WWE RAW RESULTS: Independently Staking Claims Before Stepping Into the Battleground (July, 4th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks RAW Report, which aired in conjunction with this years Independence Day celebratories in the United States, so expect some babyface patriotism, a main event pretty expected, and in some cases, very little build up (Yes Creative im looking at you again in regards to Natalya’s Heel Run). On this weeks show Summer Rae got her rematch with Becky Lynch, and a Certain “Bo$$” confronted her current adversaries in Dana Brooke and Women’s Champion Charlotte.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke are the first of the women’s divisions competitors to emerge on the show (counting out the opening food fight) clad in black and seemingly indicating they are not competing in the ring, though physicality against the current enemy cant be ruled out or even far away. After looking back at Sasha’s return to Television some weeks ago, Brooke and Charlotte stand by in the ring and the Champ has some things to say. She goes out of her way to throw out claims that everyone around her in life is much jealous of her as shes gone on to be the very best, and her championship title is the proof. Speaking of Jealousy, she believes there is no one more jealous of her than her current enemy in Sasha Banks, stating that it must eat her former NXT comrade alive that she is the one running the division and not her. She adds that instead Sasha clings onto the wannabes in the background that constantly chant for her presence, and gets the “We Want Sasha” chant going. She reminds the audience that chants don’t pay the bills, but championships do, and there is no woman right now who has done more than her this year, and she draws out an angry Sasha Banks after belittling her, making out the once NXT Women’s Champion is “All Hype”.

The Also Black Clad Women’s Superstar throws off the accusations of Jealousy, reminding her former partner that even if she is the Champion, she will never be her. As Sasha strides to the ring, Charlotte points out that she doesn’t want to be Sasha. Sasha doesn’t deny the accomplishments Charlotte has made over the year as she steps into the ring, but she has yet to beat her in the ring. She threatens Dana if she even tries to touch her, then reflects on WrestleMania, where her chances to take the Gold were duped per the assist of Ric Flair. Sasha certifies that once she steps into the ring with Charlotte, she will dominate, but Charlotte remarks that this claim is nothing but delusional. Mocking Sasha’s Character, Charlotte goes on to remind all that she has been clinging to gold nearly all of the year, with next week being the one year anniversary of their spectacular main roster debut, so since she holds these lengthy reigns, she believes this makes her the Boss instead.

Sasha is far from impressed, telling the Champ that a Boss fights for what she believes in rather than have anything handed, and a Boss also has a style that is the realest rather than a knock off of “Daddys”, referencing Charlotte taking Ric’s unique style. To Add a Boss will fight to represent whether she has folks on her side or has to work alone, and this particular Boss is here to tell Charlotte that her reign as Champion is over. Dana tries to swing at Sasha but takes a forearm, a repeat of past history, then Sasha lunges at Charlotte. Charlotte gets the upper hand with a big boot that lays Sasha out, and she taunts the future opposition before scooping her into her arms for a possible exploder suplex that Sasha counters into the Backstabber followed right into the painful Bank Statement Submission. The Protege Dana is on hand to pull Charlotte out of the hopeful contenders clutches and both ladies escape with the title, but with some additional humiliation.

Coming up right after that is a Champion vs Champion Match as Intercontinental Champion The Miz, with his Wife Maryse in his corner, takes on WWEs Current Top Champion Dean Ambrose. As expected this doesn’t work in the Most Must See Superstars favor as he ends up eating the pin after the Dirty Deeds from Dean.

Also, Vickie Guerrero makes a surprise one night return to promote the upcoming Brand Split, and following her traditional “Excuse Me” she lets all know that she is throwing her name out there to run the Live Smackdown Shows, but ends up being officially escorted out, even being confronted by her former on screen Beau Dolph Ziggler, who doesn’t acknowledge their once partnership.

