WWE NXT RESULTS: Confirming Superiority With Twisted Bliss (June, 29th 2016)

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So After a Social Weekend Im Back and this site has been SCREAMING for some updates. Regardless, im here with one of two posts to be completed today, first talking this weeks impressive NXT episode. This past weeks show presented us the first Carmella vs Alexa Bliss match since their rivalry in June of last year alongside their fellow alliances who have gone on to do separate things since. Looking to stand in Carmella’s way of a possible run with the title, Alexa challenges the Princess of Staten Island, looking to continue her own run of momentum.

The Ladies are provided the opening match of the show, with Naughty Miss Bliss entering first, followed by the equally Charismatic Carmella, who isn’t even introducing herself this week. The Bell rings once both opponents are in the ring and Carmella and Alexa lock up to kick-start things, but shove each other off within moments, leading to a standoff before they engage in a second lock up, one that Carmella reverses into a hammerlock. Alexa also manages a reversal, catching Carmella in a side headlock before being sent to the ropes. Alexa bounces back with an elbow that takes down Carmella, and as Alexa takes to the ropes again, Carmella rolls herself away from a mid ring assault, also looking to stall Alexa’s attack by pressing herself closer to the ropes. However, Alexa stands on Carmella instead and and uses her foot to constantly stamp on Carmella’s shoulder. Carmella trips Alexa just as she looks to run the ropes, rolling her over for the first pin attempt, one that Alexa swiftly escapes at a count of one. Alexa returns the favor with her own roll up, scoring a mirrored result.

Alexa snapmares Carmella, but Carmella has good footing and is able to balance rather than tumble to the mat. Alexa looks far from impressed, swinging at Carmella but the clothesline misses and Carmella sends Alexa whirling via a head-scissor. Following up from another head-scissor, Carmella dropkicks Alexa, and Alexa soon rolls from the ring to avoid a further assault from Carmella, who appears to be gathering momentum. Alexa eventually returns to the ring, and its not long before shes kneed by Carmella, who takes her down to the mat with a side headlock applied. Alexa reverses into a head-scissor, which remains applied for some time before Carmella kicks out of it. Alexa then finds herself taken back to the mat per another take-down. Alexa reverses into a hammerlock and side headlock, taken to the ropes, but her next attack is stalled by Carmella, who one ups Alexa once again with yet another take-down. Alexa sends Carmella to a corner, and Carmella heads up to the turnbuckles to avoid Alexa’s corner splash, having a possible head-scissor averted, and Alexa drives the back of Carmella’s neck into the apron. Alexa targets the left arm of Carmella, snapping it against the ring ropes before bringing her back to the ring for a cover, scoring her first near fall of the match.

Returning from a break, Alexa continues her momentum as she continues to apply pressure to the left shoulder of Carmella. Carmella tries to punch her way out, to no avail as Alexa continues to aggressively target the same arm. She tries to again, but is driven to the mat, and Alexa sends her knees into the same exploited and hurt left arm of Carmella. Alexa follows this with double knees to the midsection right into the Glitz Flip now named “Insult to Injury”. This gets Alexa another near fall on Carmella. The Referee puts up with a disagreeing Alexa’s temper tantrum, and once the fuming Alexa turns back to the opponent, she receives a slap. Alexa charges at Carmella, but Carmella blocks off the angry opposer with a forearm. Carmella uses her right arm to clothesline Alexa, following with an atomic drop before running Alexa into her boot, planted against the corners top turnbuckle. Carmella executes a hurricanrana from the top rope followed by a super-kick, and she then nails the bronco buster to Alexa in an opposite corner.

Carmella goes for a corner shoulder tackle, but Alexa floats upward, sunset flipping Carmella for another near fall. Alexa forearms Carmella before heading upward to the top turnbuckle for the finish, but Carmella climbs over and hits Alexa, and an elbow does little to knock her away as Carmella performs a handstand, using her legs to send Alexa off the turnbuckles and to the mat. Carmella darts over and tries to pin her not once but twice, both times getting a near fall. Carmella attempts an armbar but Alexa reverses and clenches Carmella by the throat, driving her angrily to the mat before scaling the turnbuckles to perform Twisted Bliss, once known as the Sparkle Splash. The Sudden finish gets Alexa the pinfall victory over Carmella.

Alexa isn’t done there, as she drops in on Bayleys backstage interview later in the night, voicing her disapproval at Bayley wanting to battle for the NXT Women’s Championship again. She reminds the Huggable One that she didn’t get pinned in the past triple threat for the contendership involving herself, Carmella and Nia Jax, and in addition, she cant help but boast at destroying Bayleys best friend earlier in the night. Alexa threatens Bayley, stating that if she wants to be NXT Women’s Champion, she has to go through her.

(Carmella vs Alexa Bliss)

(Alexa Bliss and Bayley Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Having wanted to see Alexa and Carmella go one on one again for a long time, i was honestly so stoked for this match and it delivered, as not only do they still have that noticeable chemistry, but they got an encounter with worthy ring time, proving the extension of their in ring work. Bliss and Carmella going ahead into the future could put on a solid series of matches, and the particular run of momentum for Alexa makes me so sad for whats about to go down next week, because as over and as popular Bayley is, will a 2nd women’s title run allow her to pass down to the mentioned two or will the draft force-ably snatch up both ladies, taking away Carmella’s hopes to be Women’s Champion and prove that was only for a script, and Alexa’s chance to have a Women’s Title run that should be the case considering shes NXTs current total package? Regardless, i know Alexa will have the best brought out again next week, and there’s so much more they can do with both ladies in NXT. Sure Carmella could be brought up to join Enzo and Cass, but if they brought her up for reasons other than that, they would take away a possible top babyface replacement over Bayley in my opinion. Lets see what the next few weeks of TV hold for the Princess of Staten Island.

– Catherine


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