Cattie’s Catch Up: Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Debut on RAW (July, 13th 2015)

sasha 757

Welcome to a New Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, and this midweek reflection on a moment in women’s wrestling couldn’t be more perfectly timed as Today Marks One Year Since the Debut of NXT’s Three of Four Horsewomen, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte. In a Seemingly Major Shake Up made by Stephanie McMahon, Lynch as well as the Former NXT Women’s Champions, came up from their respective developmental system to the “Big Leagues” pairing themselves with various allies, Sasha with Naomi and Tamina (Team B-A-D) and Charlotte and Becky with Paige as Team P-C-B, as both sides looked to overthrow Team Bella’s Reign of Dominance over the Women’s Division.

Paige, who had been clamoring for some help after being overthrown multiple times in the year via various shenanigans by the then Divas Champion Nikki Bella, finally found herself some solid partners, and they were the team to be soon thrust into the title picture, or more so Charlotte, as Charlotte went on to be the one to end Nikki Bella’s Historic Reign as Divas Champion, planting the seeds for Paige to walk away from another partner as her frustration towards Charlotte being pushed into the center of the spotlight lead to P-C-B’s definite split, and heading into this year, all teams have gone their separate ways, with Charlotte and Sasha Banks at the forefront of the Division, Naomi and Tamina yet to return, Becky in a feud with Natalya in need of massive amp, and Paige awaiting another chance in the forefront that could be soon taken by call ups in the Draft. Regardless the Teams Unified on the Night of July 13th 2015 to send Team Bella on their way, make their own statement as dominant forces and attempt to provide the change so needed for the division.

– Catherine


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