TNA IMPACT RESULTS: A Deadly Weapon is The “Trump Card” In The Former Champion Deleting a Recent Foe (July, 5th 2016)

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Welcome Everyone and Everybody to this weeks IMPACT Report. Now TNA may have been going on (and on and on and on and on) about their promoted Jeff vs Matt Rematch, this time uniquely within their own grounds in NC (titled #TheFinalDeletion) but lets not forget the other wrestlers competing in TNAs own ring that night. Jade and Marti squared off once more in the continuation of their heated rivalry, this time in the form of a street fight, and the Aligned unit of Raquel and the BroMans faced their longtime rivals the Decay, with some added exposure, but what could that be? We’ll soon find out.

But first, following a short vignette with Reby, Matt and Co, we head to the IMPACT Zone and see TNAs Power Couple of Maria and Mike Bennett making their way to the ring. Mike, the current holder of the X Division Championship, proclaims he is cashing in on Option C tonight, to become the future TNA World Champion. Dixie emerges before the boastful couple and seemingly agrees with Bennett’s option, but if he wants to go that far, he has to successfully defend his current title first, in Ultimate X. In Fact, he will defend the X Division Title right away….against DJ Z, Mandrews, Braxton Sutter, Eddie Edwards, Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee and Rockstar Spud. It seems Dixie’s Plan Worked to Perfection, to make Bennett pay for his recent disrespectful tirades and overall representation of the Division, as Eddie Edwards won the match, becoming a 2x X Division Champion.

Later in the show, we are presented with our single Knockouts Match of the Night as Marti Belle faces her former partner Jade in a Street Fight. After Taunting Jade to “Come Out and Play” Backstage, Out comes Marti and down to the ring, followed by the entrance of Jade, who is in no mood to wait for a fight with Marti considering her actions in recent weeks, and current momentum. As Per the Rule of a Street Fight, All Weapons are Legal. Watching Marti quickly bolt for the ring, Jade cowers at another side of the ring before going after Marti, attacking with forearms to kick off this match. Marti fights back with her own, also shoving Jade back first into the nearest ring post. Marti looks to reverse momentum early as she runs her into the same ring post, and Jades face connects with the post, before meeting the apron also, courtesy of Marti. Marti runs her back into the post once more before rolling the former Knockouts champ into the ring, also pacing over to the nearby trashcan, removing some weapons from it for future use, this being a steel chair, kendo stick and trashcan lid as well as a baking tray.

Avoiding connecting with the baking tray, Jade instead takes Marti down and throws forearms at her, before a further assault is averted when Marti smacks her with the tray. Marti smacks her many times with it before planting her in the corner, tray in both hands, kicking the tray and Jade in turn. Marti scoops possibly the most lethal weapon, being the steel chair, but Jade attacks before she can attempt to use it. Marti lays out Jade then proceeds to find a second steel chair and kendo stick for usage as she goes through the outside trashcan. Marti heads to the ring, only to have a trashcan lid thrown at her by Jade. Marti lobs it back but Jade catches it, but its all a part of the plan, as Marti nails her own variation of a Botox Injection to Jade. Marti nails hits with the kendo stick, but all of a sudden Jade finds sudden rage within her, and tempts Marti into hitting her more with it. Jade reverses momentum and continuously smacks the kendo stick against the body of Marti. Jade puts the trashcan lid over Marti before returning to using the kendo stick again. With the Trashcan still over the struggling Marti, Jade connects with a dropkick to Marti (and the trashcan) in the corner.

Jade removes the trashcan off of Marti before attempting the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall. She returns to the use of offense with a suplex, and has her chicken-wing suplex set up reversed as Marti sends her over both shoulders and into the behind trashcan. Marti heads to the outside and seeks and finds her baton, returning to the ring with the well known weapon that she has used advantageously as of late in her hands, but Jade also has her own weapon snuck in. A Terrified Marti backs away a little as Jade reveals her Nunchucks, blocking Marti’s attempted attack, pulling away the baton in addition, and taking Marti down with the said weapon. Jade dropkicks Marti before setting up a steel chair close to the ring center. Jade hits a package piledriver to Marti on top of the chair for the pinfall victory. Jade wins the match.

