Your Monday Post #117: Angelina Love vs Tara vs Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky at Bound for Glory 2010 (October, 10th 2010)

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Welcome All to a Rather Late edition of Your Monday Post, opening the week with another look back at moments in women’s wrestling history. Since a Fatal Four Way has recently concluded on this weeks IMPACT for the Knockouts, lets look back at a previous Knockouts Four Way match written in the record books, one of many, only this time being a particular Four Corners Match, as Knockouts Champion at the time Angelina Love defended her Knockouts Championship against the aligned unit of Tara and Madison Rayne as well as her own partner Velvet Sky.

Returning to TNA months before, Tara became the enlisted Bodyguard of Madison Rayne, who used her to target her Beautiful People partners. Appointed Leader of the Knockouts Miss Tessmacher eventually summoned Mickie James to the company to provide the role of Knockouts Referee for the later booked four way match between Tara, Madison Rayne and the Beautiful People, which would be for Beautiful People Member Angelina Love’s Knockouts Championship, which James agreed to to the chagrin of the competing Knockouts. Tara went on to win the match, angering her partner Madison Rayne, who was taken out by Mickie James midway through the beef fest with a dumbfounded Tara. Regardless the partnership between Rayne and Tara stayed solid for a few months as the duo clashed with James multiple times, until 2011 provided Miss Hardcore Country the opportunity to go out of her way to relieve Tara of her partnership with Rayne.

– Catherine


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