WWE RAW RESULTS: One Step Further to Contention for “The Bo$$” (July, 11th 2016)

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We are One RAW away from what could be a major or clusterf*** of a WWE Draft, and as the road to Battleground narrows, this week capitalizes on a challenge made this past Thursday on Smackdown, as NXT Alumni go head to head with Dana Brooke taking on Sasha Banks. Plus with the Chairman returning to the fold, tensions are amped up between acting managers over the weeks, Shane and Stephanie McMahon.

Firstly appearing on the show is Lana, at the side of her dominant champion of a fiancee Rusev. Upcoming Challenger Zack Ryder has proven fearless as of late as he got in the face of Rusev before a scheduled match with the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. However not only did the bragging not work out as Ryder would fall to Sheamus moments later, but he ended up embarrassed when Rusev emerged and applied the accolade, also accepting his challenge for the United States Title, which will take place at Battleground.

Hour Two presents us with a woman who has not only been on a roll as of late, but since coming to the main roster with an undefeated streak, Sasha Banks. In the Back with Renee, She makes it clear she is ready to challenge Dana tonight. She states that Dana made the biggest mistake in challenging her, and over the past weekend and rolling into RAW, the focus in her head has been on taking out Dana, but not just that but also the Women’s Championship currently belonging to Charlotte. Sasha finalizes by adding that Dana and Charlotte can push her buttons, but she wont get mad, but get real.

The Match happens much later, with Dana entering first, oddly to Charlotte’s Music. Sasha enters second, getting a cold stare from Dana as she fearlessly enters the ring. The Bell rings and the fans already voice support for Sasha, who eyes the crowd as well as Charlotte at ringside. Sasha soon turns her attention to Dana, avoiding the opening assault and throwing a forearm at her. Dana is displeased at having her face smashed in by the forearm and rolls out of the ring before Sasha can inflict more damage. Dana paces around the outside for a few moments, forcing Sasha away as she tries to climb back in the ring. Dana returns to the ring and tries to swing another forearm at Sasha but she evades once again. Dana breaks the waist-lock from Sasha by running her back first into the corner ring post. Dana throws smack talk then looks to clobber her in the corner but Sasha slips out of the way, sending Dana, in turn, head first into the corner turnbuckle.

Sasha snapmares Dana then delivers a lethal slap as she gets to her feet. Dana is back on the retreat, and takes flying double knees from Sasha once she returns to the ring. The Move is only enough to get Sasha a near fall on her. Dana retaliates with a hard knee to Sasha, then targeting her left arm. Sasha slaps Dana then sends her whirling with a top rope arm drag. Dana elevates Sasha over the top rope in the opposite corner but Sasha lands on the apron, taking a knee from Dana, who pulls at her hair viciously before delivering some kicks to send her to the floor. As Sasha tries to recover from crashing to the floor, Charlotte stands over her, taunting her with the title before eventually backing off.

Returning from the short commercial break, Dana resumes control of the match as she has Sasha struggling in a hold in the middle of the ring. Sasha manages to break free by sending Dana to the ropes, and she tries to whip her into the next attack, but Dana refuses to release herself from the ropes. Sasha targets the left arm with her knee before having the next move in the middle of the ring countered into a slam by Dana. Dana goes for her first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall. The Crowd becomes vocal about Sasha again as Dana runs her into the nearest corner, and Dana looks to continue the momentum as she hits some shoulder tackles in the corner to Sasha. After a forearm, Dana performs her handstand choke to Sasha, trying to follow up with another assault that Sasha blocks by hitting an elbow. Dana returns the favor and sandwich’s Sasha in the corner again with shoulder tackles. Dana snapmares Sasha into the middle of the ring and lands her own double knees variation for another near fall.

Sasha breaks free of Dana’s follow up hold only to be sent down by a massive boot from Dana. Dana attempts to splash Sasha in the corner but Sasha knocks her away. Another kick knocks Dana away for the second time and Sasha starts to make a comeback with clotheslines and a dropkick. Sasha blocks Dana’s kick and delivers a knee to Dana, and she readies an attack in the corner that Dana tries to block with both feet but Sasha swings them over to the ropes, and she sends Dana back to the mat via double knees. Sasha tries pinning Dana there but gets another near fall. Dana gets back on her feet as does Sasha, with Dana reversing Sasha’s whip, and as Sasha tries to float over in the corner, Dana takes advantage of the mid flight position to hit a knee to Sasha. After targeting her midsection, Dana tries to send Sasha to the corner but Sasha counters, leading to Dana crashing head first into the second turnbuckle. Sasha heads upward to the top turnbuckle, but Dana tries to stall whatever is planned as she nails a forearm to Sasha. Sasha throws her off before she can perform a suplex, and she nails a flying crossbody from up top for one more near fall.

