WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Battles Are On Between the Various in the Division (July, 7th 2016)


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Greetings All and Welcome to my final WWE Report of the week, this time concerning all thats happening women’s wise on the blue brand soon to be majorly effected by the Live WWE Draft, Smackdown. Smackdown this week quickly picked up on where RAW seemingly left off in the developments between feuding adversaries Becky Lynch and Natalya and provided another step in Banks Road to Contention.

Lynch is set to have a match on this weeks show versus an opponent unnamed. Though shes all smile and all hype making her way to the ring for a said match, instead shes ambushed by the Woman whose had watchful eyes on her in recent weeks, Natalya. The Queen of Harts clubs the Fiery Lasskicker from behind, ripping at her jacket before clotheslining the defenseless former PCB member. The Brawl makes its way around ringside, and a savage assault by Natalya ends in her applying the sharpshooter to Becky, forcing officials to get involved to try loosen her grip. Natalya eventually releases Becky and heads back to the backstage area with work well and truly done.

Moving forward from this painful development for Lynch, we see Sasha Banks in a backstage interview with Renee. Sasha doesn’t seem too fussed about leaving the Women’s Champion Charlotte lying this past Monday on RAW, and she has some things to say about Charlotte’s Remark as to whether the hopeful future champ is “all hype” but before she can finish this statement, Dana Brooke and the Champion herself steps in, funnily enough with Charlotte donning some knock off gear of what Sasha would be seen donning on her way to the ring. Charlotte mocks the Dollar Store Jewelry, and when Sasha looks to retaliate, Dana slowly steps in to ward off Sasha, claiming the NXT Alumni got Lucky as of late, but can this supposed luck be repeated as she challenges Sasha to a match Monday on RAW. Sasha is fine with this, but questions the timing, and before she can try urge Dana into a match early, Charlotte, the claimed “LeBron James” of the Division, steps in. Sasha makes it clear to the long tenured opponent that shes happy to knock her down and take her title, but she will see Dana first before she can get to that.

In Addition to all these developments, Lana stands by her Fiancee and United States Champion Rusev as he sounds off on a rather surprising future opposer, Zack Ryder, who went out of his way to challenge the Bulgarian Brute following a massive win over Sheamus. Plus a development from the Hilarious RAW Food fight leads to Miz, with Maryse at his side, challenging and successfully defeating Kalisto. Can Kalisto move forward from his last title reign to possibly emerge victorious in RAWs battle royal and score revenge against the Must See Superstar in the Battleground? Time will soon tell.

(Natalya Attacks Becky Lynch + Dana Brooke, Charlotte and Sasha Banks Backstage Segment)

(Lana and Rusev Backstage Segment)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Kalisto)

Thoughts On:
Natalya/Becky: Thankfully we didn’t get repetitive match encounters like past Smackdown episodes have served where Becky or anyone else goes over a particular opponent numerous times with little to no backstory after, and though i do believe the lack of babyfaces to be jobbed out on the roster may have lead to the move in the angle between Natalya and Becky, it helped display Natalya’s Non-forgotten dominance and mean streak, effectively gaining the needed momentum. With the Road to Battleground shortening, i can only hope this feud amps up from here as it should, like we all thought when Paige pushed AJ Lee (Brooks) off the Stage sometime ago. To Add to that hope, we can all hope for some promo time in this feud, and a more in depth explanation regarding Natalya’s actions and reverting back to her villainous persona.

Sasha/Dana/Charlotte: Personally, I Loved This Segment because it allows not only for another encounter on the mic between Sasha and Charlotte, a feud that goes WAY back, but we actually got to see Dana step in, even at a minor rate, but still progression to be made on creatives side. It was smartly booked script wise as the last thing to be said by Sasha was regarding the challenge from Dana for RAW, and how Charlotte quietly brought up to her protege “about that” once Sasha had left the scene. Since there’s much predictability in the outcome since Sasha is being protected from pinfalls, and since Dana’s momentum has taken a massive hit since Emma’s Injury, i do believe no match will happen on RAW but rather a set up attack from the two heels which will leave them standing tall instead to close that particular moment on the show, since Sasha has thrown most of the punches since the angle made its way back to Television. I Can Only Hope since outside of the Match with Billie, Dana needs to look strong, as does Charlotte.

– Catherine


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