It isn’t until the last hour that Becky Lynch graces the TV Screens for her match with Summer, a match that was initially meant to happen last week on RAW but instead Summer just stood around as Becky instead went out of her way to target her former partner Natalya who turned on her at Money in the Bank. Hiding from Becky in the Back (or more so just staying in the back as a result of last minute terrible booking) is Natalya to watch the match and survey her upcoming opponent, as Lynch will face the once popular babyface at Battleground. Summer is already awaiting in the ring as the Lasskicker makes her entrance, and as soon as the Fiery Haired Women’s Superstar steps in the ring, the match gets underway.

Summer shoves at Becky, who tries to retaliate with a kick that gets blocked. Becky makes up for it with an inziguiri, and she tries to splash Summer in the corner but the leggy blonde quickly moves away, and she grabs Becky by her hair from behind and sends her to the mat, stomping on her continuously after. Summer goes on to choke Becky against the ropes and additionally against a corner using her foot, then continues on with her momentum as she whips Becky into a Roundhouse Kick. Summer goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on Becky.

Summer reverts to a hold that Becky tries to escape with various forearms aimed at the midsection of Summer. Summer hits back with a knee, and she tosses Becky back to the mat before driving her to the mat with a mistimed suplex for another near fall. Summer tries to make up for this with another suplex attempt, but Becky counters into a roll up for another near fall. Becky avoids a running clothesline and starts coming back with her own, and she also kicks Summer before elbowing her against a corner. Becky hooks the legs following an exploder suplex, but its another near fall result for Becks on Summer. Becky tries the next attack as she tries to drag Summer from the ropes but Summer knocks her away a little with a kick before returning to the ring. Becky ducks a Roundhouse from Summer and finds her way into locking the Disarmer, which Summer near instantly taps to. Becky wins the match.

(RAW Opening Independence Day Food Fight Segment)

(Lilian Garcia Performs the American National Anthem)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Titus O Neil; United States Championship Rematch)

(Sasha Banks, Dana Brooke and Charlotte Segment)

(Dean Ambrose vs The Miz w/ Maryse; Champion vs Champion Match)

(Vickie Guerrero Returns to RAW)

(Summer Rae vs Becky Lynch)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Charlotte Segment: Overall I Was a Fan of Boths Delivery on the Mic Here and i have nothing negative to say other than Dana’s lack of involvement and how she gets little mic time in the wake of the feud though i do believe the belief she isn’t in the center of this feud right now means she will be the focal point of Charlotte’s victory at Battleground if a Match with Sasha is still on the cards then since Paige seems to have disappeared completely from the mind of the bookers just like their inability to allow Natalya momentum in her own feud and to deliver further explanations as to why she turned in the first place. I Do also question, however, why Charlotte continues to Mimic Ric’s taunts despite separating from him entirely, but i do expect him to come back and have influence in the feud heading into Summerslam.

Summer/Becky: Other than that botched spot, it was a good match between Summer and Becky, serving its purpose of allowing Becky to gather further momentum before Battleground, though i do feel the creative writers took a huge step back on this feud, as well as others, this week by providing a lack of further building this week or else i would have expected for Natalya to emerge and do something because she needs to be showcased as the dangerous opponent shes expected to be, the woman whose submissions make the others “cry” like back in the Divas of Doom days. Maybe Dot Com should provide a sit down interview with Natalya regarding her motives, have her explain that her pledges on Total Divas were realistic to be used to the capacity she should be, that even the Bella’s pledged for her to be in the “Revolution” and that the cries were ignored and instead the fans were fed the NXTs Three Horsewomen, adding that this frustrated Natalya that she was being overlooked despite her talents because of these. Easy things like this add an explanation in Natalya’s motives and the reasoning for her turn, even if the whole “i look out for myself” quote kind of hit the nail on the head, and maybe Vince doesn’t like Nattie’s promo work, i don’t know, but on the side of the villain, some promos are needed right now because Becky just winning another match next week doesn’t add an extra layer to the said feud, and it’ll be simmered and become forgettable, though everyone knows both can deliver a five star match and more. If WWE take the route of mis-booking this feud heading into Battleground, then i can only hope it gets an extension to save it from becoming bland and fizzled.

– Catherine


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