need to be coerced. The Weeks will tell us how far Rosemary will go to extend her crazy faction.

In Addition to that side feud, Reby Sky also continued to be wedged in between the Hardy war, obviously picking the villainous side by supporting her Husband, whose disdain for his brothers fanbase lead to him summoning his brother to challenge him to the first ever Hardy vs Hardy Televised Battle outside of the TNA ring.

And the Momentum of the Miracle continued to work wonders as the current X Division Champion took advantage of a downed Braxton Sutter at the hands of the Helms Dynasty to get an easy victory over the crowned contender, additionally vowing to take his X Division Title as a cash in method to challenge sometime for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

(Gail Kim vs Sienna w/ Allie; Knockouts Championship Match feat Jade and Marti Belle)

(Bram and Rosemary Backstage Segment)

(Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs Braxton Sutter; X Division Championship Match)

(Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Backstage Segment)

(Matt Hardy, Reby Sky and Jeff Hardy Segment)

Thoughts On:
Sienna/Gail: I Was Rather baffled at how Gail vs Sienna ended so quickly, but it did its job in capitalizing on Sienna and Allie’s partnership as heels, and in showing that Sienna can defeat someone with as much star power as Gail Kim, with the assist of course. It does make me happy that Jade didn’t get her rematch clause straight away as i do see that if taken in that direction, TNA would have possibly had her jobbed out or just put Sienna over then fade away, so after the angle with Marti is done, one can hope TNAs plans involve Jade being massively pushed back into the title picture to make up for the short reign of which she had but at the moment, the Bound for Glory Knockouts Title Match is still unpredictable.

Rosemary/Bram: As Always Rosemary’s Promo Work is a Perfect Ten and its becoming interesting in regards to the choice of who TNA have picked in terms of situating in this angle with Bram. I Dont see Bram joining Decay despite being a mega good heel, especially in his angle with Magnus which still remains my favorite of his, but going back to his Ascension Days (and wondering what would have happened if it weren’t for his incident in terms of where he could have gone on WWE’s Main Roster) if Bram’s face run doesn’t work out with so many babyfaces coming in and currently being pushed, EC3, Braxton, Galloway etc, whats the chances of TNA repackaging or tweaking his character with a type of dark lord persona (ignoring the “they copied so and so” comments because its renewing a character he already had that he worked well as) at the side of Rosemary or even as the “Dark Lord” of Decay alongside the faction, with Rosemary’s “desire” for such a dark character leading to a conflict angle between them and Steve and Abyss later in the future? Just a thought but i loved Bram’s time in the Ascension and wouldn’t mind it being renewed with a full repackaging in TNA. Heck, who knows. Maybe Magnus will come back to save him from Decay unless Storm is thrown in instead as a tag team partner to help him out.

– Catherine


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