Sasha gets back on her feet, trying to hit the Backstabber to Dana from behind but Dana clenches the ropes to stay upright and Sasha’s move fails in connecting. Dana floors Sasha with a clothesline and attempts a cocky pin of which Sasha escapes at one. Dana readies her finisher as she takes Sasha onto both shoulders but Sasha breaks free and counters into the Backstabber into the Bank Statement. Dana tries with much force to get herself to the ropes, but Sasha uniquely counters to roll her back to the center with the move still applied. Dana soon submits and Sasha wins the match.

After the match, a less than impressed Charlotte has a mic in hand, and congratulates Sasha on her victory, sarcastically of course. Charlotte declares that she isn’t sold on Sasha as a solid competitor because anyone can get lucky, selecting various members of the audience as she says this, but luck doesn’t make someone deserving. Charlotte suggests Sasha tries to go through Dana again on Smackdown, and then she’ll make the decision as to whether she deserves the title opportunity. Charlotte ponders whether she is truly deserving or the empty hype who only got lucky once, but she opens the invitation for Sasha to meet Dana again in the ring on Thursday before leaving.

Closing the show would be the Chair of the Board Vince McMahon, who would be summoning his son and daughter (Shane and Steph) to the ring to make a decision on that night as to who would be the Commissioners of Monday Night RAW and Thursday Night Smackdown. After some verbal beration on each side, Vince eventually hands the opportunity of running Smackdown to Shane, while Stephanie is given control over RAW, but in an additional twist, each Commissioner will now pick a Side General Manager to follow up their duties.

(Zack Ryder vs Sheamus feat Rusev and Lana)

(Sasha Banks Backstage Segment)

(Dana Brooke w/ Charlotte vs Sasha Banks)

(Vince, Shane and Stephanie McMahon Segment)

Thoughts On:
Dana/Sasha: A Slow Paced Match but of deserving length, and i was also impressed over how Dana seemed to one up Sasha’s momentum on various moments to look like a strong challenge, though aside from Summer Rae, she now plays the role of heel enhancement on the main roster. Im Glad WWE gave the match time to generate interest for the fans of the women’s division and to allow both equal/enough time to showcase their in ring skills, but i cant help but nitpick at JBLs comments over how the call ups of Charlotte, Sasha and Becky is said to be a mimic of the glory days in the company, comparing them to the likes of Moolah. Sure each woman is immensely talented, but they seemed to be put over in that instance like “Gods Gift” to the Division, when WWE could have easily booked the division similarly in the days of Beth Phoenix and Natalya’s run as the Divas of Doom or when Alicia Fox was Divas Champion. They had equally good talent back in the day there, some of which still exist today, so they should be treated as equals to the “Revolutionaries”. If the Division is going to be about the Horsewomen minus Becky and Sasha is destined to pass down the title to Bayley after Summerslam, where does this leave Becky minus a feud with another loss or Emma when she returns? Regardless, i was expecting Sasha’s match coming up on Smackdown to be a Number One Contenders Match, but we’ll get into that when Smackdown airs…

Shane/Stephanie/Vince: Personally i don’t think this segment deserved to close the show because i think it was easily predicted that the job of GM’s/Commissioners was destined to the top corporates, and at this rate the side GM’s are easily going to Daniel Bryan (seemingly spoiled on WWE’s Social Media) and on Stephanie’s Side, Triple H for RAW. However, to allow fresh light, though Bryan’s is more of a surprise, the RAW one needs to be more surprising, stepping away from the likes of Corporate Kane, though i do believe he could be easily back siding with Stephanie since his feud with Miz seems to have “hit the hay” so to speak, and there’s plenty women waiting for opportunities to do something on the main roster, and someone with much experience in the corporate role jumping back to FCW is Summer Rae. Summer nails her roles at every opportunity she gets and could easily match up Vickie Guerrero as an irritating heel general manager. If WWE can capitalize on giving the roles to Eve and Vickie, im sure they can give it a go for someone else on the main roster waiting to be used right now.

– Catherine


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