WWE NXT RESULTS: NXTs Fave Looks to Vanquish the Blissful Ride to the Top (July, 6th 2016)

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Welcome to this weeks NXT report, better late than never, and as the road to Brooklyn narrows, as we’ve learned over the weeks, a very charismatic Alexa Bliss has made it clear to all that she is one of the women’s divisions competitors deserving of the NXT Women’s Championship, willing to run through anyone in her way. Already dealing a dealt hand of defeat to Carmella last week, this week Bliss’s target sighted is someone looking for even more momentum as she looks to be the one and only challenger for Asuka’s Women’s Championship Title, Bayley, in a match set up through a backstage confrontation last week.

And Like her last in ring engagement, Bliss’s match is the opener of the card, as Bayley is first to make an entrance for the opening match of the night, followed by NXT’s Well Spoken Bad Girl. A Lock up between the two women starts the match, with Bayley seemingly taking the lead early as she captures Alexa in a hammerlock. A Quick snapmare follows this, then Bayley provides a spinning elbow and clothesline for Alexa to take. A Third assault by Bayley is stalled when Alexa quickly gets to her feet, kneeing Bayley as she charges towards her. Reversing momentum wholly, Alexa takes advantage as she snaps Bayley against the ropes. Despite the lethal maneuver, its only enough for her to get a one count on the former NXT Women’s Champion.

Alexa attacks Bayley continuously and does not let up as she scores a number of kicks to Bayley against the corner. Alexa targets the back of Bayley before locking in a hold, added with some smack talking. Alexa uses her strength to reverse her way back into the hold despite Bayleys attempts to escape, and the former NXT Women’s Champion tries to escape once more as she gives Alexa some punches, but as quick, Alexa fires back, tossing Bayley to the mat by the back of her head. Alexa goes for her second cover of the match, getting a near fall. Alexa doesn’t give in there however, and she attempts to further wear down the former champ as she chokes her against the second rope. Alexa covers again, with the Huggable One escaping at the count of one. Alexa viciously counters each of Bayleys attempts to reverse momentum, and sends her face first into the mat numerous times using her boot. Alexa scores kicks to Bayley, but Bayley soon finds her inner momentum, blocking one more kick from Bliss, and the heel wrestler is sent to the corner via Bayleys Buckle Bomb. Bayleys momentum returns for usage as she splashes Alexa against the corner multiple times, and she additionally rams her back first into an opposite corner, where she continues to wear down the opposition.

Bayley rams Alexa back first into the previous corner, but midway through the next attack, Alexa floats and tries to Sunset Flip Bayley, but Bayley sits on her to counter into a pin attempt, resulting in her getting a near fall on Bliss. Bliss gets to her feet near instantly and slaps Bayley across the face, lethal enough to knock her against the corner. The Ref backs off Alexa on multiple occasions to check on the hurt Bayley as we come to a short break.

When we return, Alexa carries on from where the obtained momentum left off, firing forearms at her before attempting a pin, cancelled at the count of one when the ref notices Alexa’s foot under the rope. Alexa uses the ropes to inflict more damage to Bayley, stretching the left arm against the ropes also while applying her foot to it. Alexa attempts to snap the body of Bayley against the ropes like earlier in the match but Bayley uses both legs to counter and send Alexa bouncing into the ropes. Alexa gets to her feet and charges at Bayley, slipping through the ropes but finding her positioning on the apron. Bayley takes advantage of this to snap the upper body of Bliss against the ropes. Bayley yanks Bliss back into the ring for a pin attempt, getting a near fall on the fellow hopeful contender. Before Bayley can execute anything else, a Furious Alexa clenches her by her throat and slams her to the mat, followed with the double knees combo. Alexa Glitz Flips Bayley, and one last kick moves Bayley closer to a corner, a particular corner Alexa soon heads up to perform the Sparkle Splash turned Twisted Bliss. Just as Bliss makes it to the top turnbuckle, Bayley is up and she hits Bliss with a forearm to stall. A Fair few Forearms follow before Alexa tries to knock away Bayley with her own, and Bliss hits a Massive Sunset Flip Powerbomb for a near fall, left with a Gold Reaction from the Furious Competitor.

Alexa gives the referee a mouthful before attempting to scoop up Bayley, but to her dismay, is soon meeting the mat per a take-down from Bayley. Bayley provides a Jackknife cover to get a near fall on Alexa. Alexa follows with a take-down of her own into a mirrored pin attempt, with an additional mirrored result. Bayley avoids offense from Alexa, and with fast pace, rolls Alexa through for another pin attempt, but yet another mirrored result as she gets a near fall on Bliss. Alexa rolls up Bayley once more to achieve the same. Bayley attempts a take-down again but Alexa blocks it and rolls her into a backslide for yet another near fall. Bayley suddenly suplexes Alexa but like past pin attempts, it proves that Alexa will not stay down, escaping again at two.

Alexa reverses a whip by Bayley to send her into a corner, only to have her follow up corner splash blocked by an elbow. Bayley uses time wisely to head to the turnbuckles, but maybe too much as Alexa recovers and sweeps her off the turnbuckles, sending her down to the mat. Bliss readies a Vader Bomb that Bayley counters by raising her feet, and Alexa finds herself floored by a Sudden Belly to Belly Suplex, aka the signature finish from Bayley. Bayley pins Alexa to win the match, continuing her journey onward to possible contention.

Bayley has some things to say after her celebrations, stating its been a long road back to NXT, additionally admitting defeat at the hands of Asuka at Dallas. Bayley promised to bounce back, only to be knocked down, this time by another foe, that being Nia Jax. Bayley voices her frustrations at having to sit out on Takeover courtesy of Jax, but shes back and ready. Before she can finalize that sentence, a Casually Dressed Nia heads to the ring to stare down her Takeover London opposition. She has noticed Bayleys challenge and accepts.

(Alexa Bliss vs Bayley feat Nia Jax)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though a part of me does feel NXTs booking may have been shortsighted by throwing Alexa and Nia both in Bayleys pit by having any momentum thrashed by losses, there’s no denying Bayley is contributing to bringing out the best athletic ability in those she encounters and that, and because of Alexa’s expanded ring work, we got a mega match here between Bliss and Bayley, making all hopefully forget the last encounters that lacked much chemistry. I Loved Alexa’s sunset flip powerbomb, the hilarious pinfall reaction and how Bayley sold that slap. It was INSANE. I Dont have much to say on Nia’s appearance following the match other than how her actions differentiate from the typical monster heel, but either way i loved that interaction anyway. Now the question remains as to whether NXT will suddenly throw in a Four Way considering the heels more or less have rights to spout at being held off from contendership status through their losses (watch next week) or will a win for Bayley at Takeover (one that will make her the first ever 2x Women’s Champion) be a passing of the torch to Carmella or proof that NXT’s transcript of making Carmella look to pursue the Championship just a script with nothing more to follow. Also where is Asuka’s reactions in this feud with Bayley because there’s not much time left until Brooklyn?

– Catherine


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