TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: When Rival Forces Collide Again (April, 1st 2016)

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Greetings All and Welcome to another Xplosion Report. Now despite TNA seemingly beginning to upload Xplosion Matches early earlier this year, it turns out they are back on a stalling spree and in turn Xplosion Matches are becoming hard (and taking longer) to find. So with that in mind, it was many weeks ago admittedly where i did find this episode with help, and only just recently got round to reporting on it, so this edition of Xplosion presents to us a Tag Team Match between then feuding forces as the Beautiful People Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky (Alumni) battle the Dollhouse’s Rebel and Marti Belle.

Marti and Rebel enter first for the match, entering to the Dollhouse Theme that now feels mega old per Maria Kanellis-Bennett’s plan to split them working to succession. Following up are the unit of Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne, also heading to the ring together. If im right this serves as Velvet’s first and last match on Xplosion this year. Rebel agrees to open for the villainous side against Madison Rayne, someone who, to this day, i believe can put on a spectacular match with, but anyway…

Rebel tries to head pat Madison before they can get to any sort of altercation and Madison is quick to knock the heels hand away. Rebel mocks Madison as she tries to worm her into a test of strength, but Madison instead knocks away Rebels other hand after reaching out to the first, and the Multi Time Knockouts Champion captures Rebel in a waist-lock. Madison goes from a side headlock to a hammerlock right after, and Rebel cartwheels, using one of her legs to split Madison’s hand from her own and break loose. Rebel applies her own hammerlock, but Madison one ups her one more time. Rebel nails a kick to the leg to split herself off from Madison again, and she shoulder tackles her against a corner before the attempt to whip her into the opposite corner is countered. Madison rolls up Rebel to get the first near fall of the match. Another roll up by Madison leads to the same result. Madison forearms Rebel in one corner before she ends up being whipped by the Then Dollhouse Member into another. Madison takes advantage of the impact of the landing to stumble backward and roll Rebel into another pin attempt, with Rebel again escaping at the count of two. Rebel is shown retreating over to Marti’s side as we come to a commercial break.

When we return, Madison seems to have quickly gained momentum as she has Marti caught up in a hammerlock, also additionally allowing a tag to Velvet, who comes in and kicks Marti, following this up with forearms. Marti reverses a potential whip and knees Velvet quickly, clubbing her from behind then tagging Rebel back in the match. Rebel tries to unleash an assault on Velvet but before she can even do so, Velvet’s drop toe hold sends her face first to the mat. Velvet brings Rebel to her feet, throwing forearms at her upon doing so, before Rebel tries to overturn things as she reverses Velvet’s whip into the corner, sending the Beautiful People Member back first into the corner turnbuckles. Velvet blocks a charging Rebel with both legs, then comes back with a clothesline while also preventing Rebels from succeeding. Velvet lures Rebel over to the babyface corner with a front face-lock applied, and Madison tags herself in.

Madison and Velvet whip Rebel into a double back elbow, also taking down Marti. The Two Knockouts have a quick engagement with Earl Hebner before running Marti and Rebel into opposite corners, then into each other. Velvet heads over to the apron to allow her legal partner to continue, but before Madison can ready the next attack, Marti grabs her leg from outside the ring, allowing Rebel to capitalize and send down Madison with a spin kick. Rebel kicks Madison before tossing her by her hair back to the mat, and she adds a stretch to that before heading over to tag Marti. Rebel sizes up Madison with a kick, with Marti finalizing their double team combo with a drop toe hold to Madison. Rebel heads to the outside while Marti sends Madison to the heels corner, working on her with a various number of kicks to her midsection before tagging Rebel back in. Rebel scores a neck breaker off her shoulders to Madison into a standing surfboard. Rebel drops Madison face first to the mat before tagging Marti back into the match.

Rebel and Marti assist one another with whipping Madison into the corner turnbuckles. Rebels corner splash connects, but Madison recovers in enough time to avoid Marti’s. Madison knocks away Rebel then nails an inziguiri to Marti. Madison makes the needed tag to Velvet, who runs in and dodges Marti’s offense, firing at Marti with clotheslines and running back elbows. Velvet triple kicks Marti then scores a running neckbreaker, then clotheslines Marti against a corner before finalizing that load of offense with a running bulldog away from the corner. Velvet readies the Stunner but Marti turns her over to the awaiting Rebel, who clotheslines her. The Clear out method begins as Madison spears Rebel, rolling out of the ring along with her. Marti tries a big boot to Velvet, but Velvet dodges. Velvet connects with the Stunner, which Marti sells to perfection, and she pins Marti. The Beautiful People Win the Match.

(Marti Belle and Rebel vs Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky 0.22 – 9.00)

Thoughts On This Match:
A Decent encounter between the two sides, and looking back at this, and remembering the past tag matches, i still question why Madison and Rebel haven’t gone one on one because they seem to have a lot of chemistry in the ring. I Loved how Rebel sold Madison’s spear towards the end though i always worry for the kick and drop toe hold combo Marti and Rebel use in the case of it going wrong, but overall this was a good match, with some effort from the crowd as well. With Madison about to add to the list of heels in the division, and Marti engaged in her own feud, how much longer must we wait for Rebel to be thrown back in the division because shes improved leaps and bounds over time, and if this match wasn’t enough proof, then this years Lethal Lockdown should help. Mainly Solid Effort from both ladies.

– Catherine


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