Cattie’s Catch Up: Ivelisse vs Mil Muertes for the Lucha Underground Championship (January, 27th 2016)

ivelisse velez 61

Welcome All to Another Midweek reflect on moments in women’s wrestling, though i can be sure that this week isn’t exactly focused on Woman v Woman Physicality, because, since this week gives us the kick-start to Lucha Undergrounds Second Ultima Lucha Extravaganza, Suitably Titled Ultima Lucha Dos, i think it’d be appropriate to look at how Lucha Undergrounds Second Season Kicked off, and in a big way it did.

As the Promotion returned for a second season of action this past January, it sure wasn’t going to be an easy ride for some top babyfaces with Catrina, the Manager of Mil Muertes, having an icy grip over the Temple per Dario Cueto’s to-be-explained departure. Catrina ensured she was going to make the foe, who she had crossed paths with numerous times during the debut season, face difficulties, and did the exact same for the also returning comrades and former Trios Champions Angelico and Son of Havoc, booking them in an opening match where they would face each other, where for the victor, a massive match against Mil for the Lucha Underground Championship was obtainable, to be undergone on the same night. Despite managing through season one to affirm her companionship with Havoc and Angelico, Ivelisse, as well as the said two, agreed to the bout, with Ivelisse emerging victorious and making history by becoming the first female to challenge for the Lucha Underground Championship. Ivelisse looked to defy all odds and Mil’s supreme strength, even having watched her partners be thrown out by Catrina’s fellow disciples, but in the end, despite showcased courage and passion, fell to Mil, assuring the continuation of his and Catrina’s domination.

– Catherine


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