Following up from this match, A Devastated and really annoyed Mike Bennett returns to the ring with Maria at his side, voicing his frustrations at missing out on his deserved chance to be in the main event of Destination X, a match that opened a chance for him to become World Champion. An Equally disgruntled Maria tries to summon out Dixie, but gets Billy Corgan instead. Maria makes it clear to the TNA Exec that she is additionally deserving of taking charge of the company, which leads to the TNA President stepping out from the back to confront Maria face to face. Dixie makes it clear that she wont be stepping down from duty to pass down her role to Maria, accusing the frustrated Wife of “The Miracle” of manipulating people, including Billy. In turn, she reminds Maria that herself and Mike were hired to make a difference for TNA, not to become a joke and Mike is left infuriated. Assured that he has made a massive difference for their company since stepping into their ring, Mike tries to persuade Dixie to give him his main event shot at Destination X, despite losing that slot to Edwards earlier in the night by losing his X Division Title. When Maria also loses her cool, Billy is forced to step in and silence her, and despite his past admiration for the duo, hes displeased at them acting like spoiled children, and he blames Mike for his own failure to have his world title spot, as well as telling Maria that Dixie has been more than fair as to hire Maria, only to be taken advantage of. Corgan gives them one last ultimatum, if they don’t like how their way is failing, the door to them leaving is there, and he will also hold it. Mike and Maria do not do as suggested, and Mike instead plans to ruin everything at Destination X before the heel couple walk from the ring.

Next we go to the Mixed Tag and entering first are the BroMans (Robbie E and Jesse) and Raquel, followed by the Decay (the current TNA Tag Team Champions) and Rosemary. Before the match can even be underway, Jesse says he has some things to clear up to Robbie, as the presumed talking behind his back was a part of he and Raquel’s Plan to sneak in some “Big Brother After Dark” tactics by exposing some camera action between Rosemary and Bram. What is revealed is the recently teased pairing of Rosemary and Bram making out. While Decay are left to take this in, the BroMans and Raquel begin the match by attacking the heels from behind outside the ring. After this outside scuffle, Raquel leads Rosemary to the ring and pulls her into a clothesline, unloading on her as the bell has officially rung. After some fiery forearms, Raquel looks to splash Rosemary in a corner, but Rosemary reverses and throws Rosemary into the corner turnbuckles. Regardless, Raquel recovers in quick time and uses her forearm to block an oncoming corner splash from Rosemary. Steve hits the ring, trying to block Raquel’s attempts to escape but Raquel manages to dash over to the BroMans, tagging in Jesse.

Rosemary tags in later and lets out her frustrations on Jesse, forearming the babyface continuously before tagging in Abyss to further deal with him. After a fair bit of back and forth action with both BroMans and the heel side, Raquel comes running in as Rosemary tries to choke out Jesse, dropkicking her from Jesse’s back and Lou Thesz Pressing her from the apron to the outside floor. Though this outside altercation does seem to favor the Decay in terms of reversing momentum suddenly, the BroMans turn things around and Jesse gets the winning pin for the team. Robbie E, Raquel and Jesse win the match.

(Mike Bennett, Maria and Dixie Carter Opening Segment)

(Marti Belle vs Jade; Street Fight)

(Maria, Mike Bennett, Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan Segment)

(Rosemary, Abyss and Crazy Steve vs Raquel, Robbie E and Jesse Godderz; Mixed Tag Team Match)

(Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy – The Final Deletion feat Reby Sky)

Thoughts On:
Jade/Marti: Other than Marti barely selling forearms in the first few moments of the match, it was overall a pretty good showcase from the two and (in my opinion) better than their last match. I Loved Jades use of the Nunchucks, and how she looked like a badass doing it, with the persona setting her apart from other Knockouts in terms of character. She Looked Fearless, with no fear of a fight of such brutality that she could easily be TNA’s Asuka. I Just hope it isn’t as Josh stated, the ending of their feud, because with their lengthy backstory, it deserves to go much further, even throwing Rebel into the mix on the side of Marti so she isn’t remembered as Just the Person who got randomly thrown into the Dollhouse. Theres plenty time till Bound for Glory, so they can easily extend this feud for Jade until she starts chasing Sienna for the title, if those plans are in the works, which has yet to be known.

Mixed Tag: I Have So Many Positives from this match. First of all the BroMans are working great as babyfaces, giving TNA their top babyface team considering not too long ago the Tag Division was dying for replenishment. Decay are great in their role as always though i do question where the affiliation between Rosemary and Bram is going considering Rosemary is a great speaker for the Decay and doesnt need to be dragged away from the team yet, so im just hoping that it might go under the lines of Her Possibly possessing Bram as a way to force him to their side and to allow Bram to use a character similar if not the same as his Ascension Gimmick, of which he nailed to a “T”. But considering how long Bram has been babyface for, i don’t see that happening, so if he cant deal with Rosemary alone, considering the numbers on the side of Decay, who does he bring in to even the odds? Also Raquel’s ring work was really good here, and if anyone watches her Xplosion Match with Madison and her yet to be uploaded match with Marti, its easy to say Raquel has come leaps and bounds since Knockouts Knockdown, and since Tough Enough as she seems to be picking up things pretty quickly. Also I Could Say So Much about how far Jesse has come since debuting as Tara’s Sidekick back in 2012, but if i went on about that it would be at least another seven paragraphs, so…..nothing bad to say overall on this encounter.

– Catherine


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